Best Duelist Builds for Crucible League (Path of Exile 3.21)


Welcome to our list of Duelist builds for the Crucible league of Path of Exile (3.21). The Duelist is a master of the arena; he loves the close combat playstyle. The Duelist later chooses to become one of three ascendancy classes:

  • The Slayer is a master of two-handed weapons.
  • The Gladiator is very good at blocking incoming damage, while also bleeding enemies to death.
  • The Champion is very tough to kill, and he is also very precise when attacking, rarely ever missing a strike.
Name Created By Last update Comments
Velyna's Herald of Agony Champion (PoE Crucible 3.21) Velyna 30 Apr 2023 8
TbXie's Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion Build Guide (PoE Crucible 3.21) TbXie 29 Apr 2023 14
PoEVault's Corrupting Fever Champion (PoE Crucible 3.21) PoEVault 28 Apr 2023 0
TbXie's Cyclone Slayer Build Guide (PoE Crucible 3.21) TbXie 13 Apr 2023 0
PoEVault's Lacerate Gladiator Build Guide (PoE Crucible 3.21) PoEVault 09 Apr 2023 193
Velyna's Ground Slam Slayer (PoE Crucible 3.21) Velyna 08 Apr 2023 0

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