Big Dark Pact Totems Hierophant Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Powers



Scourge League

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Ascendancy (Templar – Hierophant)

Pursuit of Faith

As your first node while leveling, this comes in at the perfect time. Right about now is where you’d like that extra Totem to get some extra Boss DPS and Clear Speed on top of some useful Duration! The 100% Increased Totem Placement Speed is also a really nice Quality of Life addition to leveling with Totems.

Ritual of Awakening

This node now gets you 5% More Damage per Summoned Totem which is a really big more multiplier. Getting +- 25% more damage on an ascendancy that also provides you with a reasonably big chunk of Mana Regeneration and some Energy Shield Regen is fairly nice!

Divine Guidance

This node grants you a little bit of Damage through Transfiguration of Mind, which makes increases and reductions to maximum Mana apply to Spell Damage, at a lesser effectiveness; it is mainly chosen for the 10% extra Damage taken as Mana before Life.

Sanctuary of Thought

Sanctuary of Thought is the notable that makes us use Energy Shield so effectively! It is a huge chunk of Energy Shield to provide a baseline for Zealot’s Oath to be effective. Additionally, getting another +/- 25% Increased Area of Effect here is definitely really nice for some extra smooth clear!


The choice is really up to you here. Both Alira and Eramir (kill all) are very solid picks. Alira provides you with 15% Crit Multiplier, a solid chunk of Mana Regen and some Resistances. Generally, that helps you gear up a decent amount and is fairly hard to beat. However, if you have some spare currency to up the quality of your gear a notch, Eramir does outscale Alira’s 15% Crit Multi by getting you 2 extra Skill Points.


Major Gods

Soul of Lunaris is probably your best pick. No one has ever said no to some extra Physical Damage Reduction! This is especially true with the Coward's Legacy Coward's Legacy shenanigans.

Minor Gods

I would recommend Soul of Yugul here as it caps out your curse immunity when upgraded.

Upgrading your Pantheons

Whilst upgrading your Pantheons never hurts you, it’s not that important for this character. If you have nothing else to do at some point, sure, why not, but it shouldn’t be something you focus on or spend a lot of time on.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using Divine Vessel Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the Divine Vessel Divine Vessel, which’ll be filled up in the map device, to Sin in Oriath.

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