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This section lists all my build guides on PoE Vault, making it easier for you to find my content on the site.

Ascendancy Build Link Comments/Notes
Necromancer Dark Pact A personal favorite being an absolute monster at league starts with crazy high budget potential
Guardian Dominating Blow Lovely league start build with high end-game capabilities
Necromancer Animate Weapon A personal favorite for the nostalgic Diablo 2 feeling
Necromancer Lich Queen Skelly/Spectre The original Spectre / Skeleton build designed for league starting with crazy end-game capabilities
Necromancer Soulwrest The niche Phantasmal minion build taken to the highest end-game with proper speed while keeping the budget down
Occultist Cold Snap Vortex DoT CI introduction friendly mega-tanky end-game bosser, allowing for a lot of room for mistakes
Assassin Blade Blast Bladefall Poison One of the most popular league starter builds of late, handles hardest end-game on SSF gear with ease
Necromancer Summon Raging Spirits The classic SRS build fine-tuned to perfection in terms of league starter budget to an end-game machine
Occultist Coldslinger Cold DoT League starter & HC friendly fast Cold DoT spellslinging build
Trickster Chaos DoT One of the most commonly known league-starter build guides in the entire game!
Necromancer Pure Spectre Summoner Probably the best minion build of all time if you ask me
Elementalist / Necromancer Cold Convert Golems Cold conversion Golementalist with a high budget aurastacking Golemancer version included
Elementalist Flame Wall Spellslinger Spellslinger build focusing on ignites via Flame Wall
Occultist Death’s Oath Death’s Oath Unique body armor for a juicy Righteous Fire like play-style doing chaos damage instead of fire
Hierophant Ice Spear Freezing Pulse Totem Super solid league starter build with crazy end-game capabilities

Other Guides

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3.13 Ritual League

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  • Added SRS Necromancer build.

  • Added Blade Blast Bladefall Assassin build to the list.

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