Sentinel League Guide (PoE Sentinel 3.18)



In Path of Exile: Sentinel, ancient constructs have been unearthed across Wraeclast. You will harness the power of these Sentinels to control your level of risk and reward on the battlefield.

The May expansion contains the Sentinel challenge league, 20 atlas keystone passives, seven uber boss fights, new pinnacle unique items, revamped monster modifiers, game controller support, new quality of life features, a revamped challenge system and much more.

Harness Their Power

In this league, you will uncover and collect Sentinels and take advantage of their great power. When deployed, they follow you for a short time and empower your enemies, greatly increasing both their difficulty and reward.

There are three classes of Sentinels. Stalker Sentinels empower a moderate number of enemies in sequence as you encounter them. Pandemonium Sentinels empower a wide swath of monsters at once in a quick burst. Apex Sentinels only empower rare or unique enemies but have a very strong effect.


Reconfigure Your Sentinels

The Sentinel Controller is like a runic circuit board that powers your Sentinels and allows you to customise their behaviour. It initially provides enough power to use one Sentinel per area but as you progress, it will gain enough power to support three.

You will place filaments on the Controller to dictate which runic nodes its power flows through. You can freely move filaments around at any time. As you gain more power, it will automatically flow to the next nodes you have connected. Use this Controller to establish specific behaviour for your Sentinel loadout that works well with your desired build.

Sentinel Controller

Assemble and Experiment

When your Sentinels run out of charge, they can be combined together with a Power Core to assemble a new, fully-charged Sentinel that inherits properties from both of the husks you disassembled. This hybrid Sentinel may also gain special properties such as an exclusive variant base type or modifiers that can only come from the assembly process.

Sentinel Assemble

Discover Unique Sentinels

As you travel through Wraeclast, you may uncover or assemble Unique Sentinels. These valuable Sentinels behave in very specialised and powerful ways. For example, The Basilisk causes a wide area-of-effect blast that has a petrification effect on monsters. The Hollow-Eyed Skull is basically a Headhunter in Sentinel form. There are also a set of Unique Sentinels that empower specific Atlas Map Bosses, causing them to become much more dangerous and rewarding.

Unique Sentinels

Create Powerful Items

In the Sentinel League, you may find a new type of rare currency: Recombinators. These allow you to apply the Sentinel Assembly process to your actual items, taking any two pieces of equipment from the same item class and combining them together. While the results are unpredictable, this process could merge the best elements of each item, potentially adding an exclusive new modifier, to create something of unprecedented power.

Combine Powerful Items

Take Control Of Your Atlas

The best thing about the Siege of the Atlas expansion was the control it gave you over your endgame experience, through the Atlas-wide Passive Tree. We have doubled down on this by introducing 20 new keystone passives to the Atlas tree that allow you to dramatically customise how you play Path of Exile’s endgame.

You can make it so that only your favoured maps will drop, gain bonuses for not modifying your maps with fragments, convert unwanted maps or scarabs into random ones, control how offensive or defensive monsters you encounter in maps are and even turn off specific past leagues to improve the chances of encountering the content you enjoy the most.

Fear The Uber Pinnacle Bosses

Six of the new keystones on the Atlas Passive Tree create uber versions of Path of Exile’s pinnacle boss fights: Venarius, Sirus, The Maven, The Searing Exarch, The Eater of Worlds, The Shaper and The Uber Elder. But be warned: only allocate one of these keystones if you are prepared to face the hardest content Path of Exile has to offer and to earn some of its most seductive rewards.

Claim New Unique Items

In our Siege of the Atlas boss kill event, several of our most experienced players earned the right to design unique items, which are being introduced in Path of Exile: Sentinel! These new unique items drop from The Infinite Hunger, The Black Star, The Shaper, The Uber Elder, The Maven and Sirus.

Enjoy Consistent Character Balance

We’re going to try something new with character balance in this expansion. We’re intentionally making no changes to character power. That means no nerfs, no buffs, nothing. Every single build and build guide made for Siege of the Atlas will work exactly the same in Sentinel. You can start planning your league starter right now, with full confidence about exactly how it’s going to play.

Encounter Impactful Monster Modifiers

We’re replacing all existing monster modifiers with the mods that we introduced in the Archnemesis League, which all have a great impact on combat and are easy to identify at a glance. Magic packs share one modifier between them while Rare monsters typically have two modifiers, and can rarely spawn with more. Multiple synergistic mods can create quite dangerous situations in combat.

Complete Harder Challenges

The challenge system in the Sentinel League is much harder but more rewarding than that of the past 21 leagues. Early challenges have been condensed so that their rewards unlock at 6 and 12 completions, rather than at 12 and 24. There are far more difficult objectives available to challenge Path of Exile’s best players and there are ten different rewards you can unlock, which comprise two complete armour sets, each with a pair of wings.

Use A Game Controller On Pc

We’ve implemented support for game controllers in the PC version of Path of Exile. This also means that if you’re lucky enough to already have a Steam Deck, you can play Path of Exile on the go!

Steam Controller

Recommended Builds for Siege of the Atlas and the Archnemesis league

  • GhazzyTV’s Skeleton Mages Necromancer is going to be the best minion build of the Archnemesis league; this build excels in not only getting your maps clear but it’s an excellent boss killer. With the new Atlas bosses, this build will not let you down and is described as the most OP minion build of the league.
  • GhazzyTV’s Chaos Dot Occultist is a classic build that has stood the test of time for many leagues. Giving good clear speed and consistent bossing damage, the build is perfect for both beginners and veterans alike and a solid league starter choice.
  • GhazzyTV’s Blade Blast Bladefall Poison Assassin is one of the most prominent choices for both SSF, hardcore, as well as trade leagues. This build brings very enjoyable clear speed as well as efficient bossing to the table. It has very interesting mechanics where you cast one skill on top of another skill creating massive explosions and poisoning the enemy.
  • TbXie’s Herald of Agony Juggernaut is back on the table as one of the best tanky builds around in any scenario of the game. The build has an insane damage reduction of reaching 89% elemental damage reduction and 92% Physical reduction. While this obviously makes it very tanky, it still maintains 3-5M Shaper DPS.
  • TbXie’s Arc Elementalist has seen some gigantic buffs in the Archnemesis league. Arc is going to be a very strong self-cast build. This build is amazing for Solo Self-Found where you can reach 2M boss damage and 10.000 effective health. A very strong contender in the new league.
  • TbXie’s Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant has been one of the most popular builds for newer players for the longest of times. Especially after recent tree changes, it pushed its single target boss killing capabilities up by quite a significant amount. This build is an excellent one for both new and experienced players alike.
  • PoE-Vault’s Lacerate Gladiator has been a staple of league starts and Solo Self-Found alike. With the addition of last league Masteries and an improved tree, this build is more flexible than ever and has one of the smoothest transitions from Merveil to end game.
  • PoE-Vault’s Bladestorm Berserker isn’t one of the most known builds, but it has the potential to be one of the most powerful builds. It has extremely high damage is backed by stable leech, life, and mobility, allowing you to carve your way through the endgame with confidence. An added bonus is that Bladestorm is a great skill for leveling, making it a great choice for any melee league start.
  • PoE-Vault’s Essence Drain/Contagion and Blight Trickster – name a more iconic duo. This chaos damage combo has been tearing apart maps for years and is still virtually unmatched when it comes to raw clear speed in maps. One of the best builds for solo self-found and a solid choice for to unlock the new atlas.

Kirac League Mods

  • Fortune Favours the Brave (costs 3 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked.
  • Breach (costs 2 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains an additional Breach
  • Anarchy (costs 2 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area is inhabited by 3 additional Rogue Exiles
  • Essence (costs 3 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains 3 additional Essences
  • Domination (costs 4 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains 4 extra Shrines
  • Metamorph (costs 5 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains Metamorph Monsters
  • Harvest (costs 12 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains The Sacred Grove
  • Delerium (costs 16 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb): Area contains a Mirror of Delerium

If you want to read the full patch notes you can find them here

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