Even more improvements are coming to Harvest; Patch 3.11.1c TL/DR


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GGG will release patch 3.11.1c later this week with the intent of bringing even more quality of life changes to the league mechanic while also fixing some bugs along the way.

Harvest Improvements

  • Our regular Storage Tanks will be able to hold up to 1000 Condensed Lifeforce. Along with that we are getting a new even larger Storage Tank in the shop!
  • More slots have been added in the Harvest stash, which can hold up stack of Buds, Flowers and Blossoms.
  • You will be able to plant seeds while there is still Lifeforce in the Collector, which is a nice QoL improvement.

General Improvements

  • “Added a “Camera Rotation Effects” Option.” This can actually be huge, depending on how we can use it in different situations.
  • Other general changes consist of automatically opening Blighted Vault Map Vault Map‘s doors, opening the door after killing Vaal in Act II faster and audio improvements. There were also a ton of bug fixes.

Skills & Passives Fixes

  • Sunder Sunder will not be able to miss targets sitting close to you.
  • Stun Immunity has been added to minions spawned by ###item:generals-cry###, The Saviour The Saviour and Chieftain’s Tawhoa’s Chosen.
  • Other changes and bug fixes are more of a visual and audio improvement to the game.

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