Best Pathfinder Builds for Lake of Kalandra League (PoE 3.19)


Welcome to our list of the best Pathfinder builds for Path of Exile’s Lake of Kalandra league (3.19). The Pathfinder excels at taking advantage of very strong flasks, which will ease the pain of the damage you take and empower you to deal high damage.

Name Created By Last update Comments
The All Purpose Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) Rhaegar_G 18 Aug 2022 0
Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build Guide (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) TbXie 18 Aug 2022 185
Kinetic Blast/Power Siphon Pathfinder Build Guide - "Fastest Clear Speed Around" (PoE Sentinel 3.18) PoEVault 18 Aug 2022 272