How is your league start going?


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Greetings Exile,

Hope everyone has an amazing league start, I know we are having great fun!

We have seen an amazing interest in our league starter guides for 3.17 Archnemesis and our guide writers did their best to update them for your league start. If you have any problems with your build or guide, please do not hesitate to let us know or join our discord where like-minded Exiles are there to help you!

What can you expect in the upcoming weeks?

We are working on our league hub that will have all the info gathered from the Siege of the Atlas 3.17 league and I expect that to be ready in the upcoming weeks.

We also have been growing our discord and recently started revamping it, feel free to join us and check it out.

Without saying too much, we will have some social media competitions coming up where you can win cool Path of Exile prizes but more about that in the upcoming weeks.

Have great fun in the new league!

Team Vault!

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