Zizaran's Gauntlet Race Event is now going on!


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As of yesterday, a new iteration of our community’s favorite event has started! Together with his entire crew & Shopify, community streamer Zizaran has put together a Gauntlet Race. For those of you unfamiliar as to how these work, here’s a little breakdown.

This 1-week Event features an approximately 30,000$ prize pool which has been raised by the community & then doubled by Shopify. Because of the high prize pool, these kinds of races always include the very top of our players competing for them. The way the payouts are structured is by dividing them in two major categories: Class Rewards & Bounties.

Every single Class will be able to win certain rewards based on their overall points collection. These points will be based off of certain achievements the character gets in this private league environment. Usually, there is a maximum amount of points to be gained for reaching a certain level, after which all the remaining the points are acquired by killing end game bosses such as Maven, Uber Elder, Maven invitations & Sirus. Besides awarding people with prizes for individual Classes, there’s also an overall standing for which an even bigger amount of the prize pool is reserved.

Last but not least, the event features certain Bounties. These are community created “challenges” for the players playing in the race. Usually they are created by streamer communities who then throw some donations at said streamer for him to create a certain bounty. Examples from the last one were “Acquire the highest pDPS weapon” and “Kill Sirus 8 with a 1-Link Lightning Tendrils skill”. These generally provide some interesting content because most of these are not easy to do and are usually fun to watch.

For more information about the ruleset you can consult this Google Document with all the information.
We highly recommend checking out some of the action on Twitch or by watching our own GhazzyTV competing in the race.