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All My Build Guides

This section lists all my build guides on PoE Vault, making it easier for you to find my content on the site.

These guides are listed in tiers based on how comfortable they are to League start with, some of these builds may require uniques like Death's Oath Death's Oath, but they are usually readily available during League launches, as well as being playable without having to completely respec your character once you acquire the necessary unique items.

The ranking within the tiers themselves is subjective, and generally builds within the same tier will have similar powerlevels at equal investment. If your favourite build isn’t in S or A tier it doesn’t mean the build is incapable of doing end game content, it may just require more investment.

Tier Ascendancy Build Link Comments/Notes
S Necromancer Absolution Sentinels One of the best boss killing summoner build around
S Necromancer Mage Skeleton Super easy introduction to playing as a summoner with insane damage capabilities on both low, medium & high budget versions
S Necromancer Dark Pact A personal favorite being an absolute monster at league starts with crazy high budget potential
S Slayer Explosive Arrow Ballistas Super consistent league starter requiring only a quill rain and rare gear for the majority of content
A Necromancer Animate Weapon A personal favorite for the nostalgic Diablo 2 feeling
A Necromancer Holy Relic Necromancer One of the faster minion builds that allows for an active playstyle while being able to facetank on the top end
A Occultist Chains Of Command Animate Weapon Consistent all round build with high boss dmg potential and satisfying clear
A Necromancer Physical Golem Physical Carrion / Stone Golem Build, extremely good on both low & high budget
A Occultist Cold Snap Vortex DoT CI introduction friendly mega-tanky end-game bosser, allowing for a lot of room for mistakes
A Assassin Blade Blast Bladefall Poison One of the most popular league starter builds of late, handles hardest end-game on SSF gear with ease
B Necromancer Summon Raging Spirits The classic SRS build fine-tuned to perfection in terms of league starter budget to an end-game machine
B Occultist Death’s Oath Death’s Oath Unique body armor for a juicy Righteous Fire like play-style doing chaos damage instead of fire
B Necromancer Dominating Blow Lovely league start build with high end-game capabilities
B Hierophant Ice Spear Freezing Pulse Totem Super solid league starter build with crazy end-game capabilities
B Necromancer Pure Spectre Summoner Probably the best minion build of all time if you ask me
B Hierophant Forbidden Rite Totems Solid league starter with more reasonable damage output as of the totem HP nerfs that came in 3.16 patch notes
B Necromancer Soulwrest The niche Phantasmal minion build taken to the highest end-game with proper speed while keeping the budget down
C Saboteur Eye of Winter Miner Crazy league starter with absurd boss killing capabilities with almost no gear or currency invested
C Occultist Chaos DoT One of the most commonly known league-starter build guides in the entire game!
D Necromancer Lich Queen Skelly/Spectre The original Spectre / Skeleton build designed for league starting with crazy end-game capabilities

I am constantly trying out new builds & ideas, this list will expand for as long as I’m playing the game.

Ghazzy’s Crafting & Gear Guides

This page lists all of Ghazzy’s crafting guides on PoE Vault. Links to guides will be added as more of them are published.

Crafting in Path of Exile can be extremely complex and rather daunting for new players, and the video below will outline the most basic information you’ll need before diving in to the midst of crafting specific items.

Generic Basic Crafting Processes:

Item Specifics
Shield High Life or ES + ES or Life on block
Helmet High ES
Boots Movement speed + Life or ES
Body Armor High Life or ES
Physical Weapon High pDPS
Flasks Utility
Wand Generic +2 Minion Wand

Advanced Specific Crafting Processes:

Item Specifics
Cluster Jewels Meta Minion Cluster Jewels
Convoking Wand +2 Meta Minion Wand
Boots +2 Spectre Boots
Helmet Meta Minion Helmet
Gloves Minion Damage (Searing Exarch) + Dex
Ring Meta Minion Damage Ring
Helmet Medium Budget Minion Helmet

Gearing guides

Animate Guardian Gearing Animate Guardian Gearing Guide

Endgame & Profit strategies:

Guide Specifics
Atlas Tree Strategies A compendium of easy to run Atlas strategies for a stress free endgame experience
Guardian Farm Strategy A simple profit making strategy involving Shaper & Elder Guardians
Alva Temples Profit Making Running Alva and selling or running temples yourselves can be extremely profitable
Harvest Profit Strategy A step by step on making the most out of your Harvests, and the functions of every seed.

There are more guides to come, so feel free to comment down below if you’d like something specific added to this list and I’ll put it on my to-do-list!

Other guides

3.13 Ritual League Mechanic Guide

This page will be updated as further guides are created.


  • Added SRS Necromancer build.

  • Added Blade Blast Bladefall Assassin build to the list.

  1. GhazzyTV


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    If you want any specific guide, feel free to hit me up here in the comments!

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    @GhazzyTV hey ghazzy! have you an zombie ( zoo) build avariable for 3.16 ?

  3. GhazzyTV




    I do not, no. Currently waiting for the skill-tree to be updated so I can update all my guides and make more on stream! :)

  4. Posts

    How do you get 10 skeletons?

    You get 7 from a lvl 24 gem, 1 from death attunement and 1 from lord of the dead. Im probably blind but I am missing it? I think you meant to have a +1 int amulet equipped?

  5. GhazzyTV




    Lich Queen build reaches 9. Whilst the Dark Pact build reaches 10. It depends on gearing & skill-tree passives.

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    Maybe you’ll get a laugh out of this but I’m hoping you can provide some advice, maybe a build guide, though this is kinda specific and doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d want to expend that much effort on. I’ve never been good at builds though so the more detailed the advice, the better.

    Just bought some cosmetics during the sale and wanted to get back into the game after a long hiatus but was quickly reminded just how bad my build is. I love the game, but I suck at it. I’m pretty sure I finished the campaign but didn’t progress into endgame and couldn’t finish the labyrinths, and I think the remaining campaign missions available to me now are master introductions from the revamp. Anyway, I LOVE SUMMONERS and PoE does it so well, but in my obsession I’ve leaned too hard into the gimmick. I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons I’m getting one-shot consistently is, perhaps, just maybe, due to dual-wielding Midnight Bargains, but that can’t be the only thing that could use improvement.

    I’m not looking for an impressive build, I’m just looking for something cheap and passable for a casual player, and focused entirely on having as many beefy, sustainable minions as possible for that armchair general, walking simulator feel. By sustainable, I mean by way of example that I’m considering removing spectres, animate guardian and animate weapons because they require source materials, where by comparison most others can just be summoned, including zombies with Aukuna’s Will. I still want as large and varied a horde as possible, but I’ve never focused on survivability or how to balance those two demands.

    I’ve only ever played on standard, but if I can get a handle on this maybe I’ll work up enough courage to try leagues at some point.

  7. GhazzyTV




    Interesting that you’re asking for this as the new build I’ll be working on live on stream tomorrow (live at 19:00 CET) will more or less be the closest I can think for your request. It is planned to be a strength stacking Zombiemancer utilizing Baron for the leech that the zombies provide you as a player offering easy access to high survivability/tankiness and I will be looking in to ramping up the end-game damage for the build to make it a feasible option to play in the game.

    Problem of course is that most builds will maintain a lack of damage and/or defense with lower budget styles which is normally solved with more invested currency in to the build. Other than that I could only suggest looking at either the Mage Skelly build which requires summoning new skellies often or the well-rounded physical golem build which barely requires you to click anything in the end.

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    Saving a prime sub for you by way of tip if I can make it to the stream!

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    Ghazzy, hope you are doing well! Were you still working on a Dancing Dervish guide or did you give up on it? Curious to see your take; I know you said you were collabing with Bella on it, wanted to see what you guys had in mind. Thanks for your hard work my man, appreciate it.

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    1 Absolution Arch version without chill dmg gloves, ur opinion about ideas in build?

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    Hey Ghazzy,

    I need some help if you or your Mod minions have a moment. I want to learn more about Offerings.
    In my current Skellie Mage build I am using a 4 Link Spellsinger with all three offerings with the belt Leash of Obulation

    I am wondering if you have ever heard of this combo before. I kinda like it but am wondering ig I am missing out on some dps by using it. My current build is using it. It is fun and I am now dieing less but I am new to endgame and dont want to gimp myself

  12. Shrooms



    @SkellieznSkullz its not a bad combo at all, if you’re fine with the extra buttons to click and can handle the sockets its okay but its definitely worth looking into what you give up to make it work properly, sorry for the late response I don’t seem to have notifications for this but I’ll make sure to respond to future questions :)

    Hopefully that answered that, if you have anything else don’t hesitate to ask!

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    Im looking into doing EA as starter build and try to scale it, but i can’t seem to find the high budget version POB link.
    Can someone help me ?

  14. GhazzyTV




    The PoBs in the EA Ballista guide is made by Tenkiei who we’ve made the written guide for, I’m afraid that the PoBs in that guide is the PoB’s that we have for the time being.

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    Evening, How about looking at a Dark Delve Build in the near future

    Thanks in advance

  16. GhazzyTV




    Personally not a big fan of Delving but I’ll ship the idea of to Shroomy see if we can make something happen but no promises on that one!

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    Hello, haven’t played past level 15 since the war of the atlas season. I’m looking to make a golem witch build because I like summons, but skellies are too “mainstream”. I was directed to you from Reddit and was wondering if you had an Elementalist version? or just the necro version? thank you!

  18. Shrooms



    @Fallen_Gaara We only have a Necromancer variant up currently, Necromancer tends to allow for more defences which makes it generally better for that particular build.

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