3.14 Ultimatum League Information


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Earlier tonight Grinding Gear Games launched all info on their new and upcoming Challenge League, Ultimatum. Other than the summary on their website their Live Stream was incredibly successful and all the information generally seemed very well received by the community.

A lot of more detail about the entirety of this new release will be formulated / added in our Ultimatum Challenge League Hub. The hub will receive its first complete overhaul & explanation tomorrow.

For those who want the shortened version, the League looks like it is incredibly valuable for all of the playerbase. It seems not tailored towards either the high end or the lower end players in any way. Addditionally, it looks like this League will qualify as a “Loot League” which are the ones most players like the most (such as there were: Breach, Delirium, …).

Re-watch the part of the stream that covered Ultimatum League here: