League Starter Builds for Path of Exile (Affliction 3.23)


Path of Exile League Starter builds are builds that will get you to the end game without spending too much currency or no currency at all. These builds are very accessible for everyone and don’t require any specific items that are hard to get or expensive when a new league starts.

Choosing a league starter depends on a couple of things. First and most of all you must ask yourself if you would like the skill it uses, do you like to play melee? Or do you like to play ranged? There are many different types of builds and most have league starter variations. This sounds complicated but it’s not, let’s not forget the goal of a league starter is to get you to end game, simple and easy.

Our league starter builds are tested and tried for you, so if a build has the league starter tag, then you can be sure it will function for the early start in leagues. Generally, it is recommended to play Spellcasters, or Minion builds before dabbling into Melee or Bow archetypes as they are usually way harder to gear for and execute.

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TbXie's Wave of Conviction Ignite Elementalist Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23) TbXie 05 Dec 2023 0