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Path of Exile’s latest patch, Scourge League (3.16) goes live on October 22 at on PC and October 27 on consoles. This latest league introduces an all-new device used to upgrade items, the Blood Crucible, offering players the opportunity to “Scourge” their items and maps to roll for powerful modifiers. This device, when filled with the blood of slain enemies, can be activated to shift the Exile into the Nightmare, an apocalyptical world of deadly enemies known as the Scourge. Inside the Nightmare, items placed in the Blood Crucible will gain experience, referred to as Corruption, and can be transformed to gain new beneficial and detrimental modifiers.

As expected, Patch 3.16 also brings many significant changes to systems, including a rework of the Atlas Passive Skill Tree. Additionally, in an effort to streamline endgame progression, the Atlas has also been restructured to remove many regions and maps and relocate the items previously found within.

We’ve put together our Path of Exile Scourge League Guide & Hub featuring an overview of the patch’s most important features and changes.

We’ll be updating the hub as more information becomes available. Be sure to also keep an eye on our Path of Exile build guides as new and popular builds are updated to take advantage of the newest gear, skill tree changes, gems and more.

Check out the PoE Vault Scourge League Patch 3.16 Guide!

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