Best League Starters for 3.13 Ritual League


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The newest Path of Exile league, Ritual, is upon us, and it’s coming with a big expansion in Echoes of the Atlas.

Ritual is a “combat” league, in which the main mechanic is focused mostly on combat and extra rewards from killing enemies; in Ritual, players will be able to summon mobs at shrines with increasing difficulty, along with increased rewards to match, and as each shrine is cleared, mobs from the shrines that have already been cleared within that map will spawn along with new ones.

We’d like to give you a few recommendation of what we believe to be some of the strongest league starter builds (although any build tagged as a League Starter and updated for 3.13, so most of them, is a very solid choice):

  • Bleed Bow Gladiator – a build that’s a boss-killing monster, exsanguinating with enthusiasm. A great league starter and an end-game demon, its lethal bleeds and satisfying bleed-splosion pops are sure to keep a smile on your lips throughout Ritual.
  • Elemental Hit Deadeye – a build that is in its prime with the new changes to the Ascendancy and the addition of Trinity. While it takes a bit of know-how to league start an Elemental Hit character, the payout is well worth it as it melts bosses and maps alike. Damage scales virtually forever if you have the coin, allowing for constant upgrades and making this an engaging character for the discerning Exile.
  • Penance Brand Elementalist – taking advantage of the new Elementalist rework, this build uses Shaper of Flames and Storm combined with Golem Buff Effect to reach outrageous levels of defence and big Ignites on your enemies.
  • Toxic Rain DoT Trickster – this build remains a really solid starter, even though the Trickster got changed significantly. It makes use of high Area of Effect, Attack Speed, and Skill Effect Duration to scale up Toxic Rain’s pod damage through the roof.
  • Explosive Trap Saboteur – a really strong trapper to play; perhaps not the best league-starter (although the key gear for it should be much more accessible this league), but it has astronomical levels of damage, and it’s also very tanky.
  • Impale Cyclone Champion – this build excels at slicing your enemies apart with its high physical damage output, respectable defensive capabilities, and its consistent mobility profile.
  • Blade Blast Bladefall Poison Assassin – a great league starter with high clear speed that also excels at bossing, this blade-detonation playstyle is somewhat niche and atypical, but if it’s something you enjoy, you’ll reap many benefits.
  • Dark Pact Necromancer – another crazy good league start build that has the potential to scale to ridiculous heights with enough budget investment.
  • Caustic Arrow CI Trickster – this Chaos Innoculation build boasts high defenses (and safe gameplay as a result), while still dishing out very high boss damage and being generally fun to play during mapping.
  • Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer – if you want a Necromancer build that sidestepped a lot of the recent changes and remains a great all-round build, consider this SRS Necromancer. With well-layered defenses ready for boss battles and damage to boot, this build remains a steady, reliable leaguestarter.

To make your leveling experience easier, you can pick up our Quick Reference Leveling guide (or this more comprehensive version) and breeze through the Acts.

We wish you all good luck!

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