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Beginner Guides

These are guides recommended for first-time players, or anyone looking to get an understanding of PoE on a very basic level.

Guide Summary
Beginner Guide to Path of Exile the first guide you should read if you want to try out Path of Exile
Trading Guide all you need to know about trading items in PoE

Leveling Guides

These guides will help you with your leveling process.

Guide Summary
Beginner Leveling Guide to Path of Exile a guide that sets you on the right path for leveling your first character
Quick Reference Leveling Guide step-by-step optimized process for quickly leveling up
Comprehensive Leveling Guide a different take on the guide above
Beginner Guide to Leveling Uniques some of the most useful and popular Unique items that can help with leveling

Crafting/Item Guides

This is a list of guides to help you craft certain items, as well as guides simply explaining how some popular items work.

Guide Summary
Cluster Jewel Guide comprehensive guide explaining how Cluster Jewels work
Crafting Meta Minion Cluster Jewel a guide for crafting meta minion Cluster Jewels
Flask Crafting Guide complete guide to crafting non-Unique flasks
Crafting +2 Spectre Boots a guide for crafting +2 Spectre gem level boots
Headhunter Guide everything you need to know about the popular Headhunter Headhunter
Timeless Jewel Guide comprehensive look at how Timeless Jewels work
Strongbox Guide a complete look at how Strongboxes work, and how to best craft them

You may also be interested in Ghazzy’s Crafting Guide Hub for a full list of Ghazzy’s crafting guides on the site.

End-Game Guides

This is a list of guides that cover end-game topics, such as how the Atlas of Worlds (and map system) works, how Delve works, etc.

Guide Summary
Atlas Progression Guide step-by-step strategy for efficiently progressing your Atlas
Siege of the Atlas Guide an explanation of the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, including Atlas passive skill breakdown
Group Play Guide in-depth look at how to play PoE in a group for maximum efficiency
Uber Lab Farming Guide all you need to know to make currency farming the Uber Lab
Delve Guide everything there is to know about Delving in PoE

League Guides

This is a list of guides for league-specific mechanics. Some league mechanics disappear from the game after the end of their league, others remain in-game (“go core”), while sometimes old mechanics come back several leagues later. In this section, we will maintain a list of all the league guides we have, but keep in mind that some may not appear updated, but should still offer you most of the information you need to know.

Guide Summary
Immortal Syndicate Guide guide for Patch 3.5’s Betrayal League
Synthesis League Guide guide for Patch 3.6’s Synthesis League
Legion League Guide guide for Patch 3.7’s Legion League
Blight League Guide guide for Patch 3.8’s Blight League
Metamorph League Guide guide for Patch 3.9’s Metamorph League
Delirium League Guide guide for Patch 3.10’s Delirium League
Harvest League Guide guide for Patch 3.11’s Harvest League
Heist League Guide guide for Patch 3.12’s Heist League
Ritual League Guide guide for Patch 3.13’s Ritual League
Ultimatum League Guide guide for Patch 3.14’s Ultimatum League
Scourge League Guide guide for Patch 3.16’s Scourge League
Archnemesis League Guide guide for Patch 3.17’s Siege of the Atlas / Archnemesis League
Sentinel League Guide guide for Patch 3.18’s Sentinel League
Lake of Kalandra League Guide guide for Patch 3.19’s Lake of Kalandra League

Other Guides

Guide Summary
Solo Self Found (SSF) Guide learn how to get the most out of playing the SSF game mode
Hideout Guide find out how to obtain and customize Hideouts
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