CasualDan's Arakaali's Fang Occultist Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23)




Following the recent minion “rework” that took place in the previous leagues, a lot of minion players find themselves wondering how to fix the plethora of issues that are currently plaguing minions in terms of damage and survivability. Now, what if we can circumvent those issues by using two of the best mechanics in the game right now, poison damage and minion invincibility?

The Arakaali's Fang Arakaali's Fang Occultist is a fast build that is pushing anywhere from 10 up to 20 million Poison DPS on the Aegis Aurora Aegis Aurora version. Crit immune, shock immune, 200% movement speed, Profane Bloom explosions, and a 40k to 450k ehp, on pretty much full unique gear with the exception of 2 rare rings and a few clusters, this build is a jack of all trades.

In the hands of a new player, this build pretty much obliterates all non-uber content, and tanks all sorts of attacks like Sirus Beams and Maven Cascades of Pain, and in the hands of a more experienced player, it can even do Uber Bosses.

For the 3.23 Affliction, this build has received a small damage nerf, but we are still strong. Endgame Bosses are gonna take a little bit more time to take down, but besides that, the build will feel the same.

Below there is a video guide made for Youtube for 3.21 Crucible:



✔️ Great mobility with Phase Run and Flame Dash.

✔️ Amazing Poison DPS anywhere from 10 up to 20 Million

✔️ Amazing Clearspeed thanks to Profane Bloom Explosions

✔️ Great defences for Softcore and non Uber Bosses


❌ Not a League Starter. This build is quite expensive if you want to max it out at 20 Million DPS. However, it can definitely be done as a second build as long as you’re able to play a few hours (1-3) per day and generate 1-3 Divines per hour.

❌ Not for Everyone. This is a minion build after all. Although I’ve seen some players who don’t go for minions enjoy this build, I’m pretty sure that if you really dislike minions, you’re probably not gonna like this one as well.

❌ Limited Uber Viability. Since the build is using mostly unique gear, it’s quite hard to cap Spell Suppression. Some of the Bigger attacks from Uber Bosses will usually be 1-2 shots.

How Does it Play?

While mapping this build is a tanky walking simulator. Cast a Desecrate, wait for the Skitterbots to burn a few enemies, and you summon the spiders which are gonna take care of everything.

You still need to know how to summon the Spiders, because they will despawn from time to time just as you reach the map boss, or if you plan on bossing, you’re gonna have to know how to summon the spiders, but that will be explained in detail later. After your spiders are summoned, if you feel that you need a bit more damage, cast the occasional Convocation.

Damage and Defensive Scaling

Damage Scaling

To scale damage you’re mostly looking for minion clusters and you’re gonna be speccing into quite a lot of the minion damage nodes on the Tree.

Besides that, you’re gonna need an Amanamu's Gaze Amanamu's Gaze and using 5 Ghastly Eye Jewels you’re gonna scale the poison damage of your minions.

For the Ghastly Eye Jewels you’re mostly looking for a few stats:
  • Total to all Elemental Resistances
  • Minions deal Physical Damage
  • Minions deal Chaos Damage
  • Minions deal 20% increased damage if you have used a minion skill recently

Defensive Scaling

  • Shock Immunity
  • Crit Immunity
  • Block and Spell Block Cap with Glancing Blows
  • Energy Shield recovery on block thanks to the Aegis Aurora
  • 81 86 81 76 resistances
  • 4 Endurance Charges
  • 45-50k armor
  • 4.5-5k automated Molten Shell.

All of that neatly packaged in a Full Unique set–up, that can easily be improved by more experienced players with a lot of currency.

PoB Imports

The current PoBs for this build are always available here:

PoB Links

For help with this build go to our discord and ask for help there. and one of our moderators will help you ASAP: Discord

Make sure you are using the latest version of PoB Community Fork

Leaguestart viable?

Sadly, this build is almost never going to be a league starter because the Arakaali’s Fang is quite expensive, so you’re gonna have to run whatever Witch build you want until you farm the needed currency to transition into this build.
For the Acts, I usually run a Witch Necromancer and I use the Infernal Legion Skitterbots and Infernal Legion Summon Skeletons with Minion Instability allocated on the Passive Skill Tree, so I pretty much just blow my way up until Act 10.
After that, I transition into a Minion Army Necromancer which is basically using all sorts of minions until I manage to farm up all the currency that I need for this build. You can find my League Starter >>>Here<<<

For more details, check the Leveling section below.

This build will not function as a league Starter. You need at least 10 Divines to be able to assemble a serviceable version. After you get around 10 Divines, start with this 2.8 – 5.4 mil version, and as you start making more and more currency, start upgrading the build as much as you can, and you’re probably gonna reach around 10 – 20 Million DPS (check the 4 PoBs in the PoB section).

PoB Links

Ascend, Bandits, and Pantheon

A full explanation of bandit, pantheon and ascend choices can be found here:



You’re gonna start off on the Twilight Strand as a Witch. After you defeat Hillock you’re gonna get to Lioneye’s Watch. Complete a few Quests and after you defeat Brutus, you’re gonna get Summon Skeletons Summon Skeletons as a reward. Link it to Infernal Legion Support Infernal Legion Support which will be available at Nessa at the same time, just after you defeat Brutus.

On your Passive Skill tree, you’re gonna go straight for the Minion Instability Keystone and you’re pretty much ready to blow up your up until act 10.

Once you defeat Fidelitas in Act 2, you’re gonna be able to buy Summon Skitterbots Summon Skitterbots from Nessa which will be your second Infernal Legion Support Infernal Legion Support set-up. Now you’re pretty much an Autobomber with the Infernal Legion Support Infernal Legion Support Summon Skitterbots Summon Skitterbots , but the DPS is not gonna be enough for Rares and Bosses, so you’re gonna have to spam your Summon Skeletons Summon Skeletons when you encounter tough enemies.

Our third Minion set-up is gonna be a Summon Raging Spirit Summon Raging Spirit which is gonna be link to Summon Phantasm Support Summon Phantasm Support and Minion Damage Support Minion Damage Support

If you wanna go overboard (I usually do), add some Raise Zombie Raise Zombie and a Summon Carrion Golem Summon Carrion Golem, and you’re gonna have a huge army of minions to carry you through the Acts.

Try to fit in a Flame Dash Flame Dash and a Phase Run Phase Run and remember to use your Quicksilver Flask Quicksilver Flask to move faster through the Campaign.

If you happen to have some extra sockets, add a Minion Life Support Minion Life Support and Feeding Frenzy Support Feeding Frenzy Support on the Raise Zombie Raise Zombie or just a Feeding Frenzy Support Feeding Frenzy Support on the Summon Carrion Golem Summon Carrion Golem

Add a Flammability Flammability for really nice extra damage. Good to have vs dangerous rares and act Bosses.

And with this set-up you’re gonna be ok until Act 10, and if need be, all the way until tier 5 maps.

You can also follow my Minion Army League starter guide which you can find here

Since the Passive Skill Tree is mostly the same, with just an Ascendancy change and some currency, you’re gonna be able to transition into my Arakaali's Fang Arakaali's Fang Occultist without any issues. This is what I’ve done for the past leagues.


  • Updated for Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

  • Updated for Crucible 3.21

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)