Path of Building



Path of Building

Path of Building is a powerful build planner for Path of Exile to see which nodes, gear and gems are most efficient and it’s the tool that our guide writers use for their build guides.
In this simple guide, we will show you how to import PoBs from our guides and how to export your current build for our Discord Help section.

Download and Install

Download and install the program from the GitHub website on the following link
Scroll down a bit and grab the .exe file as highlighted in the image below.

Path of Building exe file

Import a Poe Vault Guide PoB

Every Vault guide has a PoB section that has a link to Go to the build guide you want to play and look for the PoB section and open the PoB, you will get the following screen


Copy the URL at the top of the page url

Now open Path of Building that you just installed and click the Import/Export button at the top left

Import / Export

Paste the URL you just copied in the Build Sharing section where it says “To import a build, enter URL or code here:” and click Import.

Build sharing

That’s it, you have now imported the build from the guide in Path of Building.

Export your current build for Discord help

If you come to the PoE Vault discord and want help with your build you can make a post in the #guide-help channel. To be able to help you correctly we would need to see where your current build is at.

Open Path of Building and click on Import/Export Build

Import / Export

Now instead of build sharing we are going to use the Character Import (Make sure your build is open and not disabled on the privacy section of your Path of Exile account)

Fill in your account name and hit start

Character Import

You will now be able to select the league you are playing and the character you would like to import, like in the image below.

Character Import

Next to Import click “Passive Tree and Jewels” and “Items and Skills” and hit Save to give your build a name.
From the same screen you can now generate your own link with your build.

Build Sharing

Click “Generate” and it will the put the code with a string of characters. Now click “Share” and next to “Code” you will see the link of your own build. Click copy and past that link in your discord guide-help post.

That’s it, you have now generated a link build of your own character.

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)