New league-specific Stash Tabs and the future of Shashes


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League-specific Stash Tabs

Today we are getting three new stash tabs, each of which can contain specific league items.

The Blight stash tab can contain up to 5000 of each Oil and 60 Blighted maps.

The Delirium stash tab can contain up to 5000 of each Delirium Orb and 5000 Simulacrum maps.

The Metamorph stash tab can contain up to 5000 of each Catalyst along with 50 Organs of each type.

Each of these league-specific stash tabs costs 40 points, but you can get them only now as a bundle for 100 points total.

The Future of Stash Tabs

There have been a lot of question marks from the community when it comes to the future of stash tabs in Path of Exile. GGG keeps releasing new stash tab for each league that requires you to stash a lot of new league-specific item. In the long run you end up cluttering your regular stash tabs with Blight Oils, Metamorph Catalysts and Organs, Essences, Fragments and whatever else you need to preserve but do not have a stash tab for. This forces players to buy league-specific stash tabs, which is not good for the longevity of Path of Exile’s “free to play” concept.

We will hopefully see more updates to old stash tabs that get more slots for newer items, without forcing us to buy new tabs.

Tab Folders

Essentially you will be able to create a “folder” of stash tabs, which will allow you to easily organize your stash without having hundreds of stash tabs, through which you have to scroll.

Tab Affinities

Tab Affinities will allow you assign a particular stash tab to one type of currency, maps, Blight or Metamorph items etc. By CTRL-clicking items from your inventory they will automatically fall in the assigned stash tab. This will make stashing stuff easier for sure and will save us a lot of time and frustration.

Tab Folders and Tab Affinities will take some time to be implemented and will hopefully come before 3.12.

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