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What is the Trial of the Ancestors League?

In the Karui afterlife, the fallen chieftains of each tribe participate in a tournament called Trial of the Ancestors. You will journey to the afterlife and assemble your team and enter the tournament to battle those chieftains and earn valuable rewards. When you play the campaign areas in the Ancestor challenge league you find tradable silver coins, using them will take you to the Karui afterlife where you will encounter Navali who you may remember from the Prophecy League. Each silver coin allows you to play a match in the tournament.

This Path of Exile expansion will introduce the Trial of the Ancestors challenge league with the following content:

  • Customise your Path of Exile endgame
  • 16 new Atlas Keystones
  • 14 new Support Skill Gems
  • Exclusive new Unique Items
  • Return of The Forbidden Sanctum
  • Guardian rework
  • Chieftain rework

When will Trial of the Ancestors League Launch?

You will be able to experience the new Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors on August 18th for PC and Mac, and on August 23rd for Xbox and PlayStation.

What is the Trial of the Ancestors League Mechanic?

Once you are in the Kurui afterlife after using a silver coin you meet Navali and the fallen chieftains of the 10 tribes. By turning in your silver coins you be able to participate in a tournament called the Trial of the Ancestors and compete against these tribes by assembling your own team of Karui warriors. You will battle the chieftains in the tournament and earn valuable rewards when you beat them.

Trial of the Ancestors

Enter the Tournament

In the Trial of the Ancestors League, you find tradeable silver coins to gain passage to the Karui Afterlife and meet Navali. Trading your silver coins will let you participate in the tournament and assemble your basic team of Karui warriors to enter the Trial of the Ancestors.

In each tournament match, you will be able to select which tribe you want to compete against, based on the reward offered. You then can examine the battlefield configuration of the enemy team and strategically place your warriors to challenge theirs. Once the tournament starts you and your party will compete alongside your warriors to crush the opposing team’s totems and win the match.

Trial of the Ancestors Tournement

Assemble your Team

Competing in the tournament and fighting the tribes will give you favour with each of the tribes. You can use this favour to spend on the recruitment of warriors and items that will be used in battle to power up your team. Each of the tribes has its own specialities and you are able to mix your team with warriors from the different tribes and make a team that works for your strategy.

Here are some of the available tribe warriors we know so far.

(Disrupter) Goliath of the Night is a warrior you can place in the middle to intercept the enemy that chases after you and he will interrupt enemies going for your totems.

(Balanced) Tuatara is a warrior that is balanced and deceptive in every position you place him.

(Tank) Turtle is a warrior that has the most defense and will tank your enemies in the front line. Be aware to place him in a position where he can reach the enemy fast as his movement speed is slow.

Trial of the Ancestors favours

Exclusive Rewards for the Passive Tree

Each win in the tournament you earn rewards. Besides the regular reward items that are on offer, you can also claim exclusive rewards that you can only get from Trial of the Ancestors. These rewards are called Passive Tree Tattoos. Applying these tattoos will change your attribute skills on your passive tree.

When you win the entire tournament you will be offered a new type of item by Hinekora called an Omen. These Omens can be stored in your inventory until a condition is met, at that point the Omen will be consumed and its effect will happen. You can only consume one Omen per combat area. On a rare occasion, she may also offer a lock of her hair, you can use this to predict the result of an item crafting outcome.

  • Omen of Return: On Death, this Omen is consumed and a Portal to Town is created
  • Omen of Refreshment: Upon reaching 25% Life, this Omen is consumed and Flasks recover all charges
  • Omen of the Soul Devourer: On Leveling Up, this Omen is consumed and you gain Soul Eater
  • Omen of Fortune: On using an Orb of Chance on an item, it will become Unique if possible and this Omen will be consumed

Passive Tree Omens

Trial of the Ancestors  Omen Currency

Claim Exclusive Unique Items

Every one of the ten Karui tribes is guarding an exclusive Unique Item that has specific characteristics of their tribe. These valuable uniques can only be earned by defeating that tribe in Trial of the Ancestors. The Goddess of Death, Hinekora, has four powerful Unique Items that she may offer to winners of the full tournament.

Trial of the Ancestors claim unique items

For a more in-depth explanation of the Trail of the Ancestors tournament, please have a look at our Trial of the Ancestors League Mechanic Guide

Return of the Forbidden Sanctum

The Forbidden Sanctum was introduced to Path of Exile in 3.20. If you want more information about the Forbidden Sanctum League Mechanic we have that complied for you here: The Forbidden Sanctum League Mechanic

When you complete the campaign and are in Act 10, you will meet Divinia and start finding Sanctum items while playing in maps. These items represent a whole floor of the Sanctum and are tradeable. When you successfully complete the Sanctum floor you will get the next floor as a tradable item with all your Boons, Resolve and Afflictions.

GGG has rebalanced The Forbidden Sanctum to provide more variety in the mechanics and monsters you encounter. Most notably, your primary character defences are now able to protect your resolve. Relics have also been rebalanced and are now tradeable.

The Forbidden Sanctum

Customise Your Endgame

In Trial of the Ancestors, we will see 16 new Keystone Passives to unlock on the Atlas Passive Tree. These new Keystones will give even more options to Path of Exile’s endgame and allow you to control how you want to experience Path of Exile’s endgame.

Some examples of the new keystones are:

Extreme Archaeology: will completely change the way you play Expeditions. Instead of placing several explosives, you now place one gigantic explosive. Every chest or monster is effective by that remnant in that radius.

Speaker of the Death: makes it so Tormented Spirits can possess you rather than possessing monsters, boosting your stats instead. While possessed you can touch monsters just like a spirit can and make them stronger and more rewarding.

Casia’s Pride: makes it so Blight monsters take significantly less damage from players and significantly more damage from Blight towers. This actually lets you play Blight as a full tower defense game

Lucid Dreams: makes it so Vaal areas on your map are no longer corrupted. Meaning you can use currency items on them to change their mods. Vaal areas can be fully crafted with the mods you want and you may rarely encounter a Unique Vaal side area.

Destructive Play: will let the Maven summon between 1 and 3 extra map bosses.

There are 11 more Unique Keystones they will reveal soon.

Trial of the Ancestors new keystone passives

Discover New Support Gems

In Trial of the Ancestors, we will see the metagame rebalanced as they have introduced 14 new Support Gems. These gems have been designed to take existing categories of skills and provide entirely new ways to play them. Warcries are now doing damage, Returning Projectile support will return your projectiles return to you or Frigid Bond Support will chill enemies between you and linked targets.

For more information about the new Support Gems please head over to our dedicated Gem page you find here

Guardian Ascendancy Rework

The Guardian Ascendancy Class has been revamped to bring it more in line with the modern power level of other Ascendancy Classes. It still keeps its focus on synergistic party play but with many more exciting options.

Harmony of Purpose now powers up parties using Link skills. Time of Need now completely heals and cleanses you every four seconds. Radiant and Unwavering Crusade both fully embrace the “Holy Summoner” theme by giving you access to some exciting new types of minions that are exclusive to this ascendancy class.

Trial of the Ancestors Guardian Rework

Chieftain Ascendancy Rework

They have completely redesigned the Chieftain Ascendancy Class. It offers all new passive skills, many of which focus on themes of fire and other elemental damage alongside specialising in Totems, Strikes and Slams.

Its new skills let you cause enemies to explode, turn off enemies’ fire resistance while you’re stationary, convert passive skills to apply to fire damage and have your fire resistance apply to your cold and lighting resistances, among many other abilities.

Trial of the Ancestor Chieftain Rework

Boss Kill Event

To celebrate the release of Trial of the Ancestors, Grinding Gear Games will be hosting a boss-kill event. To enter, you will need to create a Hardcore Solo Self-found character in the Ancestors league, and race to kill all seven pinnacle bosses on the same character. They will post more information about the event and its prizes in the news before release.

Patch Notes

GGG has posted the patch notes for Trial of the Ancestors league, you can find them here

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