Upcoming patch 3.11.1 and Cluster Jewel changes


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Harvest Improvements coming in 3.11.1

We have a sneak peak of what is coming next week to Path of Exile with patch 3.11.1. We will be getting a new item drop from Harvest that “can be placed within your garden to produce more Lifeforce from nearby plants, create luckier crafting outcomes, or provide a chance to generate additional crafting options for each of the ones you planted.” This turns the Harvest mechanic in something even more exciting than before.

We are also getting more stairs around the Waypoint, finally. We will also be getting more seeds than before, especially in mid-tier and high-tier maps. The Harvest crafting options will now be better sorted by your Lifeforce Collerctor.

The final Harvest boss will also see a ton of improvements along with having a 100% chance of dropping some of the new Harvest reward items.

Changes to Cluster Jewels

With Delirium going into the core game we were expecting Cluster Jewels to be just as accessible as before, which is not the case at the moment. Medium and Large Cluster Jewels should still be just as rare but will come with pre-set amount of Sockets, two for Large Cluster Jewels and one for Medium ones. This will make rolling mods on Cluster Jewels easier, hopefully allowing us to have balance between time spent and reward when it comes to the Delirium-specific items.

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