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Hello everyone, LunaWolve here!

Welcome to the Week 1 Episode of the Chaos Report for the Heist and 3.12 challenge league.

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All the information and pictures featured in this article have been gathered and compiled on Monday, September 28th, 2020. As such, if you are viewing this news post at a later date, some information might be slightly outdated.

Do keep in mind that this entire post is based on educated guesses or predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate. Furthermore, I might miss a thing or two that seem obvious to many and for that I apologize, it’s hard to cover everything. If I do miss something you think is important, leave it in the comments down below. What that means, of course, is:

Invest at your own risk.

With the usual disclaimers out of the way, let’s jump right in.

Currency Segment

The first segment breaks down Currencies and Commodities, such as influence Exalted Orbs and fragments. We will be taking a look at how they have been performing over this past week and taking a rough look at how they will likely continue to proceed in this following one.

Exalted Orb

The OG Exalted Orb Exalted Orb has seen it’s lowest price-point ever, during the first week of a challenge league’s release.

They are currently sitting at around 85c and have been there for about the entire last week, with a few fluctuations up and down by about 5-10c at most.


This is EXTREMELY uncommon behavior for the OG orbs, as they normally shoot up drastically in the first week, only to reach a plateau and then continue their rise a week later.

It is very rare that the OG Exalts reach a plateau for such a long time, especially this low of a plateau and this early on in a league. There are a few reasons this might be the case, but figuring out EXACTLY what causes Exalted Orb Exalted Orb prices to be the way that they are is, of course, impossible.

Primarily the league mechanic seems to have a major impact on their prices, most of the time. Whenever a league mechanic provides a large amount of basic currency, such as Chaos Orb Chaos Orb, Regal Orb Regal Orb, etc, the Exalted Orbs respond by being more expensive, relatively to other leagues.

While this is somewhat of a case in Heist, we’ve seen one major difference comparatively to other leagues that provided a similar assortment of loot…

The currency chests in Heist, provide Exalted Shard Exalted Shard.

This has not really been the case in previous leagues, such as Legion (which popularised the loot-icon based reward chests), Blight or similar.
Usually the currency chests would only provide a heap of chaos orbs, regal orbs and other T2 or T3 currency with a rare T1 here or there as mostly Divine Orb Divine Orb or Orb of Annulment Orb of Annulment.

With Heist however, it is fairly common to get 1-3 Exalted Shards in your currency reward chests, comparatively to the amount of Exalted Shard Exalted Shards you’d normally receive in any particular league and as such, drastically raises the amount of Exalted Orbs available in the economy as a whole.

A lot of players are also focusing their heist trinkets on Exalted Orbs specifically, which further increases the supply, if even just a little.


As Harvest no longer exists and crafting has returned to a more gambling-oriented version of itself, rather than the deterministic crafting from the last league, we’ve also seen WAY less usage for Exalted Orbs overall, as most players simply decide to buy their items from one another, rather than spend exalts themselves trying to meta craft or use the expensive top-tier crafts from the crafting bench in general.

One last factor, that likely is one of the main parts that play into the exalt pricing, is that the Chaos Orb itself has a VASTLY increased value, comparative to pretty much any other league before.

Comparing previous league prices with this one, we see that the overall chaos orb equivalent prices for items have drastically decreased, resulting in the chaos orb having substantially more buying power, on a per-orb basis, than is usual.

This could be caused by the extremely high amount of added items that require chaos orbs for rerolls, such as Contracts, Blueprints, Rogue Gear and the new Item Basetypes, which have raised the demand for chaos orbs disproportionately to their overall supply, resulting in higher buying power overall.


It could also be a side-effect of GGG clamping down harder on bots, by adding in a few more roadblocks for them.

While there are still tons of bots, slight changes have had to be made to adjust to GGGs new bot detection and prevention mechanics that seem to have taken effect at the start of Heist.

I doubt this made as large of an impact as we’re seeing in the current Exalt and Chaos Orb Chaos Orb orb prices respectively, but I’d imagine it at least plays a moderately substantial part in the overall supply of chaos orbs, leading to a decrease in said supply as a whole.

Overall, it is extremely difficult to predict the exalt prices for this league, as it is following no known price-graph of any previous league even remotely.

Going by my gut-feeling, I’d argue that they’re likely still going to increase as the league progresses and we will most certainly see a spike in their prices over the next coming week, simply due to more and more players requiring exalts for trading, as they want to finish up their first league starter builds and will try to acquire their more expensive items from others.

I’d highly recommend keeping a close eye on the OG Exalted Orb Exalted Orb, as its market is extremely interesting to follow in this league in particular. It could shoot up at pretty much any moment, as nothing is really holding it back from being easily manipulated by a group of players or to get vastly inflated by a meta-shift.

Hunter’s Exalted Orb

The Hunter's Exalted Orb Hunter's Exalted Orb has seen a rather steady curve, similar to that of the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb. During the first week of this league, it’s been holding a solid pricepoint of around 180c, but has been dipping in the past 24-48 hours to a roughly 150c pricepoint, which is closer to it’s sale price, which has been hovering around 120c so far.

Hunter's Exalt

Right now it’s sitting at a roughly 210c pricepoint, after a DRASTIC spike in the past 12 hours. It is unclear what has caused this spike and whether or not it will retain this extreme price for long.

Similarly to the OG orb, it has been affected very heavily by the removal of the Harvest crafting and as a result, lost a lot of its comparative value in this league.

While we originally predicted a price increase for the floor, by about 100-150c, with the current OG Exalted Orbs prices and the buying power of chaos orbs as a whole, this is highly unlikely.

I’d expect the Hunter Orb to stick roughly around a pricepoint that is about 2x as much as the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb, for the foreseeable future.

As such, keep an eye on both of these orbs to get a rough idea for their respective pricings.

Awakener’s Orb

The Awakener's Orb Awakener's Orb has also seen it’s lowest week 1 price of all time.

While only introduced to the game in Metamorph, this has historically been the most expensive influence orb by far. With all the crazy happenings this league however, we’ve seen the Awakener Orb sit more around the prices of the other influence orbs, especially the Warlord’s one.

Awakener Orb

Their current prices sit at around 218c momentarily, after bottoming out at around 160c earlier this week. Similar to the Hunter's Exalted Orb Hunter's Exalted Orb, the sharp spike is tough to properly attribute to any particular change in the market and as such, will currently go unexplained.

Be careful when shopping for these orbs, as the spikes might be caused by market manipulation.

As always, if you require a rundown on how the aAwakener's Orb Awakener's Orb mechanics function, feel free to check out the Metamorph Week 3 Episode of the chaos report.

I cover the crafting mechanics of the orb in a fairly in-depth manner and also link to further reading and video material in the description of that video.

Crusader’s Exalted Orb

The Crusader's Exalted Orb Crusader's Exalted Orb has already had it’s drop over the past couple of days and is now adjusting towards the 150c price point as well.


The orb is currently sitting at around 140c with a definite incline towards a further rise towards the 150c mark, as mentioned.

Why exactly all the influence orbs are racing towards that 150c mark, is hard to say. The meta does not indicate any potential raises or declines in neither the demand nor the supply for any of the orbs, but they’re still trending towards that price point.

It might simply be that the 150c mark is considered the “price floor” for many of these rather rare orbs, so the market is naturally adjusting towards those prices.

Alternatively, there might be a group of people trying to force prices towards that point, as the overall supply of these influence orbs is very small, it usually is very easy to manipulate as well.

After having checked the markets for each of the influence orbs however, this does not seem to be case. As a result, I’d still advise some caution when trading with influence orbs, as their pricing graphs are highly suspicious and impossible to properly predict at the current moment in time.

Warlord’s Exalted Orb

The Warlord's Exalted Orb Warlord's Exalted Orb has been giving the Awakener's Orb Awakener's Orb a run for it’s money this past week.


This is not an unusual sight to see, as many players can use the Warlord’s Influence for their starter builds, while very few league starters ever consider the Awakener Orb in their setups. It is fairly common for the Warlord’s Exalted Orb to outprice the Awakener during the first week.

The odd part is, that the Awakener Orb normally rapidly outpaces the Warlord’s by the end of the first week. This time around, however, the Warlord’s Orb is gaining steam and slowly increasing it’s price above the 165c mark, while the Awakener's Orb Awakener's Orb has only just recently, in the past 12 hours, seen it’s first major price increase.

As with the previous influence orbs, it is nearly impossible to make any predictions on this one as well, but I’d expect it to continue it’s slight rise, as it just came out of a recession for the last couple of days and the softcore market usually responds to that with an increase in prices, once the specific currency recovers.

Redeemer’s Exalted Orb

The Redeemer's Exalted Orb Redeemer's Exalted Orb seems to be the only one following any actual logic or reason and is currently sitting at around 125c~, with a slight inclination towards a further rise.


As with every league since Metamorph’s introduction of this orb, it is only slightly ahead of the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb in terms of it’s pricing. The mod influence pool is still fairly sub-bar, compared to the other orbs, which results in it’s continously low prices.

It is unlikely that this orb will gain a lot of distance to the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb in terms of prices, so expect it to stick around roughly 20-30c around its prices at all times. If the OG exalt increases, so will this one. If it decreases, so will the Redeemer’s Orb. We see this correlation in the past 12 hours, as the OG Exalt saw a rapid spike in prices, which immediately resulted in the Redeemer's Exalted Orb Redeemer's Exalted Orb spiking up as well.

Pay attention to potential market manipulation, if you see this orb suddenly shoot out of that price-range, as it would be a highly suspicious market movement.

As always, if you intend on buying any of these orbs just covered, make sure to keep an eye on this EXTREMELY volatile market space and rank them in your order so you know which is the best bang for your buck.

Alteration Orbs

Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration have also seen a fairly strong start into this new league.


Despite the incredible buying power of Chaos Orbs overall, alteration orbs have managed to climb to a respectable 5:1c pricepoint.

While their current-league peak has already passed a few days ago, at a roughly 4.5:1c ratio and they’re currently falling in prices, it is unlikely that these will drop in prices by a large amount.

With the removal of harvest crafting, the Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration + Regal Orb Regal Orb method is back as being one of only half-way deterministic crafting options in the game. Additionally, with the re-introduction of Synthesized and Fractured item bases, thanks to the Heist loot-pool, they also gained a lot of value, as many players will want to guarantee a couple of great rolls on those bases for their characters.

Heist league does not seem to have drastically increased the supply for these orbs, which seems fairly surprising, considering the abundance of rare items dropped in the actual Heists themselves.

It seems that either more of them are being used than usual or that people simply skip by all the rare items of the league, despite their increased potential. It is going to be interesting to keep an eye on the overall alteration orb numbers in the league, just to see how it progresses over the course of it.

I hope many of you took my start-of-league advice to heart and bought up a ton while they were still at 15:1 ratio or better, as I don’t expect them to fall below the 6:1 ratio again, for the remainder of the league, barring unforeseen circumstances, such as a patch or a drastic meta shift to full-unique item builds.

Commodity Segment

For the Commodity Section, we will be covering the different Fragment pieces as well as the Synthesis and Guardian map drops.

Shaper Fragments

These have seen a fairly similar price-graph to last league.


Comparatively to Harvest, their prices are of course going to be lower, as the overall buying power of chaos orbs has risen drastically. But comparing the Fragments to Exalted Orb prices in the same league, will show that the sets are at their usual rate, equal to roughly 50-60% of the OG Exalted Orb. This would be about 50c for each set at the current moment.

As predicted during the last episode, we’ve seen a major increase in prices for the Dying Sun, as many of the new abilities are projectile or Area of Effect based and scale extremely well with the additional benefits provided by this flask. While I would have expected a slight rise, it is also not surprising to see no changes at all, simply due to the fact that it’s only a SINGULAR item in the loot pool, which has risen to prominence.

Overall I’d currently advise to run your Shapers, as the Uber-Elder fragments will make up about 90% of the entry-price and you do have that shot at the jackpot price of the Undying Sun and the Starforge, which is still in it’s early-league rarity status, meaning it’s worth a couple of exalts.

Uber Elder Fragments

They have, similarly to the Shaper ones, seen no real changes in it’s relative pricing, compared to last league.


They’re currently at a roughly 120c pricepoint for the entire set, which comes out to roughly 140% of the OG Exalt prices at the current time.

While last league, the prices were closer to a 110-120% ratio, they are not nearly as high as they used to be during the Delirium league, which averaged out at a roughly 200-230% ratio.

This leads me to assume that the overall meta does not heavily value the overall rewards of the Uber Elder encounter in the current league, but that more players are interested at them in general, than during Harvest. It is likely caused by the increased reliance on Unique Items yet again, as the playerbase no longer has access to easy gearing without the crafting mechanics provided by the last league mechanic.

My advice would be to run your uber elders at the moment. Many of the unique items dropped by him, especially the The Eternity Shroud The Eternity Shroud and the Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye, are extremely worthwhile at the beginning of each league and this one’s no different.

For a roughly 1-exalt entry price, you can easily run 8-9 of them before you need to get a singular one of these drops, to break even. If you are luckier than that, you’ll nearly always run a profit.

Elder Fragments

Elder fragments have continued their last league dominance over their Shaper brothers.


Despite being the technically easier to acquire fragments, they’ve once again beaten the shaper fragments in terms of pricing, even if slightly. The entire set will run you around 60-70c at the current moment.

This is likely caused by the always popular Impresence (Chaos) Impresence (Chaos), especially the chaos variant for this league, being a league-start favorite for many builds. Additionally, with the Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye always providing the lucky potential jackpot, the elder fragments rarely lose their value throughout the leagues.

The best item you can currently get from this boss fight will likely be the Chaos Impresence. It runs at around 4-5 exalts at the current moment.

For Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eyes, the best advice is to sell them unidentified. You can usually sell it for a few exalted orbs and let someone else identify it for you, that way you get a guaranteed cash out, rather than identifying a terrible eye, which is what happens most of the time anyway.

Right now I’d advise running them yourself, as they’re fairly cheap and have a high potential for profit, as the Impresence (Chaos) Impresence (Chaos) is considered one of the more common drops and the Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye will make sure you don’t lose out on too much profit with continuous runs.

Synthesis Unique Maps

Lastly, the Synthesis Unique Maps have stuck around their relative last-league prices as predicted.


No big changes have been happening here, with most of the Herald rings still being moderately sub-optimal choices for many builds since the nerfs and all the other drops being mostly irrelevant. Their prices currently range from around 20 to 26c.

Expect them to rise and fall together with the overall chaos orb purchasing power, if there happens to be a change to it at all this league.

The Cortex has also continued it’s usual price graph, at the 1.6ex value.


Its prices will of course increase and decrease together with the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb graph, as the Cortex is one of the items that are permanently in demand and priced as exalts, rather than a certain value of Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

One interesting aspect that was added to this dynamic however, is the Replica Cortex map, provided by the Grand Heists.

This one is seeing prices many times higher than the Cortex, due to it’s unique drop, the Replica Nebulis Nebulis, being extremely popular for deep-delving builds. I’d highly advise selling your Replica Cortexes, if you stumble upon one, as it’s fairly unlikely you will break even by running them yourself.

Unique Item Watchlist

With those currencies and commodities covered, let’s move onto our unique item watchlist.

While many of the items I recommended last week did not pan out, other very much did. Let’s take a quick look at the survivors of last week’s predictions.

Inpulsa’s Broken Heart

While they have already fallen down to a roughly 15c pricepoint, their early-league start was extremely high, due to many players opting to try out the new Crackling Lance ability.


The downfall of the prices are directly correlating to Crackling Lane being a large disappointment for a sizeable chunk of the playerbase. It is unlikely that the Inpulsa will see a resurgence, but 6-link variants of it are still extremely worthwhile and will likely keep their value for a while.

Barring any unforeseen changes to this, we will not be taking another look at them next week, but I figured it would be fitting to tell everyone that the Inpulsa is still going strong for the league starts, as one of the real older chest pieces that everyone used to love for nearly every build.

The Surrender

As per usual, the best unique shield in the game is going extremely strong in this one again. It currently sits at around 8.5ex or roughly 720c.


Especially with the nerf to the Glancing Blows keystone, making it mandatory to carry a “life gain on block” shield, if you intend on using the keystone, this shield has seen a major increase in popularity.

It’s early-league prices are comperable to the prices seen in Harvest league, being nearly a 10-times factor of the Exalted Orb Exalted Orb. Especially popular for Gladiator Cyclones and Lacerate builds, this shield will likely remain a staple throughout the entire league and provides us with a grand opportunity for some great profit.

For some reason, a lot of players seem to forget that this Unique is very easily farmable by running your “Uul-Netol Breachstones”, of any variety.

The basic Uul-Netol's Breachstone Uul-Netol's Breachstone itself is only about 29c, while the potential rewards, The Anticipation The Anticipation and subsequently The Surrender The Surrender, are upwards of 700c each.

That means you can easily run 20+ Breachstones dry, without running the red, if you simply drop one of those on your next few runs.

If you drop two back-to-back, you’re basically set for the remainder of the league, at the current breachstone prices.

For this one, I HEAVILY advise farming the Breachstone, as their current prices are ridiculously low for the potential rewards provided.

Closing Words

To cut things short with the Unique Item Watchlist here, to make room for the lengthy discussion segment of today’s episode, I will not be including any new uniques, but I’d recommend for you to keep an eye on the following unique items:

The Meta Analysis

This league has provided us with one of the most diverse metas to date. The current ladder sports about a 50% playrate for the 4 most played ascendancies, with none of them exceeding the 20% playrate mark.


More impressively, however, is that the overall usage of main-link gems is EXTREMELY diverse. Not a singular ability on the ladder currently reaches the 10% playrate mark, which is unbelievably exciting for somebody that has to look at these graphs every week for years now.

Usually and especially this early on in a league, we see a large percentage of the playerbase opt for a singular, agreed-upon, “easy-mode” playstyle, such as a cookie-cutter summoner, miner or cyclone build.

Example from Harvest League, at the same point in time:


This time around however, we see a large diversity ranging from Blade Vortex casters, to Carrion Golem summoners, over Cyclone memers to Essence Drain Tricksters and even Glacial Cascade Miners.

The only archetype not represented on the ladder, is our good old friends, the bow builds. Outside of a low 2% playrate as bleed-bow Gladiators, the archetype has still not recovered from it’s last “rework”.

While some of the most played abilities on the ladder do indeed use bows, such as Toxic Rain and Caustic Arrow, they are generally more regarded as spells, since they mainly scale by virtue of the skill-gem itself, rather than the overall physical or elemental power provided by the chosen weapon. It has been a while since we’ve seen things such as Tornado Shots, Galvanic Arrows or even Ice Shots to truly make up a sizeable chunk of the playerbase.

Originally, I had anticipated this to change with the Pinpoint Support Pinpoint Support gem, as it’s reveal painted it as the PERFECT support gem for a lot of the lesser supported abilities in the game, such as the new Steel abilities, Spectral Throw Spectral Throw, or, of course, 90% of the bow abilities.

However, those dreams were crushed by the actual gem information thread, as it became apparent that this support gem was once again gated behind the “spells” keyword, eternally dooming the bow archetype and all those abilities listed to remain in support-gem and scaling nirvana, where they’ve been for quite some time.

One can only hope that GGG will take a look at those problems in future leagues…

As for this league’s future meta, I’d expect it to continue being fairly versatile.

While some content creators can impact the diversity on the ladder quite drastically, with the amount of potential new builds existing in Heist league, thanks to the alternative quality gems, the replica uniques and it’s non-gating league mechanic, I’d imagine most of them to choose different builds from one another, further spreading the community and creating a more diverse ladder over the course of the league.

Atlas Predictions

Nothing changed.

I am likely going to be taking out this section in future episodes, as with the reworking of the atlas mechanic in Metamorph’s expansion, there has not really been much change to the overall strategies that are employed for the atlas as a whole.

While there are slight alterations here or there, it is not as important to convey those on a weekly basis and will likely only be covered as a Discussion segment from on here out.

Strategy & Discussion Segment

With the Meta and Atlas Analysis finished, let’s move on over to the Strategy and Discussion segment!

As is tradition, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the league mechanic in this first episode, to make sure everyone understands and is able to engage in the league mechanic itself.

Of course, it won’t just be a simple rundown. I’ll also include tips and tricks, advice and my personal opinion on the current state of the league itself.

If this short rundown is too quick for you or you’d like to read more on the league mechanics and more in-depth explanations, I will be linking to my written guide on the league mechanic right here.

Heist League Mechanic

Now, let’s get into it.

Heist league is one of the largest leagues we’ve ever gotten, in terms of added content. With a ton of alternative quality gems, a giant amount of entirely new (and really powerful) base types, weapon and armour enchants and around 100 replica uniques, it is absolutely stacked with potential for awesome builds, fun exploration and exploitation, and most importantly, potential profit.

The Rundown

In the Heist league you take control over a band of rogues and go on Heists to acrue yourself enough experience and rogue markers to land the big jackpots in the Grand Heists.

The general gameplay loop revolves around running a couple dozen Heists to get yourself the necessary currency to attempt a Grand Heist, which will grant you all the intersting loot mentioned earlier.

There’s 9 rogue companions that you can enlist and each come with their own perks and abilities.

While the perks are unique to each person, the abilities are not. There’s always at least 2 rogues that share one of their abilities, the big difference being their maximum level, as there’s only ever one rogue with the capability to reach level 5 in any given ability.

Take for example Karst and Huck. While both feature the “Lockpicking” ability, Huck is limited by only being able to reach a maximum of level 3, while Karst can go all the way up to the hard-cap of level 5, allowing Karst to take on the hardest heists and grand heists, while Huck gets left behind.

Every rogue usually has 1 primary ability, in which they are the best at. The only exception for this rule is Vinderi, who is the best at both Demolition and Trap Disarment.

During the Heists you will find “small” chests, randomly placed around the Heists,

Small Chest

and “big” chests, which are hidden inside of secret rooms that can only be opened by your rogue companions.

big chest

The big chests will have a clear indication for their reward type, while the small ones that are strewn around the heist itself, will be entirely random in terms of rewards.

For what ability corresponds to which reward type on the large chests, please refer to the cheatsheet below:


You can find the newest version of the Cheatsheet on the “Rewards” Page of our League Guide.

In order to use this cheatsheet, simply take a look at your contracts or blueprints and check for the “Requirements” section. Whatever ability is listed there, is the one you want to refer to on the cheatsheet, as those will be the available reward types for the secret room chests in that Heist.

Once inside the Heist, things should be fairly simple to understand. Open as many small and big chests as you want, while below the alert level. Get to the artifact and then rush out as fast as possible.

One important thing to remember: The higher your alert level is, when the lockdown begins, the more enemies will spawn. This will substantially increase the difficulty you will face in getting out of the Heist, the higher the alert level is.

So if you’re not sure if your build can handle all the mobs while escaping, consider opening a few less chests than you’d otherwise intend to.

Farming Advice

Based on the newest changes to the rewards, I would recommend focusing primarily on:

  • Lockpicking,
  • Demolition,
  • Agility, and
  • Deception

If your main goal is to make raw currency.

Especially the last 3 have very long animations and annoying bugs that accompany them, but their reward types, in my experience, have yieled the greatest consistent payoff in raw currency, compared to all the other ones.

Rogue Equipment

I’d highly recommend focusing the gear of each rogue towards their primary ability.

One example with Karst: As he is the only level 5 Lockpicking character, I’d recommend focusing his items and especially his trinket-slot, around the Currency and Map Fragments chests, as those will be the ones he has the most access to, whenever you take him out on a Heist.

Aim for at least 2 beneficial mods on the trinket-slot for him, it is absolutely worth it to spend a couple of chaos re-rolling bad ones.

You should buy an iLvL 83+ Foliate Brooch for all your rogues, as iLvL 83+ is required for the T1 mods. I’d advise AGAINST trying to heavily invest in rolling them below that iLvL, as you will want to replace them later on with their T1 versions anyway.

For Karst in this example, the 2 mods you’re looking for are “Heist Chests have a (13–15)% chance to Duplicate contained Currency” and “Heist Chests have a (13–15)% chance to Duplicate contained Map Fragments”.


These are both suffixes, which will make it extremely hard to get both of them on a single item, but if you can manage to do so, even if they’re not BOTH t1 (tho you definitely want at least one of them at T1, at all times), you will really be able to tell the difference in loot drops.

Another really amazing option is the “(18–20)% increased time before Lockdown” prefix modifier or any of its lower tier cousins. This will extend the timer from when the alert starts, to when the chests and artifact become inaccessible.

Brooch 2

This is something I’ve been stacking on pretty much all my character and especially Isla benefits from it greatly, due to her Heist specific Perk granting even more of an increase to this timer.

Remember that you can still open chests during the lockdown timer. They will simply deduct 1 second from the timer, every time you open a chest. With a timer that can easily go into the 60-80 seconds range, you can probably figure out what the general idea here is.

Stack Lockdown Timer bonuses -> Open everything you can -> Lockdown timer begins -> Open the rest of the chests, cause they all only deduct 1 second from your extremely generous time pool of like 60-80 seconds.

Quick Tips on Heist

As Heist is such a huge league, it is pretty much impossible to cover every single tip and strategy that has been developed for it in this short segment, so I’ll hit you with a couple of rapid-fire tips at the end here, in order to cover at least a good chunk of them.

You can “prime” secret room chests with the Demolition ability.

Simply let your demolition expert setup the bomb as per usual, but before he finished and he can explode it, just run away. This forces him to teleport to you. Once you start the lockdown, you can then return to the room at your leisure and the chest will be able to explode and open, thanks to your previous efforts! This way you can get 1 extra large chest per demolition run, or a couple of small ones.

When your Rogue gets stuck in a corner or refuses to do their task, simply move far enough away from them to unstuck them, as they’ll teleport onto you.

If YOU happen to get stuck often in the doors or walls of the Heist maps, take a Smoke Mine Smoke Mine with you. It seems to be the only ability that can reliably pull you out of the doors and save your Heists.

When deciding on your own trinket, avoid mods that grant Regal Orb Regal Orbs.

They are pretty much all a trap. Try to aim for any mods that grant you Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing, they’re extremely worthwhile to get, as both Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orb and Jeweller's Orb Jeweller's Orb drops are very common, especially in the Heist Currrency chests and small chests.

Remember that you can simply press the league hotkey (default: V) to tell your Rogues to open doors or disable devices.

The only things you actively need to click on are the chests for Tibbs and Niles, when you’re on a lockdown, as they don’t seem to respond to the V command during that particular event.

When you’re inside of a Grand Heist vault, remember you can always just turn around and leave without picking up any of the curios, if the rewards don’t seem that great.

It is always better to get out with loot you’ve already gotten, than to risk it all for something you don’t even want.

One last tip on the gear, try to avoid the “Increases Rarity/Quantity of items dropped in Heists” modifiers.

While normally everyone is excited about these, due to the prevelance of Magic Finding builds in the past, they are absolutely not worth it in Heist, as the majority of the loot comes from the chest themselves and they don’t get affected by player rarity or quantity.

Personal Opinion on the League

I think it’s one of the most fun mechanics we’ve had for a long time… Unfortunately it is plagued by horrendous bugs that severely sour the experience.

I’ve always been a fan of league mechanics that, if even a little, require you to think about what you are doing ahead of time. I was a big fan of Synthesis, I liked Bestiary, had fun in Betrayal and hell, even Blight’s tower defense was an interesting twist for a while, in my opinion.

Unfortunately over this past week, the league mechanic has drastically turned for the worse, as GGG has reacted too hastily to a vocal minority’s pleading to simplify the league mechanic. And in the worst way possible, too.

I am not entirely sure why GGG has decided to act in such an extreme measure, as they usually come up with fairly good ideas to fix the problems presented by the community, but this time around, they really blew it.

Ever since they’ve removed the alert level rising from guards, the league has been either completely free loot, a complete snore fest or both. With no other positive traits.

With the newest changes to the alert meter, they’ve returned a tiny bit of the agency to the players, as it is now a slight bit harder to open straight up every single chest, but it doesn’t really fix the inherent problem that the league is facing right now.

That problem, in my eyes, is a loss of identity. We will require an extensive rework for the league to recover, if it even can with all the negativity being shared around already. For me, I’d like to see them re-add more of the decision matrix in one way or another, but I don’t claim to know where GGG is going with this league in any way, so I am not going to throw out random unsolicited ideas.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I’m absolutely loving the amount of new toys we got to play with and I’d like to urge the community to be a bit patient and enjoy those while the actual league mechanic is in shambles.

GGG has never let us down inside of a league, when it comes to making them playable and enjoyable over the course of their patches. While some things will never be perfect, I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy the league in just a few weeks time, if it even takes that long, considering they’ve been churning out patches every few days at this point.

Just spend your time with some new builds, explore the new alternative quality gems and replica uniques or simply take a bit of a break for a week or two, if you’re unable to deal with the disappointment in this first week of the league.

Overall, I see a great amount of potential in the league mechanic. It will take a lot of hard work to get there, on GGG’s part, but I’m confident we’ll have a very enjoyable mechanic by the end of the first month and I’m greatly looking forward to that point, as the base-idea is already very enjoyable to interact with.

Weekly Delve Update

As predicted, the delve mechanic, and it’s accompanying rewards, have seen a vast increase in popularity in this first week of the Heist league.


Since the removal of Harvest’s crafting options, we’ve returned to a state of somewhat-deterministic-gambling with the fossil system, as our best bet alongside the alteration + regal method.

Currently at the top of the board are the Corroded Fossil Corroded Fossil, Bound Fossil Bound Fossil, Sanctified Fossil Sanctified Fossil, Shuddering Fossil Shuddering Fossil and Tangled Fossil Tangled Fossil. They range from 9c down to 7c, representing a fairly steady income base for potential fossil farmers in this league.

My current recommendation is to farm the Petrified Forest for fossils specifically, as it can provide 3 out of the 5 fossils mentioned earlier.

The current week’s prices for the fossils are as follows:

The rest of the fossils are mostly around 2-3c, with only the most common ones falling down to the 1c or below area.

Happy Fossil Hunting and Good Luck in your Delves!

Rapidfire Tips & Tricks Segment

As per usual at the end of each Chaos Report, some rapidfire tips & tricks that will help you make your currency in this following week.

Chaos Recipe

Fairly uncommon for me to recommend it, as Exalted Orb Exalted Orb are usually at the 150c pricepoint by now, the Chaos Recipe is still extremely worthwhile in this coming second week of Heist.

With the Exalted Orbs seemingly hitting their ceiling for now, at the 80c pricepoint, each hand-in of the Chaos Recipe is roughly equivalent to half of an Exalted Shard Exalted Shard. That’s nothing to sneeze at for a lot of you out there and should not be considered “a waste of time”, but rather a proper investment in the future of your league.

Try it out, it’s really not as bad as people make it out to be.

Essence Craft Fractured/Synthesized Bases

With the return of the Fractured and Synthesized bases, we’re all asking us this one thing: “Why now, when we can’t craft them up with harvest anymore?!”.

While we can’t quite get to Harvest levels of crafting, you should always remember that your higher-level Essences are essentially mini-harvest crafts, available at a moments notice.

Many of you will likely have an abundance of these essences laying around, from the Heist mechanic or leveling in general. Simply use your good essences on the right bases with a good fracture or synthesized implicit and watch the dozens of chaos rain in, when you inevitably sell it to another player, as it rolled spell modifiers for your melee build.

Buy and Use Scarabs

While many of you are likely Heisting your proverbial butts off, don’t forget to progress your Atlas along the way, to make proper use of all the rewards you’re getting from the Heists.

One such reward is Scarabs. Many of which are currently dirt-cheap, to insulting degrees. Especially ones that provide a large amount of extra currency per map, such as the Metamorph Scarabs, are as low as 1c each, essentially allowing you to easily run them on every single one your maps, for guaranteed extra profit.

There are a couple of these scarabs at dirt-cheap prices, so keep an eye out of them and buy/use them, instead of letting them rot in people’s inventories!

Alva’s Temple

As is usual in leagues with new kill or loot mechanics, Alva has seen a drastically lower engagement rate, if we can take anything from the unique item numbers available that she provides.

As a result, many of her uniques have risen in prices and especially the end-boss drops, such as the Vials and the different Jewels, have gained a fair bit of value over this first week.

Especially worthwhile are the Vial of the Ghost Vial of the Ghost and the Vial of Transcendence Vial of Transcendence, the latter one being used to create the “Transcendent” jewels, which are all currently ranging from 1.5-2ex, with a strong inclanation to continue their rise.

The TL;DR here is: Run your Alvas. It’s free maps and a potential for some decent loot at the end.

Outro & Author Links

And with those last few tips wrapped up, I’ll be ending this chaos report. I hope this post was informative and you learned something from it that you can apply to your own game.

Please let me know if I missed anything or you’d have wanted me to talk about anything in specific that I might not have covered.

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Lastly, check me out over on, I stream pretty much every day and will be live throughout the entire launch window. If you need background noise to keep you busy while leveling, I’ll gladly be yours.

And with that… Thanks for reading and keep farming those exalts!


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