Toxic Rain DoT Trickster Bandits, Pantheons, and Ascendancy Page



Ascendancy (Shadow – Trickster)

One Step Ahead

What shall I say. Potentially one of the best ascendancy nodes in the game. Action speed is a really really valuable stat but more so is the free mini temporal chains. Reducing action speed to 92% of their base value is incredibly strong & will make leveling very very smooth.

Escape Artist

This Ascendancy notable basically enables Trickster further. Since it gives you Evasion per Energy Shield on your helmet, it allows you to recover more Energy Shield from Ghost Dance. The fact that it gets you a free 300 Energy Shield from Body Armour also is pretty significant.


People will be sleeping on this node. With Soul Thief, you’ll almost always be full ES whilst mapping & since you’re not actively trying to get hit on boss fights, you’re more often than not getting an additional 10% suppression from this node & another source of recovery. 10% Extra Suppressed damage actually means 20% more Spell Mitigation which is absolutely insane. Lastly, the 20% Flat Suppression basically means you’re essentially capped without using any gear.


There really only is one option here. You want to kill all to help Eramir for 2 Skill Points. None of the Bandit options are particularly useful to you for this build.


Major Gods

Soul of Lunaris is probably your best pick. No one has ever said no to some extra Physical Damage Reduction!

Minor Gods

I would recommend Soul of Shakari here as Damage over Time cannot be Dodged or Evaded. Some extra defenses against that are always nice!

Upgrading your Pantheons

Whilst upgrading your Pantheons never hurts you, it’s not that important for this character. If you have nothing else to do at some point, sure, why not, but it shouldn’t be something you focus on or spend a lot of time on.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using Divine Vessel Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the Divine Vessel Divine Vessel, which’ll be filled up in the map device, to Sin in Oriath.

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