Clear Speed Builds for Path of Exile (Ritual 3.13)




When it comes to tier lists, I will not argue to have a monopoly on wisdom, as a lot of this is vulnerable to bias and preference. Especially in Path of Exile, you should not constrain yourself to only playing S-Tier builds & Ascendancies. If, however, you however are adamant about playing a top tier build, the following list will help you pick one, as it is regularly updated when new builds rise to the surface.

Best Clear Speed Builds

This page covers the builds that we have picked out to be excellent choices to be your Clear Speed. Whilst some of the are more notorious for being strong early game, others might have risen up there because they bring a decent early game, but scale into the end game so easily. Note that within each tier, the builds are not in order.

TL;DR Build List

Tier Build Tier Build
S+ Cast on Crit Ice Nova Assassin S Flicker Strike Raider
S+ Voidfletcher Ice Shot / Barrage Deadeye S Cyclone Berserker
S+ Fire Blade Vortex Assassin S Storm Brand Assassin
S+ Kinetic Blast Pathfinder S Fireball – Blazing Salvo Spellslinger Elementalist
A Essence Drain Trickster B Dark Pact Totems Hierophant
A Elemental Hit Deadeye B Divine Ire Elementalist
A Poison Blade Vortex Assassin B Bleed Bow Gladiator
A Penance Brand Trickster B Detonate Dead Necromancer

You can read below to get more details about each of the builds we mentioned.

About the List of Builds

Hello, I’m TbXie, someone who has sunk over 25.000 hours in Path of Exile as of when I started to write Guides. That experience as well as getting as much insight as possible from other potent and top tier Path of Exile players is what determines whether a build guide is warranted a higher or lower ranking on this page. Whilst all of the writers, including myself, put in a tremendous amount of effort to get their guides updated before a new League, it’s important to us that this page helps you understand why and how you should be picking a build.

The build tier list has different subsections that will rank builds as per their strengths. A build might qualify as a top tier mapping build but not be considered any good for starting in a new and fresh economy or killing bosses. Overall, the emphasis on the build and whether you want it to be more defensive or offensive depends on the ultimate goal of the build and whether that includes tough content or just farming some extra currency.

Understanding your own goals

While I could go on about why you could want to play the better tier of builds it is of utmost importance for you to understand what your goals are in the game. If you don’t mind having to play through the game at a slower pace or if you’re just in it to play whatever skill is fun, any of the Guides on this page have been written by exquisite players and will all get you to the endgame sufficiently. Sure, there might be a discrepancy between how fast, cheap and easy they are to play but by no means should you feel pressured to play S-Tier builds exclusively. Generally, it is recommended to play Spellcasters or Minion builds before dabbling into Melee or Bow archetypes as they are usually way harder to gear for and execute.

S+-Tier Builds

February 15th Update: The Cast on Critical Strike / Ice Nova combination once again reigns supreme and is at the top when it comes to clearing builds.

Poison Cast On Critical Strike Support Cast On Critical Strike Support has notoriously been one of the best interactions in the game when it comes to clear speed. Because of the huge amount of spells you can spam out it generally provides exquisite coverage at decent levels of damage. Ever since the combination between Frostbolt Frostbolt and Ice Nova Ice Nova was introduced for the skill, it rose even further in popularity snatching an S-tier spot in terms of speedy builds.

February 15th Update: The new Deadeye remains to tear people apart. We still believe in its new defensive capabilities and thus see no reason to move away from it as of now.

With the changes to the Deadeye ascendancy in Ritual League, we see multiple new pathways opened up to play bow builds. Sadly, you are no playing an ascendancy that has hard choices to make rather than them just being very straight forward. We firmly believe that the new defensive layer it provides will push Deadeye back to the glory moments it once lived.

February 15th Update: Whilst many builds have only been flavored by players for one League, Fire Blade Vortex seems to be surviving that trend and remains one of the most played Clear Speed variants as of now .

Blade Vortex Blade Vortex lends itself really well to being a top notch skill for any build that wants to go fast. With the introduction of certain items, people started converting all of their damage to fire to make use of Herald of Ash & Elemental Damage scaling for their explosions resulting in a build that did a lot of initial damage with screenwide damage proliferation making it one of the best builds for clearing multiple screens at once.

February 15th Update: Because of the existence of other Stier builds, Wanders stay in the dark a bit. They’re the most expensive out of the Stier builds and will therefore always remain the least played. It still holds most potential to clear fast though.

Pathfinder goes fast. Wand skills blow up multiple screens with a single attack. Those sound like two of the most important things when it comes to clearing to us. Therefore, you can’t objectively release a clear speed tier list and not put a form of a Wander in it.


February 15th Update: As per usual, Flicker is not one of the most popular builds but the feedback received by those who do play it makes it warrant its spot here.

Flicker Strike Flicker Strike is one of those awkward skills in PoE. It’s probably one of the worst skills you could ever play if you had no clue what you were doing because it’s literally impossible to play if you don’t have enough damage & sustain. However, it’s also one of those skills that literally seems to be the perfect skill whenever stuff comes together. When you invest into Flicker Strike it is an Stier contender in every aspect of the game with its particular strong suit being its clear.

February 15th Update: With Slayer being changed & reworked people have tended to use that Ascendancy for Cyclone – If you are however in need for speed, Berserker still is your best friend.

Cyclone Cyclone is incredibly popular amongst PoE players but very little have played it as Berserker. The Ascendancy however offers a tremendous amount of Movement Speed & Attack Speed which are two things that Cyclone loves. Sadly, because of the location of the Marauder in the Passive Skill Tree, this forces you into some less obvious choices, putting a lot of pressure on gear. If you complete this build though, you’re in for a treat as you’ll be zooming through maps at the speed of light.

February 15th Update: Top tier skill on a top tier Ascendancy being on top of the most popular builds – Nothing special to see here.

Storm Brand Storm Brand might be the most well-versed skill in the game mechanically. It lends itself to do so many things exquisitely that I personally believe it is unrivaled. Whether you want to blast through maps with its high innate cast speed & usage of Brand Recall Brand Recall, hit a boss with its Brand mechanics or level with its high base damage, the skill has it all.

February 15th Update: Skill has moved down from S+ to S – It’s hard to push it further up with more currency & current endgame looks absolutely ridiculous in terms of what you need defensively.

Blazing Salvo Blazing Salvo and Fireball Fireball combined have proved to clear maps at an incredible rate. Since this is the fastest iteration of Spellslinger Support Spellslinger Support builds I have seen to current date, It deserves a mention here. Bringing decent bossing potential & tankiness, this build blasts through maps.


February 15th Update: The build was never here to stay a top pick throughout the League because if it was it’d be S++. It’s an incredible League starter but gets outshone by builds that have way higher investments at later parts in a league.

Essence Drain Essence Drain and more so Contagion Contagion offer you tremendous amounts of mapclear for virtually no cost whatsoever. You’re clearing an entire screen of monsters basically just by investing a 4-Linked item into your build which makes it the very best build at clearing maps in the very early stages of the game.

February 15th Update: Elemental Hit is a skill not many people have discovered yet, however when built correctly is and remains an incredibly potent all arounder with excellent clear.

Elemental Hit Elemental Hit has flown under the radar for a long time. When invest into this build brings multiple screens of damage with a single click while being able to kill every boss in the fairly easily and getting a reasonable amount of tank stats. Sadly, the investment for such builds is on the higher end which is why it can only be tiered in the A category.

February 15th Update: Since a lot of people are still playing Poison BV, that goes to show how many started of with it as it is probably the easiest build to gear for on this entire page.

Poison Blade Vortex Blade Vortex packs a good amount of mapclear at the very early stages of the game. It requires virtually no investment to get going and will only get better when your character progresses. It will, however, at no point rival the very best builds for speed but it’ll get close at way less of a budget.

February 15th Update: Penance remains one of the top skills in the game and probably the most enjoyed skill by many.

Penance Brand Penance Brand can go very long ways when invested into properly. That’s why this build will never be an S+ tier or be the most popular build though, it requires proper investment, math & mechanics to be at its peak. When it is though, it offers god-tier map clear with insane boss potential.


February 15th Update: As Astral Projector has hit rock bottom pricewise, we can assume the build is less popular than before. That means now is an excellent time to try it out.

This Totem build will blow you away. With the Astral Projector unique, you’re blowing up packs left right and center with this Dark Pact Dark Pact Totem setup. Prices being as they may, the build definitely rose up to be a contender for top spots on many of our charts since its major downside used to be that it was gated behind a very expensive unique item.

February 15th Update: Whilst Penance Brand remains the more popular pick, we still believe Divine Ire Divine Ire is just a tad ahead in speed.

Divine Ire Divine Ire is definitely behind on Penance Brand Penance Brand on every single aspect but the clear speed. If you can fire a laser in .1 second which clears the entire screen you’re going to be feeling a whole lot better about your clear than when you have to wait for a while before you get to spread your big ignites. Whilst its clear definitely isn’t amongst the very best of the game, the way this build achieves it is what puts it here. It’s cheap, fast and reliable and brings you above average clear speed!

February 15th Update: Bleed Bow builds have been popping off lately to the point where they’ve never been as popular as they are right now.

Gladiator in combination with Bleed builds and even bows has been a decently strong build for quite a while now but as other builds get nerfed more and more, obviously others rise to peoples attention.

February 15th Update: Detonate Dead has become one of the most popular skills in the current meta. Unsurprisingly so if we calculate all of its numbers and values.

As long as you understand the mechanics behind this build, it is incredibly potent and fun to play. Even at low budgets, this build clears everything on the screen in one combo. It however does remain a two button build which is what makes it impossible to be put in the highest tiers.

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the top picks in the list, there’s multiple other guides that can be played as a Clear Speed extra ordinaires. However, they might require you to farm some a couple of Chaos Orb Chaos Orbs whilst leveling up to pick up a necessary unique, fall of after the story line or rely on some skill swaps to make them feel great. They’ve therefore not made an appearance in the Best Clear Speed builds but still deserve to be referenced on this page. More information about them is to be found inside the guide.


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