Baeclast #61 featuring Chris Wilson


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In Baeclast #61 Tarkecat hosted a podcast with guests: Chris Wilson, Octavian, Nugiyen, ZiggyD and RaizQT.

The main topic of the whole 2 hour podcast was item drops and how they will be changing in 4.0. Ideally Chris wants the game to drop less items with bigger value, or, quality over quantity. This will be achieved with the implementation of the new Lucky System, where an item is rolled several times, resulting in the best outcome before it drops. This also introduces new problems like having less access to item bases in the endgame.

The main problem of Path of Exile dropping so many items at the moment is that they are cluttering so much, each of them has a shadow that has to be rendered and each item is being “asked” by the server “Hey, are you doing anything?” and the item is “Nope”, and that happens 30 times a second for each item. So many items dropping right now is one of Path of Exile’s biggest performance issues.

The Harvest league was also a major topic in the conversation and pretty much everyone agreed that it is a cool league mechanic but it should not go core. The deterministic crafting it provides is way too powerful and setting up the garden is way too annoying.

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