Pros & Cons of Harvest and why do people quit so early


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Harvest had a ton of people hyped-up for the launch of 3.11 along with the cool gardening mechanic and rework of Two-hand melee. It looked great on paper as usual but turned out to be quite frustrating for a lot of people.

Harvest league Pros

  • Harvest provides a ton of power if you understand the crafting system well.
  • Makes playing SSF so much more fun.
  • Slows down the game, allows you to consider several options and makes you feel like you have an actual impact on gearing up your character. This can be both a pro and a con, based on the player.

Harvest league Cons

  • Too complicated for the casual player. Yet another layer of complexity added to Path of Exile makes it even harder for newer players to get into the game.
  • Quite boring when it comes to endgame fights. As we also saw with Delirium, it is not enough to have one boring fight as the end of the league mechanic.
  • Setupping your garden can be frustrating as hell. It takes so much unnecessary time to get your garden going.
  • GGG dropped the ball on the crafting mechanic, leaving us to have up to 40% less chance to get certain decent crafting mods for the first two weeks of the league. It was just another mind-blowing “oops”.

Why do people quit the league so early

It is understandable for the Harvest league to have had some issues and we can only expect it to get better. After all GGG employees were forced to work from home due to the quarantine and to be quite honest they did a pretty good job of creating a challenge league while working from home. It is easy to bash on the company while we are unhappy with the product but after all they seem to be doing their best and the game is free to play.

A ton of people have quit already and are probably not going to be coming back to the game until the next expansion, which should launch mid September. Until then, if you are still playing and having fun, as we do, keep growing and harvesting these seeds! If not, you might want to consider trying out the game in a different aspect. SSF can be quite intriguing and bring a new perspective to your PoE view, perhaps a Hardcore environment can also make you have fun for the time being.

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