Atlas Passive Skill Tree Strategies Guide by GhazzyTV


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With the release of Siege Of The Atlas, we have yet again been amazed by a mind boggling Passive Tree to learn and incorporate into our endgame strategies. For newer players, this may be just as overwhelming as first pressing the level up button when progressing through the Twilight Strand.

GhazzyTV collaborated with Path Of Matth to compile a range of Atlas Passive Skill Trees for Archnemesis League that you may use as guidelines for your mapping strategies; these trees & strategies will be updated as we explore and experience the league for ourselves, so be sure to keep up to date.

While this is not an exhaustive list for all of the different combinations of mechanics, these are some of our favourites for a variety of gameplay strategies.

Some investment into map sustain nodes may be required or necessary, depending on how everything looks in the new Archnemesis League, these nodes are readily available on the atlas skill tree so if you encounter these issues don’t feel bad for speccing into a cluster or two as required.

You can find Ghazzy’s Atlas strat here: Ghazzy’s 3.17 Archnemesis league atlas strategies

If you have any questions about this, come join our discord where we have people to help you out!

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