Path of Exile November 2023 Events



Path of Exile November Events 2023

As the 3.22 expansion is delayed till December, GGG is running three events for players to challenge themselves in three unique ways. These events will be held during the November month with the first one starting upcoming Friday (US time).

All events will be available for both PC and Console, so everyone is welcome to join in! Each event will have Standard and Standard Solo Self-Found. Please note that Solo Self-Found versions are only available on PC due to populations on console realms and there are no hardcore versions of these events.

Event Info

When GGG picked these events to run, they aimed for some variety between each event to cater to many different types of players. Some of you enjoy making builds, some prefer facing extra challenges, while some want to test themselves in the heat of the battle. The events do not overlap, so you can participate in every event.

You’ll be able to win two guaranteed Ancestor Mystery Boxes per account for reaching Level 50 in any two of the events. This is two total guaranteed mystery boxes across all three events. This means that players can pick and choose two out of the three events they want to play rather than feeling forced to play all three to pick up the maximum number of prizes.

The events also have a huge pool of microtransaction prizes that are randomly drawn for characters that reach certain level thresholds. This pool of prizes is shared between PC and Console players, with each event having its prize pool. Having multiple characters will increase your chances of winning a randomly drawn prize. More details on all the prizes can be found on each event’s page.


For more information about the prizes you can win and details about each event check out the pages below.

November 3rd – Krangled Passives Event

November 10th – Blast From The Past Event

November 17th – Shifting Stones Event

Solo Self-Found update

Each event will have a Solo-Self Found version of the event.

The Solo-Self Found events will share the same microtransaction prize pool for randomly drawn prizes but will have their own statues and microtransaction bundles for the top players.

Characters created in the Solo Self-Found events will be migrated to the appropriate Solo Self-Found parent league after the events.

Please note that Solo Self-Found events will only be available on PC due to Solo Self-Found player populations on console realms,

For more information about these events, please check out the Path of Exile Website

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)