Molten Strike Pathinder Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23)




This build is inspired heavily by the work Kunagi put into his Molten Strike Pathfinder in 3.22. A few things have changed due to Wildwood, a few things have changed due to our preferences, but the original idea is his and his work has heavily influenced where this ended up.

This is the closest I have gotten to that good old tanky Molten Strike feeling of the good old days. Poison builds are very strong these days, and molten strike really synergises with poison due to the sheer projectile vomiting the skill is capable of. Previously we have been forced to use a Pneumatic Dagger Pneumatic Dagger in order to gain the ability to poison, but WildWood brought us Tinctures and tinctures provides us access to this mod.

Build Overview

Brief overview of the builds strengths, and its failings. This is to help you quickly assess wether this is for you, or not.


+ Bosser This build scales to kill pretty much anything. It’s also tanky enough to permit you to make a few mistakes.

+ Laid Back This build has a pretty laid back playstyle and does not require five hundred button presses.


Visual Clarity There are balls everywhere. You will not see the ground around or beneath your character. This makes ground effects more dangerous.

Damage is Capped Due to being poison, we are capped at 35 million damage. We also have pretty mediocre damage early on, but as we invest more we will eventually reach this cap.


The playstyle of this build is exceedingly simple. You whirling blades through the map, you dive into packs, you molten strike and the pack explodes. Rinse and repeat.
On single targets, you wack them with your claw, throw balls everywhere and move out of the most telegraphed attacks. But to a pretty shocking extent, you can simply plant your feet and poison things to death. Occasionally you refresh your blessing aura, and occasionally you press berserk when you need to. That’s it.

Damage Scaling and Defensive Layers

Damage scaling wise things are not so complicated. We make use of a Tincture to permit any and all damage to poison. We then get high elemental damage modifiers on our claw, through anger and scale DoT damage to get more poison damage.
Attack speed nearly exponentially scales the previously mentioned values, and things get poisoned to high heaven.
Due to our rather high volume of poisons applied, we make use of a charm mod through That Which Was Taken That Which Was Taken to make our poisons last long wich gives us very solid ramp of damage.

I will attempt to keep this explanation as brief as I can.
The build utilises a number of various layers that interact in ways that are not always obvious, and seemingly break some of PoE’s core defensive rules (we reduce our own maximum elemental resistances, for instance).
First of all, we are a Transcendance build. This means we cut our maximum elemental resistances by -15, but our Armour now applies to our elemental damage taken.
Secondly, we make use of Eternal Damnation, to further reduce our maximum elemental resistances by -5. The upside here being that half of our chaos resistance will apply to elemental damage taken in addition to its normal effects.
To round this out, we convert 100% of the physical damage we take into elemental damage. So all physical damage is checked against elemental damage instead. Elemental damage is checked against our resistances, our armour and half of our chaos resistance. This is a bit convoluted, but overall the defensive package here is really, really strong.


You can find the builds PoB here:

Please do read the other pages of this guide, as there are quite a few things to consider for most items in it.

Information regarding Wildwood, regular ascendancy and so on can be found on the respective pages where that information belongs.

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