High Budget Storm Brand Inquisitor Build Guide (PoE The Forbidden Sanctum 3.20)




Due to the latest balancing changes, we do not recommend playing this build anymore, as it does not meet the high standards we apply to our guides in terms of fun and performance. We are leaving it up as a reference and it might be revived in a later patch.

Build Assessment


+ Very Fast, Very Powerful, Feels amazing to player

+ Multiple layers of defense including Freezing and Chilling everything we hit

+ Mageblood Mageblood Feels amazing to use



Need to be high level and is definitely not a league starter in this iteration

Mageblood Mageblood

Path of Building

We use the Path of Building Community Fork for all of our builds, which is highly recommended. If you are encountering errors importing the build, please ensure you are using the Community Fork.

Playstyle and Build Mechanics

In this version of Storm Brand Inquisitor we use many different mechanics mainly based around converting our damage to get the most out of our Body Armour and Weapon. To do that we have the Explicit mod on our Body Armour that gives us up to 20% of Elemental damage as Extra Chaos and the Explicit mod on our Weapon that makes our Elemental Damage deal Triple Damage. We use Call of the Brotherhood Call of the Brotherhood to convert 40% of our Lightning Damage to Cold Damage which means we basically get an additional up to 20% of that 40% on top of up to 20% of the 100% damage as extra chaos (This is called Double dipping and is Extremely powerful) Our Weapon The Annihilating Light The Annihilating Light does have a huge disadvantage but that is where the Mageblood Mageblood comes in to let us use completely broken flasks and always have them active! The most expensive part of this build is the Mageblood Mageblood by far but it really is integral to the setup we have. If you don’t have a Mageblood Mageblood then you need to have a belt with as much Resistance on it as possible and life (a Stygian Vise Stygian Vise and an abyss jewel with Resistance and life as well and then you can quality it with Resistance Catalysts).

The playstyle is pretty simple, Drop your Storm Brands and blow stuff up! Unlike some Brand builds we do not use brand recall if we need more brands we just drop them on the enemies and watch the magic happen! For Bosses make sure to keep your Brands up on them and dodge the attacks that you can. If you have never used a Mageblood Mageblood before the sheer utility it brings is amazing as we can roll our flasks with increased effect and reduced duration and we never have to worry about the reuced duration due to our Mageblood Mageblood.

Passive Skill Tree and Gem Links

“This is our recommended Passive Skill Tree.Path Of Building

For more in-depth information on the ordering of skills and details and tricks about the tree be sure to check out our Path of Building

Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon

Our Ascendancy Page goes into detail about all the choices you need to make in these regards.


Gear Summary / TLDR

This is a High to Extreme Version Variant of the Storm Brand Inquisitor to help you push out the highest DPS and defensives possible! So this gear will be expensive!
Our recommendation:

Item Slot Item Name
Head Rare Blizzard Crown Blizzard Crown with Specific Influenced Mods
Amulet Rare +2 amulet with Wrath Reservation
Chest Incandescent Heart Incandescent Heart
Gloves Rare Gloves with Influenced Mods
Boots Rare Fugitive Boots Fugitive Boots with Tailwind, Onslaught and Elusive
Belt Mageblood Mageblood
Ring 1 Call of the Brotherhood Call of the Brotherhood
Ring 2 Amethyst Ring Amethyst Ring with specific mods
Weapon The Annihilating Light The Annihilating Light

Gear, Jewels, Flasks


Which Anointment Should I Use?

Anointments grant the player a high degree of personal choice, so if you find yourself struggling any facet of gameplay in particular you can and should re-evaluate potential options to solve your issue(s). The freedom to take any notable on the tree is a powerful tool that you can utilize in a variety of effective methods. Here are some of our default recommendations:

We need the extra Increased Mana Reservation Effiency that Charisma provides so it is the only one we can really use.

In Conclusion

This is the one of our first guides tailored towards those that have made a ton of currency in the current league and want to try something that can be considered overpowered as such it is Expensive! We wish you luck and fun while playing it and many divine orb drops!


  • Updated to 3.20 PoE The Forbidden Sanctum

  • Updated to 3.19

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