Uber Lab Farming Guide (PoE Trial of the Ancestors 3.22)



The Uber Labyrinth

The Uber Labyrinth (technically called the Eternal Labyrinth) is the final labyrinth the player needs to complete in order to gain the final two Ascendancy points, following on from the previous three labyrinths (Normal, Cruel, and Merciless). It is an end-game part of Path of Exile that requires you to have completed the 6 distinct trials found in end-game maps. Similarly to the previous labyrinths, the Uber Lab has regular zones leading to an Aspirant Trial, where you will fight Izaro in one of his three phases. The phases have different encounters, which change daily at midnight (00:00) UTC.

Starting an Uber Lab run costs an Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess (which you can obtain by completing a trial in a map, or by purchasing it from other players). If you die in the the Uber Labyrinth, you have to start all over again, and you are also prevented from teleporting out (this will also cause you to have to restart). Therefore, having a tanky character that can take some extra damage is a good idea.


Since the Labyrinth’s layouts change daily, we recommend using POELAB in order to choose the most efficient route for the day.

Uber Lab Farming

The Uber Labyrinth is a very good way of earning great amounts of currency if you know what you are doing, especially at the start of new challenge leagues. You can make tons of currency simply by rushing the content the first day of the league and start completing the end-game trials as soon as possible. The sooner you are able to enter the Uber Lab, the better.

Treasure Chests

The chests that are opened with the Treasure Keys you have collected along the way can drop a lot of pricey items, such as end-game maps, iLvl 84 Helmets, high quality Gems and more. Death's Door Death's Door is a pair of unique Boots that can strictly drop from these chests and can also be sold for a good amount of currency. When it comes to Treasure Keys, your goal should generally be to pick up as many of them as possible throughout your run. That said, however, if obtaining a Treasure Key takes you too far out of your path, it is better to skip it and just finish the labyrinth.

There are several ways of obtaining Treasure Keys. They can drop from Izaro, Argus, Treasure Chests, or Curious Lockboxes.

Izaro drops one additional Treasure Key depending on the particular encounter. For example, if the encounter is Gargoyles, you will have to leave all three gargoyles alive in order to qualify for an additional Treasure Key drop.

Argus is a mini-boss that can be found somewhere in the regular zones. Killing him should not be a problem if your character is tweaked well, but keep in mind he hits hard and deals tons of Physical damage when enraged.

Treasure Chests and Curious Lockboxes can be found in secret rooms, side areas, after completing puzzles and behind Silver doors (which are opened with Silver Keys).

Helmet Enchants

The Enchantments that the Uber Lab provides (mainly on Helmet, but also Boots) are a great way of making tons of currency.

The recommended strategy is to carry around a high item level (84+) version of every popular Helmet base, such as a Lion Pelt Lion Pelt or a Hubris Circlet Hubris Circlet, or one of the popular unique Helmets, like Starkonja's Head Starkonja's Head and Devoto's Devotion Devoto's Devotion. Then, at the end of the lab, check the enchants and hope you get a good enchant that you can then sell for a lot of currency. Make sure to pick the right base to enchant it on!

Since it is entirely random what enchant you will end up with, most of these attempts will result in worthless items. However, due to the recent changes, you’re going to be able to pick what item it is on so when one of your multiple options in lab is actually a used outcome, it’ll most definitely yield you a lot of currency. Ideally, you should check the meta and the market and carry around an item that is used by the most popular builds, so that it is easiest to sell for a lot if you get a great enchant (also a popular one) on it.

Boosting Other Players

You will be able to boost other players in the Uber Lab for relatively good fees, and you will have a lot of clients too. You can find clients in Trade channels 820 and 50

Choosing a Uber Lab Farming build

Starting an Uber Lab character means you are aiming at earning some currency, which is why choosing a budget-friendly build is ideal. The build should also be good at mitigating Physical damage and should have relatively good mobility. This is why Juggernauts are generally very good at farming Uber Lab. Having good survivability is also important, considering that if you die you are wasting time and Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess.

We recommend having at least 5k Life and being at least level 75 before starting your journey in the Uber Lab.


  • Revisited and updated for Harvest 3.11.

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