3.14.1 Patch Notes & Overview of the first 3 Ultimatum Leagues


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A couple of days ago Path of Exile’s Ultimatum League has gone through its first major Patch. It was a bit overdue due the numerous bugfixes, exploit bans and a lot of hate towards priority queues which I guess are all a thing of the past. I don’t want to elaborate on them too much but it was made very clear by the community that getting streamers priority queues during 3-day lasting server issues wasn’t the boldest move GGG had ever made.

The” 3.14.1 Ultimatum Patch Notes() really don’t introduce too much gamechangers. First of all, there was a minor buff to Stone Circle Ultimatum encounters making them easier to stand in & drop more loot to bring them more in line to what people came to expect from Survival & Slay encounters. Obviously, everyone probably has read about the Survival exploit where you’d step out of the circle for a second, to make sure the encounter doesn’t complete nor fail and keeps spawning monsters, which has caused some bans but other than that Survival & Slay encounters dropped significantly better loot than circles.

Other than them bringing all encounters more in line, they added a new affix called “Razor Dance”. This one basically throws an attack at you that inflicts a stack of corrupting blood! Be very wary of your Staunching Flask uptime when choosing this affix in your Ultimatums!

Overall, Even though the start of Ultimatum League was probably the biggest fiasco GGG has ever seen, we have to admit that the actual League mechanic feels fun, refreshing, challenging and rewarding and they should be given credit for that. We’ll keep in touch as more balance changes & patch notes arrive and I wish you happy hunting for now!

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