Impale Cyclone Champion Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers



Ascendancy (Duelist – Champion)


  1. Master of Metal
  2. Unstoppable Hero
  3. Conqueror
  4. Worthy Foe

Master of Metal provides an insane amount of damage in the form of additional hits for Impale, additional Physical damage per Impale, and 20% Chance to Impale and additional Armour if you’ve Impaled recently, which is pretty much all the time.

Unstoppable Hero, most importantly, makes you immune to Stuns if you have Fortify; beyond that the offensive and defensive stats it provides are also very good.

Conqueror provides some minor defensive benefits, but is necessary in order to take the last node.

Worthy Foe gives us a GIGANTIC damage boost, as enemies will no longer be able to evade our attacks, as long as they’re taunted (which thanks to Conqueror is always, unless they’re immune, such as because of map mods). This effectively gives us a 100% chance to hit an enemy without the need to stack up Accuracy. Additionally, to sweeten the deal, there’s also a flat 20% “increased damage taken” modifier on it as well, further boosting the damage provided by the node. It will likely be the largest increase you can acquire.


You should kill all since the two passive skill points are more powerful than any of the benefits bandits offer.

However, if this is your first character of the league, it is usually worthwhile to help Alira instead, to get the free resistances and Mana recovery, as they’re a lot harder to get reliably for your first character. You can then switch out to the kill all reward later on, using the vendor recipe.


Major: Soul of Lunaris is a great Pantheon choice for the build, as it provides important Movement Speed along with additional Physical damage mitigation.

Minor: Soul of Shakari – chaos damage reduction is always a good addition to a build, before you get your “Divine Flesh” endgame option. Other minor gods can be chosen depending on personal preference, they aren’t really strong enough to matter in a big way.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using Divine Vessel Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the vessel to Sin in Oriath.

If you’ve beaten the Sirus encounter already, you will have to go back to any town in act 6-10 to talk to Sin, as he doesn’t exist in the new Epilogue town.

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  • Updated for 3.19 Lake of Kalandra

  • Updated the Guide to Sentinel 3.18

  • Guide checked for 3.14 Ultimatum and deemed viable (no changes needed).

  • Updated (minor update needed only) for Ritual 3.13.

  • Build evaluated and deemed up to date for Heist 3.12!

  • Fixed some minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • Build is now maintained by LunaWolve, and has received a considerable rework and upgrade.

  • Revisited and updated for Harvest 3.11. The build lost some damage via the nerf to dual wield but after all it is still a solid choice and plays out as before.

  • Revisited and updated for Delirium 3.10. The build remains as solid as before, or even better, considering new Cluster Jewel notables.

  • Revisited and updated for Metamorph 3.9. The buffs to monster Armour hurt Cyclone in general but the new nodes for Impale and Armour penetration balance out this negative change for the build.

  • Revisited and updated for Blight 3.8. The build got nerfed via the Cyclone changes. Impale remains the same on the other hand, which is surprising, considering how strong it is. The build is still very solid overall.

  • Build added.

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