3.11.1b patch notes preview a long with new MTX


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Patch 3.11.1b

Patch 3.11.1b will introduce a ton of bug fixes. There will be added currency icons, which will allow you to better understand what each craft does at first glance. For example, if the craft Reforges a rare item into a new rare with particular affixes, next to that craft there should be a Chaos Orb Chaos Orb. This will be extremely useful for newer players and ones that are not so experienced in crafting. The “additional colouring to the highlighting on key words” is another tool that will allow you to get better at Harvest crafting too.

The main idea behind these changes is to make Harvest crafting more intuitive and not so frustrating for players that do not have the patience to sit and connect Pilons all day long and read crafting descriptions.

Void-themed MTX

The new Void Portal just looks amazing, there is no doubt about that. In addition to the whole Void set you can also get a new Void Weapon Effect and Skin.

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