Path Of Exile Settlers of Kalguur news and videos


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Hey Exiles,

In this news post we will keep all teasers and news Grinding Gear Games releases right up until league launch, so keep checking back for new information.

reservation effects such as Heralds and Auras, persist through death now.

you can now start Harvest encounters with just a single action.

you’ll no longer need to click waypoints to activate them!

The rarity of the item is no longer relevant when applying quality currencies to non-unique items, instead it is based on their item level.

Item quality on Armour and Weapons are now multiplicative!

Pinnacle and act bosses now have static life bars!

There won’t be atlas passives for the Settlers of Kalguur mechanic this time.

The range you can pickup items in 3.25 has been increased!

Sister Cassia has discovered a new Blight Oil which will allow you to anoint new secret notables!

we’re adding a 6th Map Device slot.

We’re changing the Bandit Quest rewards in Act 2.

Stay sane Exiles