Our Atlas Passive Tree Rundown & Guide for 3.13 and Echoes of the Atlas is live!


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In preparation of the release for the 3.13 Patch, the Ritual Challenge League, and of course, the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, we have just released a new sub-page to our Echoes of the Atlas Guide, which goes over all the newly added Passive Trees for every single Region of the Atlas.

CLICK HERE to get directly to the Atlas Passive Trees Sub-Page!

Features of the Guide:

  • Quickly readable “Recommendations”, for easy use.
  • 5 different tiers of rating (color coded for ease of understanding).
  • Thoughts and Explanations as to WHY a particular node might be good/bad.
  • Further advice on how to profit from the Nodes themselves.
  • Some advice for SSF and HC was also included.

Outside of that, make sure to check out all the updated and new build guides in the Ritual Build Guides Section !

With all those guides combined, you should be very well prepared for the upcoming Release!

Good Luck on the Journey and enjoy the Ritual sacrifices, Exile!

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