Pohx's Righteous Fire Juggernaut Ascendancies & Bandits (PoE Trial of the Ancestors)




My Preferred Setup

The ascendancy nodes are listed in order of importance and tied to the way you need to travel to access them.

  1. Untiring
  2. Unflinching
  3. Unyileding (Can be swapped to Unstoppable but I prefer to wait for 20/20 gems so I have the damage & AoE)
  4. Unbreakable

Pohx Rightious Fire Juggernaut Acsendancy


You will kill all of the bandits, as they provide no significant gains worthy of sacrificing the skill points.


The pantheon changes in this build so make sure to pay attention to progression points

Large Pantheon = Arakali, but depending on your progression when you drop Purity of Elements Purity of Elements you might have to spec brine king (make sure you use the Divine Vessel Divine Vessel for freeze immune) Players who chose to use Unstoppable do not need brine king.

Small Pantheon = Ralakesh for near bleed immunity

Always upgrade your Pantheon’s with Divine Vessel Divine Vessel

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