PoeVault's Boneshatter Juggernaut Build Guide (PoE Necropolis 3.24)




This guide will take you through the steps to Bonk everything and anything you come across. Boneshatter is not the fastest build, but it is sturdy and it smacks things with its big stick.
It is one of the very few viable “true melee” builds left in the game, and Juggernaut is a natural fit for Boneshatter as Juggernaut becomes a very tanky boy making use of Boneshatter’s innate infinite scaling.

There are also Slayer versions of Boneshatter that will deal more damage. However, I prefer to not die, even if it takes me a bit longer to bonk the thing I am bonking to death.

Build Assessment


  • Very Sturdy
  • Very Simple
  • Genuinely difficult to mess up


  • Plays at true melee range which can feel a bit clunky
  • Actually has to do mechanics
  • Can struggle a bit to get its damage going

Playstyle and Build Mechanics

Boneshatter Boneshatter has built-in near-infinite scaling of damage, provided we have enough attack speed. This does however comes at the cost of us hitting ourselves increasingly hard as we build more stacks of Trauma. We can sustain this punishment as we abuse the innate tankiness provided by our Ascendancy to out-regen the damage we are doing to ourselves through the Ascendancy node Untiring. The harder we hit ourselves, the more we regen.
Other than that, we stack some impale chance, grab a fair bit of armour, and go to town.
We further abuse the self-harm inflicted on ourselves through the node _ Inorexible _ to build endurance charges and keep them up permanently.

Passive Skill Tree

All our guides use Path of Building.
We have a simple guide for you that shows how to import the build into Path of Building, you can find the guide here(Path of Building Guide)”:https://www.poe-vault.com/guides/path-of-building

Path of Building

Find our recommended tree from the comfort of Path of Building, available here: https://pobb.in/WQ5JVIslxrsB

We use the Path of Building Community Fork for all of our builds, which is highly recommended. If you are encountering errors importing the build, please ensure you are using the Community Fork.


We cannot start out our Journey with Boneshatter Boneshatter due to its level requirement. So on our way there, we will instead bonk things with Ground Slam Ground Slam followed up by Sunder Sunder and then swapping to Boneshatter Boneshatter once we do our first Labyrinth for the Ascendancy point.
From than onwards we will be wacking things in the face with our big stick.

Ground Slam / Sunder

Ground Slam Ground Slam
Added Fire Damage Support Added Fire Damage Support
Chance to Bleed Support Chance to Bleed Support

Upon reaching Merveil’s Cavern you will swap Ground Slam Ground Slam for Sunder Sunder


War Banner War Banner
Vitality Vitality
Herald of Purity Herald of Purity
Determination Determination

You fill these in as they become available to you. Try to not over level Vitality Vitality too much early on


Leap Slam Leap Slam
Faster Attacks Support Faster Attacks Support

Totem Support

Ancestral Protector Ancestral Protector
Ancestral Warchief Ancestral Warchief
Multiple Totems Support Multiple Totems Support

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