Tornado Shot Champion Build Guide (PoE Blight 3.8)




Taking great advantage of the buffs to physical damage in the 3.7 update, the Tornado Shot Tornado Shot Champion has risen from an obscure, hardcore-oriented choice to one of the premier ranged builds in the current meta. It boasts incredible damage and toughness to rival the other best builds in the game, and keeps up with the quick clearspeed of the Legion meta, making it an excellent all-around build. It is easy to start this build on any budget, and has nearly endless room for growth through gear.

If a build that excels in all areas of the game, with versatile gear and a fun, fast playstyle is appealing to you (and why wouldn’t it be?) then the Tornado Shot Tornado Shot Champion may well be what you’re looking for.

Build Summary

The Tornado Shot Tornado Shot Champion is versatile on every level, both in terms of the content it can run and the gear it can use. In spite of its average life pool, the Champion ascendancy skyrockets the build’s defenses thanks to an improved and permanent Fortify buff. The defense of the build is rounded out with Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone and Soul of Steel on the passive tree, as well as a variety of potential gear options. Combined with the ranged playstyle of the build, this makes for an extremely good choice for the Legion league’s dangerous encounters. Offensively, the build takes advantage of the newly added Impale Support Impale Support and the new impale nodes on the tree to mount a fearsome offense thanks to the rapid-hitting nature of Tornado Shot Tornado Shot. Its consistency, clearspeed, and damage can be further augmented by a variety of options within its gear, both on rare and unique pieces of gear.


+ Good clearspeed
+ Budget-friendly, with lots of room to grow. Even on modest gear, the build is able to take on all the content the game has to offer, and with better gear it can trivialize most of it
+ More durable than the majority of other ranged builds in the game, especially on the same budget
+ Extremely high damage, easily capable of millions of DPS on even middling gear


- Not quite as fast in terms of clearspeed as the more traditional Tornado Shot Deadeye
- The Tornado Shot Tornado Shot fires 1 additional projectiles helmet enchantment can be quite expensive.

Playstyle and Core Mechanics

Offensively, the build utilizes additional arrows to scale the damage of Tornado Shot Tornado Shot and increase its coverage. This also allows for rapid hits, which in turn stacks up to max impales very quickly. Each of these impales have 107% increased effect, and last two additional hits thanks to the Master of Metal ascendancy notable. This results in a total of 145% extra damage after impales have been stacked up, a multiplier that other builds only wish they could have. Many of the unique items presented within this guide are dedicated to improving damage, but others, like Haemophilia Haemophilia and Rigwald's Quills Rigwald's Quills offer a significant boost to your clearspeed.

Defensively, Fortify, Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone, Acrobatics, and Soul of Steel come together to form a powerful core of defenses, augmented by a potentially large pool of both evasion and armour. Champion alone offers 2000 flat armour, and depending on item and defensive skill choices, this can be augmented further, resulting in an even bulkier than typical setup. Because there are so many defensive options available to this build, all of which are good options, they will largely be discussed as they are brought up later, in the gearing and skills sections.

As for playstyle, the build rushes through maps with respectable move speed, quickly destroying packs with the help of Mirage Archer Support Mirage Archer Support. Because it picks off stragglers, you don’t need to worry about firing at leftover monsters, leaving you more time to keep zooming through the map.

Ascendancy, Passive Tree, Bandits, and Pantheons


  1. Master of Metal
  2. Unstoppable Hero
  3. Fortitude
  4. Inspirational

Master of Metal is one of the strongest ascendancy nodes out there currently, providing a pair of huge damage boosts that end up more than doubling the build’s damage in endgame.

Unstoppable Hero and Fortitude are a powerful defensive duo, giving a large amount of armour, stun immunity, and the baseline 20% damage reduction from fortify, as well as a small but welcome boost to attack speed and damage.

Inspirational frees up mana that would normally be reserved by Dread Banner Dread Banner, allowing the build to run Herald of Purity Herald of Purity for some extra flat physical damage. Inspirational also provides 12% movement speed and up to 5% life regenerated per second, both quite desirable stats.

If you are playing on softcore, and not as worried about defenses, Inspirational can be picked up before Unstoppable Hero and Fortitude, for a bit of additional damage while levelling.

Passive Tree

This is the recommended level 90 skill tree.

It picks up 172% life, 45% Fortify effectiveness, and Soul of Steel’s physical and elemental defenses. Offensively, it picks up 38% impale effect and the best bow nodes on the tree, as well as bonuses from the Fortify nodes. If your budget supports it, picking up the jewel sockets at the bottom of the tree can be worth it. A reasonable variant, especially with supporting gear, is to take Iron Reflexes, which allows for a particularly potent Molten Shell Molten Shell and offers some synergies with certain gear pieces, when building for maximized durability against physical hits.

At level 100, the recommended tree looks like this.

At level 100, the extra skill points are used to pick up additional Frenzy charges and two more jewel sockets. This offers a boost to damage and speed, as well as whatever stats you can get on jewels, which can potentially be very powerful.


As a critical based build, the default bandit recommendation is to help Alira. The resistances are helpful at all stages of gearing, thanks to the numerous unique options usable for this build, and the critical strike multiplier offers good damage. However, if you are looking for a bit more life, killing all for the 2 additional passive points is not unreasonable.


Soul of Solaris and Lunaris are both viable options. Solaris offers a useful bonus against bosses that deal physical damage, and can occasionally save your life with its Jorus bonus. Lunaris offers some minor movement speed benefits, particularly nice when you’re speeding through legions or similarly dense encounters.

For minor gods, Shakari and Ralakesh are both reasonable options, providing your preference of immunity to poison or blind and maim. While running labyrinth or long boss encounters, Ryslatha’s automatic life flask recharge is very helpful.


For all the gem links we provide below, keep in mind that we list the gems in order of priority, meaning that if you lack the required number of sockets to fit all the gems, the first ones to drop are the ones at the bottom. Also note that in-game, as long as the sockets are linked, it makes no difference at all what order the gems are placed in.

Tornado Shot (6-Link)

Tornado Shot Tornado Shot is the core damage-dealing skill of the build. It hits fast and hard, applying impales and generally just destroying packs. It has been the top dog bow skill for a long time, and is used on this build for its overall high power level. The recommended links are as follows:

  1. Tornado Shot Tornado Shot
  2. Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
  3. Impale Support Impale Support
  4. Brutality Support Brutality Support
  5. Mirage Archer Support Mirage Archer Support
  6. Vicious Projectiles Support Vicious Projectiles Support

These links are optimized for damage, but it is worth noting that the tooltip will not reflect the power of Impale Support Impale Support or Mirage Archer Support Mirage Archer Support. With strong gear, Vicious Projectiles Support Vicious Projectiles Support can be replaced with Chain Support Chain Support for even faster clearing. This is recommended mostly for quickly farming lower tier content, and is largely redundant if your build is using a clearing unique like Haemophilia Haemophilia.


This build gains a lot of damage from its auras, thanks to the newly introduced physical auras.

Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone linked with Maim Support Maim Support offers a potent damage bonus up close against single targets in its blood stance, while the sand stance offers one of the most powerful defensive bonuses of any single skill in the game.

Dread Banner Dread Banner, made free by the Inspirational ascendancy notable, seriously buffs up the build’s impales.

Precision Precision offers a large chunk of accuracy and crit chance, allowing you to cap accuracy without heavy investment on the skill tree or gear.

Rounding up the core auras, Herald of Purity Herald of Purity offers a sizeable amount of physical damage to attacks.

On a higher budget, Pride Pride is recommended, especially after acquiring a Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye with related mods, and an Aul's Uprising (Strength) Aul's Uprising (Strength) that removes the reservation cost from the aura. This is one of the strongest boosts to the build available, and is highly recommended as a point of endgame investment. Both of these will be discussed in depth later on in the guide.

Aspect of the Spider is a potential replacement for Herald of Purity Herald of Purity, especially with powerful gear. This skill is only available via beastcrafting or from certain encounters in Delve and Legion. It is recommended to look for this on a ring, amulet, or belt, as any support gems that overlap with its tags will increase the mana reservation. Aspect of the Cat can also be used, but it is not recommended without the Farrul's Fur Farrul's Fur body armour. With the armour on, Less Duration Support Less Duration Support is useful, and will be discussed in more detail later in the guide.

Movement Skills

While many movement skills were buffed in the 3.7 patch, one that was, unfortunately, left by the wayside was Blink Arrow Blink Arrow. While it used to be the gold standard of movement skills for bow builds, many players are opting for the instant casting of Flame Dash Flame Dash, combined with its charges. The default recommendation for this build is to use Flame Dash Flame Dash, simply leaving it at a lower level to compensate for the low intelligence of the build.

Support Skills

There are a number of useful skills available to this build that are worth taking into consideration.

Blood Rage Blood Rage is used on most attack builds, and for good reason. It provides a large amount of attack speed, and access to Frenzy charges, with the only drawback being a small physical degen. This is mitigated by the build’s natural life regeneration, and it is recommended that you always use Blood Rage Blood Rage on this build.

Any of the new or reworked guard skills are good options for the build, with the optimal decision depending on gear and skill tree decisions. If using Iron Reflexes, the best option is almost assuredly Molten Shell Molten Shell, which offers a potentially massive extra buffer of health. Otherwise, depending on personal preference, Immortal Call Immortal Call and Steelskin Steelskin make great options. Whatever guard skill you use, be sure to link them with Increased Duration Support Increased Duration Support, and if you would prefer their use to be automated, with Cast when Damage Taken Support Cast when Damage Taken Support.

While the previous skills are highly recommended on any setup for the build, the following are much more up to personal choice. Phase Run Phase Run offers phasing, movement speed, and decreased enemy detection range, and is a very useful option when delving, as it allows you to quickly dive into side areas without drawing nearly as many monsters with you. Summon Stone Golem Summon Stone Golem, Summon Flame Golem Summon Flame Golem, Summon Lightning Golem Summon Lightning Golem, and Summon Ice Golem Summon Ice Golem all provide relevant buffs to this build. Golems provide very useful buffs, but are often unreliable on non-minion builds, as their resists and health are low enough that monsters can easily kill them. Linking them with Cast when Damage Taken Support Cast when Damage Taken Support, or simply recasting them when needed make them worth including on this build, choosing between them as you prefer.

Barrage (6-Link)

Many players prefer to utilize Barrage Barrage for single target damage. While this is not required, it can offer a much more comfortable experience for many players, and will fit into the build as long as you are not using Kaom's Heart Kaom's Heart. This is also a useful single target skill on lower levels of gear, particularly before acquiring the expensive Eternal Labyrinth enchantment. If you are using barrage, it is always recommended that you use Chain Support Chain Support linked to your Tornado Shot Tornado Shot. The recommended links for Barrage Barrage are as follows:

  1. Barrage Barrage
  2. Brutality Support Brutality Support
  3. Impale Support Impale Support
  4. Vicious Projectiles Support Vicious Projectiles Support
  5. Mirage Archer Support Mirage Archer Support
  6. Slower Projectiles Support Slower Projectiles Support


This build has a lot of versatility and flexibility when it comes to gear. While this does allow for customization, it can cause a serious case of analysis paralysis. This section of the guide will help alleviate that difficulty, and provide you with search links for many of the rare items that power the build. Keep in mind that implementing a large number of unique items into a build makes it more difficult to cap resistances, and select your gear with this in mind.


The base recommendation for bows is Arborix Arborix. It offers high damage, two additional arrows to improve clearspeed, and a cycling buff that increases damage and clearspeed. If you have chosen to use Iron Reflexes, the 30% more damage at close range improves bossing immensely, without having to worry about the rotation of the buff. Otherwise, it will provide you with an 8-second rotation between a burst of speed and the secondary “Point Blank” effect. It is recommended that, in order to acquire this item, you do not purchase it directly. Generally, Arborix Arborix sells for 70+ chaos, while the component items, Beltimber Blade Beltimber Blade and Grelwood Shank Grelwood Shank sell for much cheaper. Vendor those two items with an Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing to get an Arborix Arborix.

On a budget either lower or much higher, a rare bow can be used, but it needs to be far better than you may think to make up for the 2 additional arrows. Another great budget option is Death's Opus Death's Opus, which offers the same +2 arrow modifier, and an absolutely massive +100% critical strike multiplier. The Crimson Storm The Crimson Storm is also a good budget option, and offers a solid critical chance, maim chance, and a bleed chance that is helpful if you decide to use Haemophilia Haemophilia as your gloves. Look out for a useful veiled mod like Critical Strike Multiplier while a Rare or Unique enemy is nearby or Accuracy and quality.

When searching for a powerful rare bow, be sure to prioritize high physical damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed. The main benefit of a rare bow is faster attacks and higher critical chance than Arborix Arborix, as it is sorely lacking in those stats.


The quiver is one of the most flexible slots on the entire build.

The first option is to use a rare quiver. The exact important stats are listed below, but this is a great slot to get some extra life, attack speed, flat damage, critical strike multiplier, and even extra arrows or pierces.

For high damage on a low budget, very little can out-perform Drillneck Drillneck. With a high added physical damage, and 50% increased damage against enemies pierced by your arrows, as well as attack speed and a modest amount of life, no quiver of the same price is likely to beat it. Because this build doesn’t use the Pierce Support Pierce Support or any additional pierces on the tree, ensure that yours still has the implicit intact. On a similar budget, Maloney's Nightfall Maloney's Nightfall offers damage and protection, thanks to a decent amount of life and the ability to constantly blind enemies you hit. While not as useful as it once was, thanks to Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone, the fact that this quiver is inexpensive makes it a prime option for picking up a very powerful corrupt implicit, like +1 arrow or chain.

Finally, the best speed-clearing quiver in the game, Rigwald's Quills Rigwald's Quills, has to be mentioned. The stats on this quiver are not impressive on first glance, but the “Projectiles Fork” modifier is the strongest single modifier on any quiver in the game. This is the quiver to get in endgame, for anything involving quick clearing, and the combination of chain and fork makes for a clearspeed like nothing else.

When searching for a rare quiver, keep in mind what it is competing with. Don’t buy anything that could be easily replaced with a Drillneck Drillneck, in particular, without losing damage. While quivers can roll resistance mods, it is generally not worth sacrificing damage to get them, and you should be trying to cap resistances in other slots. The mod priority of a rare quiver is as follows:

  1. Maximum Life
  2. Critical strike multiplier
  3. Physical damage added to attacks
  4. Attack speed
  5. Critical strike chance

Additional pierces (from Penetrating Arrow Quiver Penetrating Arrow Quiver or an Deafening Essence of Misery Deafening Essence of Misery) and additional arrows are not listed in the mod priority list, as they are not budget friendly, and their cost of acquisition makes it hard to say where they should fall. Crafting a shaper quiver of item level 80 or higher will allow you to craft your own, however, likely with a cheaper cost than buying them. For this purpose, it is recommended that you use a resonator with a Pristine Fossil Pristine Fossil and a Jagged Fossil Jagged Fossil. This cannot provide additional pierces, but will likely yield a usable quiver, even without an additional arrow, within a few rolls.


The most important stat on a helmet for this build is the Labyrinth enchantment, “Tornado shot fires 1 additional secondary projectile.” This boosts clearspeed, single target damage, and consistency of the skill. Because it is a powerful enchant, however, it is quite expensive to acquire one. The default recommendation is to buy a helmet with this enchantment present and craft it using a Pristine Fossil Pristine Fossil and a Jagged Fossil Jagged Fossil.

Several uniques offer powerful benefits, but they are generally extremely expensive to acquire the enchantment on. If you do want to acquire a unique, the best options are Devoto's Devotion Devoto's Devotion for the speed, Starkonja's Head Starkonja's Head for the overall useful stats, or Rat's Nest Rat's Nest for speed and raw damage. While Abyssus Abyssus offers high damage, it runs counter to the goal of being a very tanky build, and is not recommended.

It is recommended that you avoid buying a pre-crafted helmet, and avoid energy shield bases, as their intelligence requirments will be hard to meet. When crafting a helmet, the mod priority is as follows:

  1. High maximum life roll (90+)
  2. Elemental resistances
  3. Nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage (Jagged Fossil Jagged Fossil mod)
  4. Accuracy rating

Body Armour

Another highly versatile slot, chest options range in budget, power level, and purposes. The first option is, unsurprisingly, a rare chest. Rare chests can have life rolls in excess of 150 flat, % increased life, and even Socketed Gems are Supported by level 1 Maim Support Maim Support. They also make a great budget option, as one can be bought for roughly the price of a divine orb, and crafted with fossils. Using a lone Pristine Fossil Pristine Fossil will generally yield decent results within two or three attempts, and more powerful options can be made with the help of Serrated Fossil Serrated Fossil, which adds the Maim Support Maim Support affix to the pool.

For unique options, lots are available, and offer great benefits to the build. For straightforward survivability, Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast provides a large boost to your life pool, as well as a healthy chunk of resistances. At only 2 chaos, it makes a great budget option for the build, and can easily be used well into endgame.

Daresso's Defiance Daresso's Defiance endurance charge and onslaught while clearing, as well as a boosted onslaught effect. It is a similarly budget option to Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast, and makes a great option for a bit more tankiness while clearing, without sacrificing any speed.

Yriel's Fostering (Rhoa) Yriel's Fostering (Rhoa) offers maim chance, critical strike chance, and a traveling companion that projects an intimidating aura. It does this while providing a healthy amount of life, and enough accuracy rating to drop it on another gear slot.

For those who are particularly interested in pushing survivability to the max, Kaom's Heart Kaom's Heart offers 500 life. That’s it, nothing fancy, just 500 life and no sockets. This does mean that you cannot run a Barrage Barrage setup, but if you aren’t interested in one in the first place, this item has functionally no drawback.

Finally Farrul's Fur Farrul's Fur is a luxury option that provides power and frenzy charges with permanent uptime, as long as you have Aspect of the Cat somewhere on your gear. Aspect of the Cat should be supported by Less Duration Support Less Duration Support as this allows the buff to line up in such a way that you never lose charges after gaining them. This is, however, a very expensive upgrade, costing up to 20 Exalts. However, when it comes to bossing, it truly cannot be beat.

The ideal bases for the body armour slot are Astral Plate Astral Plate for the elemental resistances or Assassin's Garb Assassin's Garb for the movement speed. However, any body armour base is acceptable, as long as it has good stats. An evasion base will be the easiest to color, however, so do avoid armour bases before you are willing to invest large amounts of Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orbs into coloring it properly. The mod priority for this slot is as follows:

  1. Elemental resistances
  2. High maximum life roll (100+, ideally higher)
  3. % increased maximum life (Elder and Pristine Fossil Pristine Fossil mod)
  4. Socketed gems are supported by level 1 Maim Support Maim Support (Serrated Fossil Serrated Fossil mod)
  5. Attacks have % to critical strike chance (Elder suffix mod)


Following the pattern of the rest of the build’s gear slots, gloves are once again very versatile.

Rare gloves are the default recommendation, offering potentially up to 100 life, alongside flat damage and attack speed. Resists can be picked up here as well, and should be prioritized over offensive mods. The next recommendation is Shadows and Dust Shadows and Dust, which offer a small bump in damage, but far more importantly, the Rampage mod. If you are unaware, rampage offers a “killstreak” bonus, which causes a variety of effects at different tiers, and 1% movement speed and 2% increased damage per 20 stacks of rampage. In Legion league, rampage is more valuable than ever, thanks to the absolutely massive number of extra monsters spawned by monoliths. This provides a huge boost in clearspeed through basically all content, though it is not very useful for boss killing.

The next option is Tombfist Tombfist, which provides % increased life, an abyssal jewel, and intimidate and/or maim. It is recommended that you use a Murderous Eye Jewel Murderous Eye Jewel for the intimidate bonus, though with a two socket version, you can use both. They are also surprisingly affordable with powerful corruptions, so keep an eye out for Vulnerability Vulnerability on hit, or flat critical strike chance for attacks.

Finally, Asenath's Gentle Touch Asenath's Gentle Touch and Haemophilia Haemophilia both provide explosions, dealing physical damage based on conditional effects on enemies. Asenath's Gentle Touch Asenath's Gentle Touch is a new rework, with sand explosions on cursed enemies, as well as leaving behind curse proliferation spots that spread curses where enemies died. Keep in mind that, if you are using an Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark on hit ring alongside this, you need to make sure the level of the Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark is higher than ten or it will get overridden. Haemophilia Haemophilia explodes bleeding enemies, making it particularly potent with The Crimson Storm The Crimson Storm, and even better with a curse on hit corruption, applying Vulnerability Vulnerability on hit. These are less consistent, but less demanding on other gear slots than Asenath's Gentle Touch Asenath's Gentle Touch.

The recommended base for rare gloves is Gripped Gloves Gripped Gloves, though any rare gloves with good stats are fine. The recommended mod priority for this slot is as follows:

  1. Elemental resistances
  2. Maximum life
  3. Attack speed
  4. Flat physical damage added to attacks


Boots are a simple gear slot. Very little variation is needed here, with the exception of fighting Uber Elder. The standard recommendation is to use a pair of rare boots with life, resistances, and most importantly, movement speed. Because you will be mostly running around, a high move speed roll is important. However, during the Uber Elder fight, which this build performs very well in, it is recommended that you make use of the Kaom's Roots Kaom's Roots unique boots, for their immunity to freeze and chill. The recommended mod priority for this slot is as follows:

  1. Movement speed (25%+)
  2. Elemental resistances
  3. Maximum life


Once again, the belt slot is extremely flexible on this build.

Many options are available to boost damage, survivability, or both. When looking for survivability, a rare belt is generally the best choice. Stygian Vise Stygian Vise and Leather Belt Leather Belt are the recommended bases, though a Rustic Sash Rustic Sash is not a bad choice. A rare belt can easily provide over 100 life and lots of elemental resistances, and a variety of crafts and fossil mods can improve damage.

For unique options, The Nomad The Nomad offers a sizeable boost in damage, elemental resistances, and both strength and dexterity. In addition, the 50% increased flask charges gained modifier is extremely powerful, ensuring your flasks will maintain close to permanent uptime.

For pure damage, little can match Ryslatha's Coil Ryslatha's Coil. This unusual belt decreases your minimum physical damage while increasing your maximum damage, a change that will result in a serious boost to your damage. Perseverance Perseverance is a unique almost targeted to Champion builds, and can provide a decent amount of damage while also granting permanent Onslaught. This is not recommended while using Arborix Arborix, but is perfectly respectable with many other bows.

Finally, it would be a mistake to not mention the almighty Headhunter Headhunter. While not exactly a standard gearing option, this build is great for taking advantage of the power of Headhunter Headhunter. There is little to be said about this item that is not mentioned in the Headhunter Guide on this site already, so if you are looking to push this build to the absolute limits, take a look there.

The mod priority on rare belts are as follows:

  1. High life explicit roll (90+)
  2. Elemental resistances
  3. % increased maximum life (Elder base only)
  4. % increased flask effect duration
  5. % increased attack speed during any flask effect (Elder base only)
  6. % increased global physical damage (Jagged Fossil Jagged Fossil exclusive mod)


Rings are a very important slot on this build, as they can provide a plethora of useful stats. Life, resistances, and attribute requirements are all available to be met in this slot, and Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark can also be gained on hit here. The default recommendation for rings is to acquire one with the shaper Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark on hit suffix, and craft on life or a missing resistance. These are, however, expensive, especially early in a league. The other ring should generally be a more traditional rare, focussing on life, elemental resistances, and any missing attributes, with flat physical damage if you have the space for it.

Eventually, an Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark ring can be replaced, if you decide to use the unique Farrul's Fur Farrul's Fur body armour, as it will provide you with all the power charges you need. Keep in mind that if you are using the Asenath's Gentle Touch Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves, your Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark need to be higher level than the Temporal Chains Temporal Chains, or it will be overridden.

A powerful offensive option to use alongside a Shaper ring is the Mark of the Elder Mark of the Elder unique ring, which provides a huge amount of damage, at the cost of resistances. This is a great option for high budgets, if your gear can support the loss of resistances.

As for bases, a Steel Ring Steel Ring is optimal, but enormously expensive to acquire Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark on hit on. Outside of that, Coral Ring Coral Rings and the resistance rings are all reasonable choices, with Diamond Ring Diamond Ring being the next best offensive ring base. The mod priorities for rare rings are as follows:

  1. Elemental resistances
  2. Assassin's Mark Assassin's Mark on hit (only on one ring, and only once it is affordable, power charges can wait until you are resist capped)
  3. Attributes, until requirements are met (only likely to be needed for intelligence)
  4. Maximum life
  5. Flat physical damage added to attacks


The amulet is an important DPS slot on this build, like with most builds. The default recommendation is to use a rare amulet, with life, flat physical damage, critical strike multiplier, and accuracy mods. However, on a very high budget, an Aul's Uprising (Strength) Aul's Uprising (Strength) becomes the best option, offering a free Pride Pride, which is an invaluable damage boost, allowing you to run it alongside all the other powerful auras for the build. This is especially potent alongside a Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye with pride mods.

The recommended base for rare amulets is either a Marble Amulet Marble Amulet or a Lapis Amulet Lapis Amulet. This will either provide some quality of life, or allow you to meet the requirements of any of your gear and gems. The mod priority is as follows:

  1. Maximum life
  2. Global critical strike multiplier
  3. Flat physical damage added to attacks
  4. Elemental resistances (try to avoid needing this, but in a pinch it is reasonable to use this slot to cap resists.)
  5. Accuracy rating


Jewels can provide powerful benefits, both offensively and defensively.

Rare jewels will likely make up the majority of your jewel sockets, and for good reason. They can roll attack speed, damage, critical strike multiplier, and % increased maximum life, all of which are very useful.

Abyssal jewels are also a powerful option, replacing the % damage and life rolls with flat rolls.

In addition to rare jewels, there are several very powerful unique options for this build.

The first is actually a pair of jewels, with one being a direct upgrade. Tempered Flesh Tempered Flesh, and its upgraded version Transcendent Flesh Transcendent Flesh provide a huge massive bonus to damage when placed in the jewel socket on the far left of the tree near the marauder area. 42% critical strike multiplier is huge, and this alone will skyrocket your damage, while the upgraded Transcendent Flesh Transcendent Flesh will also provide 5% additional physical damage reduction.

A notable variant of the build utilizes Lioneye's Fall Lioneye's Fall to pick up the powerful damage bonuses from melee weapon nodes around the tree. One of the best positions for this is to place it in the bottom left jewel socket and take the Blade of Cunning notable, and the mace nodes directly above it.

Like most builds, this one can take great advantage of the Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye unique jewel, with powerful Pride Pride mods. The most important of these mods is the “Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride Pride” mod, which alone increases the effectiveness of your impales by 28%, and other modifiers on the jewel can be powerful alongside it, providing such options as intimidate on hit or % increased attack damage.

Finally, a variety of Timeless jewels can offer powerful bonuses to this build. However, because they provide so many different benefits based on their seed and location, specific recommendations cannot be given. Just keep an eye out for useful modifiers like critical strike multiplier, % life, and relevant damage increases.

The stat priorities for rare jewels are as follows:

  1. % increased life/flat life (standard/abyssal jewels)
  2. % increased critical strike multiplier
  3. Elemental resistances
  4. Attack speed
  5. % increased damage/flat added physical damage
  6. % chance to gain onslaught on kill (abyssal jewels only)


The single most important flask for this build is a Diamond Flask Diamond Flask. This is a significant damage boost, and no crit build should leave their hideout without one.

A Quicksilver Flask Quicksilver Flask of adrenaline is also recommended, as this build spends most of its time running, rather than using fast attacking/casting movement skills. Like many projectile builds, the ideal unique flask for this build is Dying Sun Dying Sun, which provides an additional 2 projectiles, offering a large DPS and clearspeed boost. It is generally expensive early in a league, or in hardcore leagues, so it is no recommended as the first gear upgrade to target.

A Divine Life Flask Divine Life Flask with the Seething and Staunching mods is the recommended life flask base. Aside from these flasks, other choices are largely up to personal preference. If you prefer tankiness, Granite Flask Granite Flask and Basalt Flask Basalt Flask are good options, while speedfarmers may want a Silver Flask Silver Flask. In delve, a Quartz Flask Quartz Flask can be useful if you do not have room for Phase Run Phase Run in your gear. Be sure to look for curse immunity and freeze immunity via suffixes on your utility flasks.

Be sure to check out our Flask Crafting Guide to learn everything you need to know about how to set up your non-Unique flasks.

Gear Searches

For several pieces of gear, crafting your own with fossils or essences is easier than searching for well rolled items already. On this build, it is generally recommended that you craft your body armour, helmet, and quiver, if you are not using uniques in those slots. Rings are so versatile for covering resistances that you have leftover that a general search is not useful for them. For other rare items, look below for general searches.

Rare glove search

Rare boot search

Rare Leather belt/Stygian vise Search

Damage+Intelligence amulet

Rare jewel

Abyssal jewel

Note that all these searches can and should be modified to ensure that you are able to reach maximum resistances. Be sure to be on the lookout for open affixes where you can craft defenses + life, offensive mods, or resistances.


As a reminder, we have several guides to help you level up a character.

While notorious for being slow to level, bow builds have gotten plenty of useful items and skill reworks that have turned leveling from a pain to a breeze. Outside of powerful twink gear, the rare Rustic Sash Rustic Sash recipe (a rare Rustic Sash Rustic Sash, any weapon, and a Blacksmith's Whetstone Blacksmith's Whetstone to receive a weapon with % increased physical damage) and Rain of Arrows Rain of Arrows make leveling easy and comfortable throughout the process.

It is generally recommended that you simply follow the level 90 tree for leveling, pathing first to the ranger section of the tree to pick up the powerful bow nodes, as well as point blank. Wait to pick up the impale nodes until you have the first labyrinth completed, when transitioning to pure physical damage becomes worth it. As you are levelling, pick up life nodes as needed, taking them when you find yourself feeling squishy, and taking damage nodes if you find yourself struggling to kill fast enough.

At the start, pick up Split Arrow Split Arrow, and use it with Chance to Bleed Support Chance to Bleed Support and Mirage Archer Support Mirage Archer Support until you reach level 12. From there, use Rain of Arrows Rain of Arrows with the same links and order as Tornado Shot Tornado Shot, replacing Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Greater Multiple Projectiles Support with your choice of Faster Attacks Support Faster Attacks Support and Chance to Bleed Support Chance to Bleed Support, depending on the bow you are using. If you have access to leveling gear, the best options are Quill Rain Quill Rain early on, switching to a rare bow crafted using the Rustic Sash Rustic Sash recipe for a few levels when that drops off, before switching to Death's Harp Death's Harp and then Death's Opus Death's Opus, which is more than enough to carry you to endgame. With Death's Opus Death's Opus it is generally recommended that you switch to Tornado Shot Tornado Shot to take advantage of the additional projectiles.


What map mods do you need to avoid?

The only important map mod to avoid is physical reflect. This build won’t always die in one shot to its own damage, but it is enough to make running them extremely dangerous. No regeneration can be annoying, especially on higher tier maps, but it is doable overall.


    Updated levelling section, fixed passive trees


    Changed section about helmet enchant, updated tree to 3.8


    Build added.

  1. Posts

    Wow, thanks so much for this! I’m playing this build on my very first play through ever, and so far it’s been great. The game is still over whelming with so many elements I haven’t had time to read up on but I’m having fun and progressing well into act 9 without too many issues. In fact, I didn’t even notice the bump in difficulty after act 5 but perhaps I was just lucky with my resist profile or it’s a testament to this build.

    My gear is still pretty average as I don’t think I have a single piece of recommended equipment yet, but it’s not stopping me thus far. I’ve come to realize that it’s largely the skill tree and gems that are new player friendly, the rest are something to aspire to. Although Tornado shot is a level 28 spell I just experimented with available spells up until that point. I relaxed a bit also once I read how difficult 6L stuff is to obtain and ended up just Trading for a 5L chest piece for next to nothing.

    Perhaps the addition of a slightly earlier path tree would also be helpful as I was unsure whether to just branch out evenly from the middle or head off down one of the legs. (I missed the small mana leeching node at the bottom and was wondering why I kept running out of mana with any aura running – oops).

    All obvious and standard stuff once you’ve played for a few hours :)

    Thanks again for the great build.

    P.S The links to the skill tree still seem to point to version 3.7.

  2. Lydia



    Y’know, I could’ve sworn I updated the trees to 3.8 when I made the other changes to the guide, but apparently not! Luckily, the tree didn’t change for this build in 3.8.0, so you don’t need to worry about that. And even without the recommended gear, the build is capable of doing pretty much all content. I did my first shaper with it after completing uber lab at level 70, then did another one ten levels later with a white crude bow, just to see if I could.

    I can put some more detail into the levelling section, because that probably would help, but for now I’d just recommend pathing to the right (most of the best early nodes are in that direction) when you’re starting.

    When it comes to a six link, I personally prefer, if I’m not looking for a specific unique, buying a white six link (usually for 20-30c) and crafting either with alteration orbs (reroll for life, then regal and craft resists) or with fossils. You can generally find a few Pristine Fossils by the time you actually need a six link for the damage, and you can typically hit 100+ life really easily within a few fossils.

    If you have any other questions about the build, feel free to ask. (Here, PMs, or on my twitch page, I’m pretty active)

  3. Posts

    Hi Lydia, thanks for your response.

    I thought the skill tree was different but I see now that that the changes are only ever so slight. The node containing “Forceful Skewering” has been moved further out in 3.8 and simply requires an extra +10 Strength to reach. Sounds important so I’ll grab those next now that I know where they are.


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