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PoE Vault is a Path of Exile fansite with the goal of providing high quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date guides for all aspects of the game (with the main focus being build guides).

All the guides you see on the menus are proofread by our staff and always curated to ensure that only actually viable builds are posted. Our writers are extremely proficient players with many thousands of hours of playtime behind them, and all the builds are rigorously tested to ensure that they conform to reality.

For these reasons, we feel that PoE Vault is an ideal place to find build guides, since the site’s strict moderation ensures that you are very unlikely to stumble onto and invest into a build that is uncompetitive, out of date, or otherwise just bad (something which is always a risk when there is no moderation and anyone can simply submit guides). Do note the caveat that not all builds we have are suitable for every situation, and we advise you to always check out the build’s Pros & Cons section as well as its tags.

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