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  • Development Manifesto: Betrayal Edition

    Development Manifesto: Betrayal Edition

    Following a several-league-long tradition, Grinding Gear Games have published a few words regarding the balance changes and various reworks which await players in the latest installment of Path of Exile. Energy Shield Recharge is no longer interr... Read more

  • PS4 Release Delay

    PS4 Release Delay

    Much to the disappointment of PlayStation holders, the Path of Exile December release on PS4 has been pushed two months backward. Grinding Gear Games express their apologies, stating certification issues as the root cause of the delay. With winter... Read more

  • Let's talk about hideouts, baby

    Let's talk about hideouts, baby

    The unified hideouts system, announced last week and expected to go live with the upcoming Betrayal expansion on December 7th, has everyone feeling that good ol’ holiday decorative thirst. Grinding Gear Games have managed to make up a comprehensive... Read more

  • Unified Hideouts in Path of Exile: Betrayal

    Unified Hideouts in Path of Exile: Betrayal

    No longer shall we toil and sweat to create and customize a new hideout at the start of each new league! Noticing a drop in the effort players put into creating and developing their hideouts in Path of Exile with each new league, Grinding Gear Games... Read more

  • Path of Building dev joins GGG team

    Path of Building dev joins GGG team

    Many experienced Exiles depend on an array of community-made tools, be it loot filters, trade sites, guide sites or build planners, to optimize their gameplay. The creator of one such tool, namely Openarl of Path of Building, has just joined the ran... Read more

  • Path of Exile: Betrayal coming to PS4

    Path of Exile: Betrayal coming to PS4

    Presents under the Christmas tree just won’t stop piling up. Not only is Betrayal hitting both PC and Xbox servers on December 7th, PlayStation 4 players will also have the amazing opportunity of joining in on the fun.   Check out the announc... Read more

  • A couple of mystery announcements

    A couple of mystery announcements

    Along with the latest expansion’s reveal and release dates, Grinding Gear Games have alerted us to keep our eyes peeled for two more special announcements. November 5th NZST: Experimental New Feature November 6th NZST: Non-3.5.0 Announcement Th... Read more

  • Expansion reveal and release date announced

    Expansion reveal and release date announced

    Let’s start with the dates themselves: November 14th NZST: Expansion Reveal (November 13th in US/EU); December 8th NZST: Expansion Launch (December 7th in US/EU); Launch day is set a tad later than initially anticipated, but, as explained... Read more

  • Wraeclast meets Cyrodiil

    Wraeclast meets Cyrodiil

    There are many ways to deal with pre-expansion anxiety. Some of us plant small zen gardens, others reorganize their gem collection, and then there are those who make us snort our morning coffee through our noses from laughter. Reddit user dotVillai... Read more

  • Official ExileCon announcement due soon

    Official ExileCon announcement due soon

    The idea of a large-scale, Path of Exile-themed convention was teased earlier this year, with a placeholder date around November 2019. Information regarding ExileCon has since been scarce, but that may be about to change according to Bex, Community D... Read more

  • Winter holidays bring a reworked Ice Spear

    Winter holidays bring a reworked Ice Spear

    Grinding Gear Games tease a reworked Ice Spear in their upcoming 3.5.0 patch for Path of Exile. Starting with a revamped appearance, Ice Spear is soon expected to fire additional projectiles in a sequence (as opposed to firing them all at once) R... Read more

  • 3.4.3f Patch Notes

    3.4.3f Patch Notes

    The latest batch of patch notes has been revealed! The update is expected to go live on October 18th. Grinding Gear Games advise that the 3.4.3f update for the Xbox One version of Path of Exile will be released by the end of the week (October 21st).... Read more

  • Halloween returns to the Wraeclast store

    Halloween returns to the Wraeclast store

    Everyone’s favourite pagan holiday is just around the corner, which makes it pertinent for Wraeclastians young and old to dress the part. The PoE store has been updated to reflect the occasion: Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes and Spider Web Cloak a... Read more

  • Battle of the Breachlords

    Battle of the Breachlords

    GGG decided to have a little fun, and were nice enough to take everyone along for the ride.   The question? Which Breachlord would survive the ultimate Breachlord brawl! Breach, please.   SPOILER: Albeit highest in level and the community pi... Read more

  • 3.4.3e Patch Notes

    3.4.3e Patch Notes

    October 9th brought us the latest batch of patch notes, containing a few minor quality-of-life improvements and a bunch of bug fixes. Added a search box to the Subterranean Chart. You can now search for encounter names, rewards and depth levels.... Read more