The build meta one week in to Ultimatum League


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As the Ultimatum League has progressed post its second weekend, we decided it would be a nice opportunity to look in to the meta a bit and figure out how it got affected by the Ultimatum League Mechanic which you undoubtedly have also identified as very profitable and very worthwhile optimizing your build for.

Mostly, the tendencies that one would expect to see are getting fairly respected. The Elementalist ascendancy is taking over more and more as other ascendancies and their most popular builds get nerfed and more people are catching on to the power of Elementalist in general.

The very obvious thing to note, which in our opinion is a very good thing, is the build diversity that’s shown in the game’s top ascendancy. There are 3 different build archetypes competing to be the most played Elementalist build as of now, being Burning Arrow Burning Arrow, Flame Wall Flame Wall and Summon Carrion Golem Summon Carrion Golem. On top of that, there’s a very big range of builds that are competitive to an extent that they represent around 5% of the Elementalist player base! Generally, Ascendancies are represented by 1 or 2 skills almost entirely such as for Blade Blast Blade Blast which represents around 50% of the Assassin player base.

Overall, the meta seems very similar to what we saw at the end of Ultimatum League. Burning Arrow remains strong, Flame Wall spellslinger is one of the most fun builds to play and Carrion Golems are far from dead. The only builds that are severely underrepresented comparatively to what one would have expected from last league’s landscape are the ones that got heavily nerfed. Mainly Blade Vortex comes to mind – Even though the builds that rely on it remain incredibly strong, most people have used it to an extent that they grew bored off it. Therefore, as it’s no longer hands down one of the best skills in the game, they feel less punished to play something else. Maybe that change was for the better. Other skill that got nerfed, such as Blade Blast & Toxic Rain still remain amongst the highest played skills,

We look forward keeping an eye out on the new meta shifts and are keeping an eye out for whatever new incredibly potent builds might get found out by the community.