GhazzyTV's Herald of Purity Guardian Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23)




The Herald of Purity Guardian build spawned originally from CaptainLance9 which we’ve collaborated with to fine-tune and optimize to the excellent display of power you’ll find in this guide.

Below, you can see the build in action from my YouTube guide. Do note that the video might be outdated in terms of information, you should always look at this guide to make sure you have the updated information.

Build Overview

In this section, I will outline the pros, cons, and general playstyle. This will allow you to determine if this is the right build is for you!


+ League Starter – The build brings one of the most comfortable league-starter experiences you’ll ever see with high efficiency even without the end-game unique items.

+ Bosser – The damage output this build can achieve even in low budget is very high.

+ Unique Play Style – The way you summon your Sentinel of Purity is via killing-blows or by hitting rare or unique enemies, we achieve this with Ball Lightning Ball Lightning combined with Unleash Support Unleash Support to hit enemies a LOT allowing the summoning process of your minions to be consistent.


Unique Play Style – Due to the nature of this build’s playstyle, it is a build that not everyone will find enjoyable. I strongly recommend watching the gameplay video before starting this build.

Utula’s Hunger – During the campaign you’ll want to have life modifiers on all your gear pieces, this entirely changes when you get your hands on the unique body armor Utula's Hunger Utula's Hunger which will carry all your life. This transition can look a bit daunting at first so make sure you read the guide as it’s very easy if you know what you’re doing!


The playstyle is based creating initial killing blows and/or hitting unique or rare enemies with Ball Lightning Ball Lightning to trigger the summoning process of Herald of Purity Herald of Purity. This is assisted by the Guardians Sentinel of Radiance ascendancy minion and our utility minions. It’s a very unique play-style bringing tons of damage output and smooth clearing. You can always assist your initial killing blows with the help of a The Writhing Jar The Writhing Jar flask, though, it should not be needed till the higher budget version.

Damage Scaling And Defensive Layers

Our minions will do all the heavy lifting in terms of damage scaling whilst our defenses are ramped up via the 100% taunting Guardian Sentinel of Radiance ascendancy minion. Outside of this we are looking at a decent life regen combined with capped block chance for both attacks and spells. It is by no means a giga tank build, it does however bring enough defensive scaling to easily manage end-game pinnacle bosses in the low budget version.

PoB And Passive Skill Tree

All my guides use Path of Building. We have a simple guide for you that shows how to import my build into Path of Building, you can find the guide here

Below you’ll find a couple of different PoB links, it is strongly recommended to start with the low budget PoB, it includes leveling sections throughout the acts as well as skill-point progression.

Here’s the low budget Herald of Purity PoB:
Here’s the medium budget PoB:

You can find more information on our dedicated page, along with all the recommended gem links.

HoP Passive SKill Tree & Gem Links

Affliction Ascendancy

The recommendation is to start with the Warden of the Maji in which we more or less only have use of 1 of the nodes which is Oath of the Maji allowing us to avoid putting gems in our boots for a significant increase in speed as we clear the campaign and early maps.
After this we don’t care for the other nodes but we do want to keep our eyes open for proper Charms that will allow us to move over to the Wildwood Primalist. This is something you’ll do either when you have charms and you’re ready to do the switch or when you become so socket starved as you progress that you no longer benefit from the Maji anymore. The type of Charms we utilize can be a large variety of modifiers a full comprehensive list of these can be found here: My personal recommendation is to aim for the “Onslaught” providing one (Guardian’s prefix) which is located on Intelligence or Strength based Charms, this will give you and nearby allies if 5 or more are in range the 20% attack, cast and movement speed increase! Second priority would be any sort of attributes and/or resistances which will help alleviate pressure on your gearing. This will fit on all budgets for this build.

Affliction Spectres

The recommended Spectres in this guide will work perfectly fine, however, Affliction league is offering a very specific mechanic that allows us to purchase corpses from a vendor, these range from different qualities and different type of monsters. As this entire topic is a very complex one I’ve decided to instead list the recommended options that could replace the original list in the guide should you chose to. Since these bad boys are a bit harder to get your hands on or can be expensive it’s hard to pin-point what budget they fit in. They are also not shareable. That said, feel free to join my in-game global channel by typing “/global 6666” in-game in which you can receive help with any questions just as much as in my stream channel over at twitch or the PoE-Vault Discord server for direct assistance with any guides.

  • Hulking Monstrosity – These provide an insane buff of damage increase, though the higher quality one (Perfect) is absolutely an improvement providing extra added lightning damage on top of this insane buff!
  • Perfect Guardian Turtle – These can directly replace the need to run your Determination aura and instead offer you the possibility to add other auras not in the build guide such as Purity of Elements Purity of Elements which further boosts your defensive scaling to name one example.

I would strongly suggest keeping the Primal Crushclaw as it is despite the available high-scaling new options one of the best in the game for this build. There are plenty of other options most of which I talk about in this video that I’d recommend taking a look at if you want to try some different combinations our yourself:


A lot of the endgame gear can easily be crafted. For a general overview of crafting and to learn how to craft specific items, check out my crafting guides here!

You can read more details about our gearing recommendations on the dedicated page. You’ll find a summarized version below.

HoP Gear, Jewels & Flasks

Item Slot Item Name Rarity
Head Life then Res/Attributes as needed or end-game: a helmet with “+ level of all minion gems) Rare
Amulet Life then Res/Attributes as needed or Replica Dragonfang's Flight Replica Dragonfang's Flight with +3 levels to Herald of Purity Rare/Unique
Chest Life then Res/Attributes as needed or end-game: Utula's Hunger Utula's Hunger Rare/Unique
Gloves Life then Res/Attributes as needed or end-game: Triad Grip Triad Grip Rare/Unique
Boots Life then Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Belt Darkness Enthroned Darkness Enthroned Unique
Rings Life then Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Weapon Rare with + level of minion and/or spell skills Rare
Shield Life then Res/Attributes as needed or end-game: include #% life recovery on block Rare

Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Recommendations

You can read about the Ascendancy, Bandit choice, and Pantheon Power recommendations for this build on our dedicated page.

HoP Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon


You can easily level with generic spells until you reach level 28 and gain access to the Dark Pact skill. While levelling, be sure to complete Siosa’s quest in the Library of Act 3 to purchase Feeding Frenzy for our skellies and then start casting that on your skeletons instead. An important note to remember when playing this build is that mana problems are very common and there are a few solutions to this that are both easily accessible and cheap. One solution is to use a mana flask during the campaign acts and later get an “Enduring” prefix rolled mana flask. It’s important to point out that levelling with Dark Pact can be very clunky at first and quickly becomes smoother and smoother as you progress. However, for new(er) players it can in many cases be smoother to stick to Absolution all the way till level 60-70 even before switching. In the PoB the Dark Pact leveling can be found in the skill-section whilst the Absolution is generically listed below here in the written guide. It’s fair to point out that I personally prefer to level with the ability I’m expected to use in the end-game, but, Absolution is considered better & faster if speed is what you’re looking for to level with.

Act 1 – 3

A baseline effective way of levelling in the early acts is to utilize Freezing Pulse, Stormblast Mines, Frost Bomb, Frost Blink and Orb of Storms. A useful method of dealing with tougher enemies, such as Brutus, is to include a Holy Flame Totem which not only deals damage but also works as a decoy for the boss(es) to hit rather than yourself.

For levels 1-8, you will use the following gems:

Once you reach level 8, you are able to Melee Splash which will allow us to start using minions to level with which would be the following gems that replaces our main source of damage output for both clearing and single-target:

We also add a mobility skill after Brutus:

When you reach level 12 and have entered the caverns leading to Merveil you can grab Absolution Absolution as your main source of damage with the following links:

  1. Absolution Absolution
  2. Minion Damage Support Minion Damage Support
  3. Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support or Added Fire Damage Support Added Fire Damage Support

The Absolution will act as our main source of damage and only switch to still deal tons of damage but become what we call a “shock-bot” in Act 2 when we get access to Herald of Purity Herald of Purity. The shock set-up looks like this:

This allows us to start using our Herald of Purity as our big damage source supported by the Absolution. The gem set-up would look like this:

Act 3-4+

In Act 3 we get access to Convocation Convocation and the Elemental Weakness Elemental Weakness as well as our first ascendancy node which will more or less finalize the leveling set-up you need to clear the campaign smoothly. Act 4 you’ll change the Melee Splash in your Herald of Purity set-up to a Multistrike Support Multistrike Support as the Sentinel of Radiance from the ascendancy node will help with the clearing now.

At this point of your progression, you simply just need to follow the endgame tree and gem links to further enhance your character throughout the Acts and into the hardest endgame content.

For more general levelling advice, we recommend the following guides:


To guarantee that my guides are tools you can utilize to enhance your experience in Path of Exile, you may have questions. Please join the PoE Vault discord and they will attend to them as soon as possible.

Final Notes

As much as I love making build guides, it is very crucial in a game like Path of Exile that you play the game the way you enjoy playing it. With that said, if you’ve made any tweaks to the build compared to what I’m showing in this guide I would love it if you share my discord! It’s an effective way to show other approaches and it helps me grow as a build guide creator!

I hope you found the build guide useful and I wish you all many Divine Orb Divine Orb drops!


  • Updated for PoE Affliction 3.23

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)