Best Elementalist Builds for Heist League (PoE 3.12)


This is our list of Elementalist builds for Path of Exile’s Heist league (3.12). The Elementalist is one of the strongest ascendancy class choices if you want to play a Cold, Lightning, or Fire caster. This class specializes in proliferating very strong Freeze, Burning, and Shock effects to whole packs of monsters. It also has very nice perks for all the elemental Herald skills. The Elementalist can even summon strong Elemental Golems to fight on her side.

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Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist Build Guide (PoE Heist 3.12) Furty 29 Oct 2018 18 Sep 2020 236 20 1
Storm Brand Elementalist Build Guide (PoE Harvest 3.11) Furty 05 Jan 2019 07 Sep 2020 33 12 1
Golemancer Elementalist Build Guide (PoE Delirium 3.10) Vvckd 04 Apr 2019 21 Jun 2020 47 0 0