Harvest Crafting Development Manifesto (3.14 Harvest Nerfs)


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As of a couple hours ago GGG released their stance on the current situation with Harvest Crafting. While it is clear that no developer ever envisioned the community to pool all of their crafts together through a Discord Server, the suggested nerfs are looking to be harsher than even the most pessimistic of us could have envisioned after Harvest’s reintroduction in 3.13 Ritual League.

Here’s a short breakdown of what the manifesto introduces for 3.14:

  • Different ratio of lower tier crafts versus actual good crafts.
    This means you’re going to see far less “fodder”, but the same amount of good crafts, which is something most of us will enjoy. No one really cared about a ton of reforges which were only useful to roll maps.
  • The removal of all Remove/Add crafts except for the ones no one ever cared to use.
    What made Harvest ridiculous was the fact that you could keep rolling for a certain modifier until you were happy with the outcome and its tier. So if you missed a prefix, you would Augment Life and Remove/add Life until you hit “# to Maximum Life” and a nice (or acceptable – depending on your budget) tier. This is completely removed, and if you Augment Life into something you don’t want you’ll have to use an Annulment orb to fix that, risking bricking the item. This is a HEAVY nerf to Harvest and will make it MUCH harder to create high tier items.
  • The chance to encounter Harvest has been increased
    This is nice cause this will make Harvest more accessible for the many.
  • Heart of the Grove is now fragmentized
    Obviously, as we’ve all seen with Elder, Shaper and so on, people enjoy being able to choose when they encounter & fight a specific boss. Therefore, removing the random factor and giving you the chance to obtain fragments to spawn it on demand is a nice QoL upgrade in my opinion.

For the complete patch notes, refer to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3069670

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