Ghazzy's Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Powers (PoE The Forbidden Sanctum)




The most optimal way to play this build leaves very little choices when it comes to the Ascendancy nodes, which I will cover in this section of the guide.

My Preferred Set-Up

The ascendancy nodes are listed in order of importance (and tied to the way you need to travel to access them).

  1. Mindless Aggression
  2. Commander of Darkness
  3. Mistress of Sacrifice
  4. Bone Barrier

Mindless Aggression

Mindless Aggression is the first node for this build due to the sheer power of not just damage output but also speed.

Commander of Darkness

Commander of Darkness is my personal choice for this build: it makes gearing cheaper & easier to come by thanks to the extra resistances you gain, and it also provides increased attack speed & damage for your minions, as well as increased cast speed for you to be faster at summoning your minions.

Mistress of Sacrifice

Mistress of Sacrifice is a beautiful node: it helps the SRS duration & summoning speed by a LOT, and it also makes it so that the Flesh Offering Flesh Offering you cast affect you as well as them. This makes it faster to both move across the map, increasing your clear speed, but also makes re-summoning your minions less of a nuisance. Or if you’re using Bone Offering Bone Offering, it pushes you to the block cap for better defensive stats.

Bone Barrier

Bone Barrier is a super solid defensive scaling node that helps both our minions as well as ourselves!


As with most summoner builds, you will kill all of the bandits, as they provide no significant gains worthy of losing the skill points for.


As with most builds these comes down to a matter of personal taste. I for one, love adding the upgraded Brine King Major God to avoid being frozsen when upgraded, as I can then completely ignore that risk in maps when I have an army of minions at my command.

I tend to lean towards the Shakari Minor God pantheon to mitigate Chaos Damage, as it is a resistance very few builds bother to even think about.

Main Page / TL;DR


  • Build is now updated for 3.16 Scourge League!

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