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  • 3.5.2 Patch Notes

    3.5.2 Patch Notes

    Latest batch of patch notes is upon us, now covering 3.5.2. Look forward to some Mastermind lore, cheaper Hideout decorations, more minimap icons, bug fixes and more. The update should take place within 2 days. The notes below are not final, but th... Read more

  • Weapons and Shields and Sales, Oh My!

    Weapons and Shields and Sales, Oh My!

    Flaming swords, ghostly shields and amazing effects every place on which the sole of your foot treads. No longer shall you look longingly at other players’ shiny, flashy weapons! As always, this sale excludes items released since the start of... Read more

  • Path of Exile Coming to PS4 in February

    Path of Exile Coming to PS4 in February

    It’s no secret that Path of Exile is about to conquer its second console. With the release of the Xbox One version in August 2017, PlayStation 4 was the next obvious step. Originally announced in November 2018 with a same year release date, th... Read more

  • NeverSink's Itemfilter ver. 6.65

    NeverSink's Itemfilter ver. 6.65

    It seems that NeverSink is well on his way to full recovery after last year’s unfortunate biking mishap. So well, in fact, that he’s even managed to release a new version of his much appreciated Itemfilter, followed by a swift hotfix. T... Read more

  • [Update] 3.5.1b Patch Notes

    [Update] 3.5.1b Patch Notes

    Out with the holidays, in with the long-awaited patch notes! The update should go live by the end of the business week on both PC and Xbox One and features improvements, bug fixes and crash fixes. 3.5.1b brings the end of that incredibly nasty spawn... Read more

  • Some Core Supporter Pack Concept Art

    Some Core Supporter Pack Concept Art

    The Crucible Supporter Pack, the top tier from the new line of Core Supporter Packs, includes a number of physical items, including a “pack of signed Path of Exile prints” – a soulful delight for every fan of the gritty aRPG. Grindi... Read more

  • The Latest Hideout Contest Is Underway

    The Latest Hideout Contest Is Underway

    Grinding Gear Games have hosted numerous Hideout competitions over the last three years, the first being in October 2015. The latest contest teases amazing prizes, some of which – physical. So crack your knuckles and get a-Sims-ing: Prize... Read more

  • Stock up on Wings and Back Аttachments

    Stock up on Wings and Back Аttachments

    It is around this time of year, when people are happily stuffed to burst and have close to zero knowledge of the day of the current day of the week (they keep changing), that interesting little deals start to pop up like mushrooms. Shortly after fin... Read more

  • New Core Supporter Packs

    New Core Supporter Packs

    The new line-up of core Path of Exile Supporter Packs has been teased for a while now, and the wait is finally over. Set at $60, $100, $160, $240 and $480 price points, the new core supporter packs offer an array of rewards of various styles and type... Read more

  • Cast your vote for Path of Exile

    Cast your vote for Path of Exile

    Players can now vote for their favourite nominees in the 2018 Steam Awards. Path of Exile is a finalist in the “Labor of Love” category alongside 4 other titles, namely Grand Theft Auto V, No Man’s Sky, Dota 2 and Stardew Valley.... Read more

  • 3.5.1 Patch Notes

    3.5.1 Patch Notes

    The latest patch, 3.5.1, is now live! New core Supporter Packs; improved Syndicate Mastermind rewards, effects and overall encounter; minor bug fixes. As per Grinding Gear Games, We’ve added five new “Core” Supporter Packs to... Read more

  • Become a Dragon Hunter

    Become a Dragon Hunter

    Prepare your wallets and hearts, exiles, for they shall be plundered. The drop-dead badass Dragon Hunter set has hit the Path of Exile Store shelves, with a pair of matching fiery wings to boot. Combine that with the winged Dragon Hunter pet releas... Read more

  • Gorgeous Betrayal Concept Art Released

    Gorgeous Betrayal Concept Art Released

    Take a peek into Grinding Gear Games’ development process by checking out these amazing bits of concept art featuring Armourmaster Haku holding a fiery bazooka, the Immortal Syndicate’s soulcart and a whole bunch of Supporter Pack-related... Read more