Patch 3.11.1 TL/DR


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We aim to condense all of the important information from the patch notes of patch 3.11.1 in this news post.

Harvest Improvements

  • Harvest monsters will now be able to drop a new seed that essentially augments planted seeds around it, giving them new crafting properties.
  • We will also receive a couple of quality of Life changes via the addition of more stairs around the Waypoint, adjusted colours of planted seeds and mainly the addition of “text hovers over various Harvest Infrastructure to more clearly display what it is connected to.”

Harvest Crafting Improvements

  • Most TIer 1 seeds will now need 3 Growth Cycles in order to reach maturity.
  • You can no longer Harvest-craft Itemised Beasts.
  • Exchanging Resonators for Fossils or the other way around will now result in rarer items.
  • Beyond that we are mostly getting bug fixes, some of which were pretty nasty, like “Fixed a bug where destroying a stored craft from the Horticrafting Station prevented further use of a connected Collector for Harvest Crafts” for example.

General Improvements

  • Medium and Large Cluster Jewels will now drop with 1 and 2 Sockets respectively, which cannot be changed. This will make rolling Cluster Jewels easier than before. After the patch you will be able to vendor your old Cluster Jewel with less sockets in order to get the same one with more Sockets.
  • There were also a ton of bug fixes in this paragraph, none of which were game-breaking.

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