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What is the Affliction League?

In Path of Exile: Affliction, we will cleanse the Viridian Wildwood of its Affliction and earn valuable rewards while we learn the ancient ways of the Azmeri Wanderers.

You will encounter Sacred Wisps that lead you to overgrown passageways where you enter the Viridian Wildwood. In the Wildwood a vile Affliction has covered the forest with a foreboding darkness. We need to uncover and reveal the forest’s mysteries to put a stop to the source of where the Affliction comes from.

This Path of Exile expansion will introduce the Affliction Challenge league with the following content:

  • Customise your Path of Exile endgame
  • Three new Wildwood ascendancy classes
  • The return of the Ultimatum League
  • Exclusive new Unique items
  • Over a hundred new Transfigured Gems

When will the Affliction League Launch?

You will be able to experience the new Path of Exile Affliction League on December 8 (PST) for PC and Mac, and on December 13 for Xbox and PlayStation.

What is the Affliction League Mechanic?

When you enter the Viridian Wildwood your Wisps start to burn away the Affliction that covers the forest. Be careful, because your Wisps will only have a limited time amount of power before they run out and you will be returned to Wreaclast. While discovering the Wildwood cursed monsters will emerge that have one objective, to kill you!

When exploring more you will see other types of Wisps that are trapped in the darkness. Follow their trails to collect them. and you will discover different secrets such as boss battles, new NPC characters, shrines and new encounters. By seeking them out there are many rewards to earn.

Affliction League

Control your challenge and reward

When you return from the Wildwood, any Wisps you saved from the Affliction will vanish into the last area you came from and will inhabit randomly chosen monsters, increasing their power and their rewards. The Wisps have different types of effects and multiple types of Wisps can inhabit a single monster, making the fight harder but more rewarding.

  • Primal Wisps grant an item rarity bonus to inhabited monsters
  • Wild Wisps grant an item quantity bonus
  • Vivid Wisps cause them to drop currency items

If a monster gets all three types, they’ll drop more items of a higher rarity and a lot of currency.

Wildwood Gameplay

Wildwood Ascendancy Classes

When you are exploring the Wildwood you might encounter some of the last few Azmeri Wanderers who managed to survive in the forest with the Affliction.

You will have to choose which Azmeri Wanderer you will complete quests for to be able to unlock one of the three new Ascendancy classes that will be available on top of your regular Ascendancy class. Like the regular Ascendancies, you will be able to unlock up to 8 points by completing quests for the Azmeri.

Azmeri Wanderers

New Ascendancy: Warden of the Maji

You can learn how to become a Warden of the Maji, a strong class that makes use of wilderness expertise, from the Warden of Eaves. Maji Wardens can apply Tinctures on their weapons to give them unique benefits. For instance, the Oakbranch Tincture is an excellent boss finisher, and the Ironwood Tincture always stuns foes at full life.

Among the many additional wilderness skills available to a Warden of the Maji is Barkskin, which grows bark all over the body to increase armour. The Bark momentarily disappears as you take damage, improving your evasion.

Warden of Maji

New Ascendancy: Warlock of the Mists

You can learn how to become a Warlock of the Mists, a class of people who specialise in the darker arts of the Azmeri, from the Breaker of Oaths. Blood Hunt is one of your more potent options. It allows you to devour corpses to increase your damage and defence against creatures that are the same creature type as the corpse. Additional exotic corpses that can be used as potent spectres can be purchased from the Breaker of Oaths. In addition, the Warlock of the Mists gains access to numerous more talents, including as three brand-new curse abilities.

Warlock of the Mists

New Ascendancy: Wildwood Primalist

You can learn how to become a Wildwood Primalist from the Primal Huntress. The Primal Huntress allows you to tailor your tree using Charms that contain randomly generated talents from the standard ascendancy classes, unlike the other new ascendancy classes. A charm is a magic object with attributes aligned with up to two random modifiers.

Primalists in the Wildwood have access to more potent powers, like the capacity to employ warcries to make dead drop additional things or a tiny additional backpack.

Wildwood Primalist

Valuable new rewards

The Affliction Challenge League has many different types of rewards. Monsters you fight throughout Wraeclast can be affected by the Wisps you have brought back from the Viridian Wildwood, dramatically increasing the quality and quantity of items they drop. As you progress through the league, you will earn a Wildwood Ascendancy Class and the Charms, Corpses or Tinctures that it utilises. The Mists hide many additional secret rewards that you will discover as you explore. Path of Exile: Affliction also contains over 15 new unique items.

For more information about the new Unique items please head over to our dedicated Unique item page you find here

The return of Ultimatum

Rewards in the Affliction Challenge League come in a wide variety. At last, Ultimatum is going core. The Trialmaster is back, and in exchange for amazing benefits, he will give you the option to take on a lethal Vaal trial. He offers to go double or nothing with you if you win the trial. Will you accept the chance and pursue an even greater reward? Or do you keep your already-earned winnings locked in? We have completely rebalanced Ultimatum, adding numerous new modifiers, Keystones, Atlas passive skills, and awards, including both new and modified Uniques.

Ultimate Rewards

Transfigured Gems

Alternate Quality Gems, Labyrinth Helmet Enchantments and Unique Threshold Jewels have been combined into a new system called Transfigured Gems – alternative versions of existing skill gems that have different functionality and balance. There are over a hundred of these, such as Frost Bomb of Instability, Detonate Dead of Scavenging, Raise Zombie of Falling, Firestorm of Meteors and many more.

The Divine Font at the end of the Eternal Labyrinth has been changed to a gem crafting device that can create Transfigured Gems, add quality or experience to gems, sacrifice a gem for one or more Treasure Keys, exchange Support Gems for Exceptional Support Gems like Empower or Enlighten, and more.

For more information about the new Transfigured gems please head over to our dedicated gem page you find here

Affliction League New Skill Gems

Patch Notes

GGG has posted the patch notes for the Affliction league, you can find them here

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