GhazzyTV's Minion Claw crafting guide




In this guide, we will help walk you through how to craft the very effective main hand weapon for the Dominating Blow build.
This is an incredibly cheap, and incredibly efficient upgrade for the build and will make your time playing it much more enjoyable.

Base item

The first step in this process will be to purchase a Gemini Claw of item level 77 or higher, with a fractured attack speed of the highest possible roll, 27.

Fear Essence

Base item acquired, we now purchase a pile of Deafening Essence of Fear Deafening Essence of Fear. These are going to be one of our main crafting tools for the claw, as they guarantee a high roll of “#% increased minion damage”. If you want your item to be close to perfect, you will have to hit it with essences until it rolls the maximum roll here, which is 94.

Benchblock suffix

The next step is to craft any suffix onto the claw. The object of this is to make sure we have one suffix that we can reliably remove at will, and it will prevent all the suffixes from filling which will block our meta mod later. The crafted suffix can ofc be replaced by metamod, which is the entire point here.

Exalt spam

We now fill all the prefixes by exalting the claw until they are all filled.


We now change the previously whatever crafted suffix, to “Prefixes cannot be changed”

Veiled Chaos, Bench block & Unveil

We now apply a veiled chaos orb to the item. This will reroll the item entirely (except for prefixes, as they are guarded by metamod) and give us an unveil.
Do not unveil it, yet.
Bench-block charge mods. What this means is craft any of the “damage per X charge” modifiers, to block all of the other modifiers of the same category.
With them blocked, we now unveil our item and pray for “minions have #% increased attack and cast speed”

This is the annoying part of the process because there is a chance you fail and get the wrong veiled mod here.
If that happens, we have to go back to the top and repeat the entire process until we have the result we wanted.

Trigger craft

If everything went according to plan previously, we now finish up the item by crafting the trigger.

And that is it! If you have followed every step in this guide correctly, you should have a very nice Claw to punch things very fast with.

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