Changes to Harvest Crafting, Alienware Laptop giveaway and Dreadspire Cloak


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Alienware Laptop Giveaway

Congratulations to Waggle and Ithrial for winning the Alienware gaming laptops!

Waggle was the first player to defeat Oshabi in the Sacred Grove. This earned him a brand new gaming laptop provided by Alienware. In order to earn this reward Waggle had to do it on Hardcore mode while also playing in a Solo-Self-Found environment, meaning he has to do it all by himself, without any external help or trading. He was very consistent in his run and pretty much had the perfect build for the fight, which was a Cold DoT Trickster, using a combination of Vortex Vortex and Wintertide Brand Wintertide Brand.

Ithrial was the second person to win a gaming laptop. He was drawn out of the pool of people that managed to kill Oshabi in any non-private Harvest league. The total count of these people was 3502.

Changes to Harvest Crafting

It turns out the Harvest Crafting was screwed for about a week with a hotfix that was applied. It aimed to make more desirable crafting mods appear easier but it only made things worse, resulting in making “the chance of getting a desirable mod-adding or mod-removing craft decreased by between 25% to 40% for most mod tags”. This actually has huge impact on how we are crafting right now and should be fixed shortly with patch 3.11.1.

Dreadspire Cloak

The Dreadspire Cloak looks great and has great synergy with the other Dreadspire items. The grim look they have really lets you know that you are playing nothing other than Path of Exile . As other back attachments it is pretty costly, sitting at 210 points.

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