The Burning Man - Righteous Fire Juggernaut Build Guide (PoE Heist 3.12)



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TbXie has been playing Path of Exile since the release of Open Beta, playing a variety of leagues in which he has played Hard- and Softcore, Standard, and Solo-Self Found. He has a background in racing, winning Demigods in the early race seasons as well as finishing high up in recent Flashback ladders, such as Rank 1 Guardian (9th Overall), Rank 2 Berserker. He has experience playing solo and both in push and MF groups, while being notorious for his WorldFirst Delve 6000 with his team & farming multiple Mirror of Kalandra Mirror of Kalandras every league. You can follow him on Twitch and Twitter or ask him your questions in the PoE Vault Discord.

The Demigod winning characters

Guide Format

This build guide is split over multiple pages, both to prevent it from getting too long, as well as to help you better find the information you are looking for. In addition to the current page, which presents general information about the build and also contains a Leveling and FAQ section, we have the following pages:

Gear, Jewel & Flask Page

Passive Skill Tree & Gem Link Page

Ascendancy, Bandit & Pantheon Page


Righteous Fire is a skill associated with being a tank in Path of Exile for as long as one can possibly remember. This build is no different: since Righteous Fire Righteous Fire scales its damage off of your Maximum health, investing into health has never been so appealing. That’s why this build effortlessly reaches over 8,000 health, and can, if actively min-maxed, probably reach up to over 10,000. The downside of Righteous Fire builds usually was their severe lack of damage. It’d take those builds quite the while to kill the highest endgame bosses, like Uber Elder and Shaper back in the day. Nowadays, the build does significantly more damage, but monsters have been buffed as well, so this build by no means deletes bosses off the planet. It however is incredibly tanky and has plenty of recovery to be able to stand on top of a boss for long enough for it to die.

The build also excels in Hardcore and Solo Self-Found environments. Aside from Kaom's Heart Kaom's Heart and Saffell's Frame Saffell's Frame, it uses only Rare items, and while Kaom’s can be replaced by a Rare chest piece at the cost of damage and Life, Saffel’s can be replaced by a Rise of the Phoenix Rise of the Phoenix without making any other changes in a Solo Self-Found environment. Rise of the Phoenix is easily farmable through The Sun The Sun card. With its potentially 10,000 Health, a ton of Physical and Elemental Damage Reduction (through Endurance Charges, Maximum Elemental Resistance and Juggernaut’s Unrelenting), it tackles all the content in the game safely, so it is a great build to try and learn Hardcore, boss fights, Solo Self-Found, and more.

Build Summary

Pros and Cons


+ Extremely tanky & forgiving
+ Great to learn all content in the game on
+ Viable in every scenario, be it SSF or HC
+ Being the Burning Man has a satisfying feel to it
+ Great recovery
+ Incredibly cheap to get off the ground


The build will never have excess DPS; it will always just about be enough
Really enjoys leveling up, so you want to level as high as possible
Requires Uniques to play it while leveling to avoid respeccing

Playstyle, Mechanics & Strengths

Righteous Fire Righteous Fire has the unique mechanic to it which sets the user aflame. Whilst you might have used Vaal Righteous Fire Vaal Righteous Fire before, which just removes 30% of your Life pool, Righteous Fire removes 90% of your Life per Second! Nowadays, that sounds less scary then it did when RF builds initially saw the light, as you can effectively find 20% regeneration in the tree anyway, but back in the day you needed to scale up your mitigation to this debuff as much as possible for it to be sustainable. I remember that well-geared Righteous Fire builds used to have about 500 to 600 Life Regeneration per Second, and thought those were incredible numbers. Nowadays, you’ll easily break the 2,000 Regen per Second mark after the Righteous Fire degen.

So, the way you counteract the Righteous Fire degen is by stacking some additional Fire Resistance and Regeneration to out-regenerate the degen it puts on you. Whilst getting you up to 84% maximum Fire Resistance through Purity of Fire Purity of Fire and Saffell's Frame Saffell's Frame makes it so you only degen about 10% per second instead of 90%, you’re investing into Regeneration as well with your high Life Pool, which in turn scales your damage; this is ultimately more effective than it would have been if your life was lower. With some solid gear, the build reaches right around 37% of your maximum Life regenerated per second, or effectively 27% regeneration after Righteous Fire Righteous Fire‘s degen. Other than giving you a ton more effective Regeneration, having this much life also means your base damage on Righteous Fire goes up. The gem specifically states that your base damage is burning damage based on 20% of your Maximum Life. Therefore, the more Life you have, the bigger the base damage of the skill will be.

As a result, you’ll find a lot of emphasis on Life rolls in this build, but also Strength rolls, as every two points of Strength equals a single point of Maximum Life. Other than that huge Life pool, you’re picking up Juggernaut for its incredible tankiness. Since very few things actually scale the damage on Righteous Fire (Burning Damage, Damage over Time, and Fire Damage (multiplier), to be exact), there are very few ascendancies that help your damage. Therefore, you might as well pick whichever one makes you most tanky. Between the Endurance Charges it grants, the Reduced overall Damage Taken and the Elemental Damage mitigation it grants you through Endurance Charges, Juggernaut really is unbeatable for being a tank. As Righteous Fire can take a bit of time to kill a boss encounter, you need to be able to stand next to it for that duration, so having some tank stats is really welcomed here.

Passive Skill Tree

You can find an optimized Path of Building here. Every build I release will use the community fork of Path of Building, which is maintained and updated in a much more regular fashion than the original one. You can find PoB’s Fork, by LocalIdentity, here.

If you are not comfortable with Path of Building, we also have a PoePlanner for you. Do note that PoE Planner does not support Cluster Jewels and some specific unique jewels, and it is highly recommended you install Path of Building to follow builds most optimally.

Passive Skill Tree Page

Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheons

Our Ascendancy, Bandit, and Pantheon Power page goes into detail about all the choices you need to make in these regards.

Ascendancy, Bandit & Pantheon Page


All of the gem link choices are thoroughly explained on our Gem Link page.

Gem Link Page

Gear Summary / TL;DR

A lot of this is explained more in depth in the Gear Page, however we will provide you with a basic idea of what gear you’re looking for in this short summary.

Gear, Jewel & Flask Page

Our recommendation:

Item Slot Item Name
Head Rare Eternal Burgonet Eternal Burgonet with Supported by L20 Burning Damage & Concentrated Effect, Life
Amulet Replica Atziri's Foible Replica Atziri's Foible
Chest Kaom's Heart Kaom's Heart
Gloves Titan Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets with Fire DoT Multiplier, Life and Resistances
Boots Any rare boots with Life, Resistances and Movement Speed
Belt Leather Belt Leather Belt with increased Life Recovery Rate, Life and Resistances
Rings 2x Vermillion Ring Vermillion Ring with Life, Strength, increased Damage, Resistances
Weapon Rare Sceptre with Fire DoT Multiplier, +1 to Level of All Fire Skills, Increased Fire Damage


Since we are very adamant about trying to give you a leveling experience that lies as close to your endgame playstyle as possible, we will be providing you a way to level up with Righteous Fire Righteous Fire. If you are looking for the most optimal way to level a character to maps, we refer you to the following guides.

To level up with Righteous Fire Righteous Fire you’re going to need to make it to right around level 25 to make it somewhat playable. It does great Damage but requires Flasking to sustain the Degen from the skill. This can be circumvented by buying some really cheap uniques if you are in a trade league. If you are in Solo Self-Found or are playing this build for a league starter, you can either Delay your transition for a while or level as something completely different if you don’t want to rely on Flasks for a good chunk of the leveling process.

Getting to level 25

For starters, create a Marauder in whichever league you want to start.

I suggest leveling with 2-Handed Weapons and using Perforate Perforate as your main ability

  1. Perforate Perforate
  2. Added Fire Damage Support Added Fire Damage Support
  3. Maim Support Maim Support
  4. Melee Physical Damage Support Melee Physical Damage Support

You can run a Herald of Ash Herald of Ash and Herald of Purity Herald of Purity from Act 2 onwards to complement your Damage. Make sure to upgrade weapons as you level up!

Setting up Righteous Fire

In case you are in a Trade League, the following list of items will help you a great deal and are incredibly cheap if you’re not trying to buy them on day 1 of a league (and even then, they’re at most 1 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb).

If you’re getting those two items, you can level up very safely through the usage of Enduring Cry Enduring Cry. It’ll cost you about 10 Orb of Regret Orb of Regrets at the end of the leveling process to get rid of the buffs you pick up for the Enduring Cry, but it’ll basically make you never drop under 70% Health and automatically top you back up every 4 seconds. Without those two Uniques, you’ll most likely be dropping to 35% of your Maximum Health before you can proc another Enduring Cry. This means you’ll have to actively use Life Flasks to be able to sustain. This is far less advisable.

Of course, all of this is under the assumption you are at 75% Fire Resistance, which is a must. This is very easily achievable though by crafting a 18% Fire Resistance roll on some of your gear pieces on the crafting bench.

The way it works is you’re running as high of a level Enduring Cry Enduring Cry as possible and put it on your Left Mouse button. This way, it’ll go off as soon as it comes off of cooldown, and it’ll regenerate about 800 Life per Second right around when you switch to your Righteous Fire Righteous Fire setup. Since you’re only taking about 100 Damage per second with the two suggested Uniques, and the skill has a 4.5 second Cooldown, because we invested into it in the tree, you’ll only lose about 450 Health in between casts. Since it replenishes about 800 Health, you’ll always be topped up and never dip under 70% of your Health.

The passive tree you should be using can be found in the following Path of Building. Leveling with Righteous Fire was never this easy before and once you get it going it can be incredibly satisfying and relaxing to level as! It is definitely something I think every PoE player should try out. Your gem setup should look something like this from this point onwards:

  1. Enduring Cry Enduring Cry
  1. Righteous Fire Righteous Fire
  2. Concentrated Effect Support Concentrated Effect Support
  3. Elemental Focus Support Elemental Focus Support
  4. Burning Damage Support Burning Damage Support

Be on the lookout for some additional Intelligence on gear pieces. Once you find enough of it, add Scorching Ray to the setup for extra single target damage.

  1. Scorching Ray Scorching Ray
  2. Burning Damage Support Burning Damage Support
  3. Elemental Focus Support Elemental Focus Support

As soon as you get this going, rush your way to Elemental Equilibrium and Elemental Overload and add in a Storm Brand, linked to Increased Critical Strikes to proc both of those.

  1. Storm Brand Storm Brand
  2. Increased Critical Strikes Support Increased Critical Strikes Support

Make sure not to have any source of Fire Damage to Spells as it will make your Storm Brand do Fire Damage, which will make monsters have 50% increased Fire Resistance instead of having less of it through Elemental Equilibrium.


What Anointment is Required / Preferred?

Growth and Decay is absolutely insane for Righteous Fire. It has only recently been added but between getting you 1% Life Regeneration, Damage over Time multiplier and Damage over Time, there really is nothing else to consider.

What Map Modifiers Are to be Avoided?

No Regeneration is basically a no go, as it will kill us in about 10 seconds (as we take 10% of our Life Pool in Damage from RF without regeneration). Otherwise, I can’t think of a map mod that could harm you. Note that neither RF or Scorching Ray do any hits, so even Elemental Reflect is fine.


    Build added.

  1. Posts

    Funny enough, I did try doing an RF Jugg because the idea sounded fascinating and I thought it’d be a nice counter to my sometimes-questionable internet, but I found the play didn’t really suit me (switched over to Agony Jugg and found that far more enjoyable). Anyway, it looks like you did a few things differently, so I figured I’d ask about them in case it’d be helpful for anyone else:

    1. For the weapon, what do you think about using the Heist-specific scepter with elemental overload implicit (assuming it’s still available after Heist ends, of course)? It saves 2 points with your passive pathing, which you can then invest into bigger medium cluster jewels for another +8% fire DOT multi. The RF damage comes out about 0.3% lower overall, but you can pick up more of whatever extra sauce you have on the medium cluster travel nodes and have the flexibility to use 6-passive clusters. Alternatively, you could pick up any 2 dangling small life nodes (by Purity of Flesh, Barbarism, Juggernaut, or Constitution) for a bit more life at the cost of about 3% RF damage.

    2. Maybe it’s my personal bias against shield charge, but I’m surprised that you went with that for travel/fortify instead of vigilant strike and flame dash (storm brand should trigger enough to reset EE pretty quickly if you hit with it on accident). You can 3-link them with inspiration or increased duration to allow 4-linking scorching ray with burning damage, ideally in essence of delirium gloves for 30% more DOT with it (though that’d be a chase item, like the horror helmet). That’d also let you drop the 30 dex node for something more useful.

    3. I’d opted for Unstoppable instead of Unyielding for the ascendancy. That let me drop a freeze immunity flask suffix, which meant I could add burn immunity in order to trigger Arakaali’s upgraded 50% increase life recovery rate (just hit the flask and then turn RF back on). With your POB, that’s about 1070 additional regen vs. about 200 for just using a ruby flask. Of course, damage and AOE is worse with that set-up, so it’s a matter of taste, but I was trying to favor defense (and I’d been thinking of using the character for uber elder, so the slow immunity would’ve been nice).

  2. TbXie



    Interesting comment, wow! Loads of information there.

    1) It’s close. Cause you’re giving up 40% Elemental Damage, which is one of the few things that scales RF. You’re getting back two skill points, sure, which is most likely a little bit better than having the 40% Elemental Damage.
    However, if I were to suggest such an item, it would complicate the guide tremendously. I would have to account for people who don’t understand yet why getting Elemental Overload on a Sceptre means they have to change their tree / pathing to save those two skill points.

    Where as I wouldn’t hesistate trying my best to elaborately explain that if I thought it was a significant difference, in this case I think a) the difference in potential output/tankyness is too little and b) the chances of the sceptre being common enough to self-craft (which honestly is yikes) or it being available with enough useful modifiers on it to warrant buying it at a price that isn’t a 10-fold of what a regular sceptre would be in a Post-Heist world is just .. yeah .. Not worth.

    2) Shield Charge definitely is the best option here. Noone really likes Vigilant Striking monsters every 30 seconds and it even costs you a jewel socket if you want your Fortify to last 30 seconds. This has to be your personal hatred towards Shield Charge cause really Flame Dash + Vigilant Strike has no place in this build.

    3) Yeah, I can see that. I wouldn’t bother gaming Arakaali’s though through a Dousing Flask. Main reason why I don’t think you need the Freeze immunity there is because I feel like you already have all the flask-suffixes you need and I personally have 0 issues kiting / killing UE without being freeze immune. I think this build in particular doensn’t need an extra slow-immunity help to mitigate damage but it definitely is an option/something you could do

  3. Posts

    I just started this build yesterday, I’m liking it so far.
    I’m having a problem with Path of Building (it hangs every time I launch it) but the POEPlanner link only has 108 passives spent. Is it possible to get that extended to 123 or after 108 is it kind of whatever?

  4. Posts

    Any thoughts on using a Pyre ring or two for leveling prior to the %life rings? Or would flat life or resist rings with life rolls be better?

  5. TbXie



    On 16/11/2020 at 11:16 PM, Xilraazz said

    I just started this build yesterday, I’m liking it so far.
    I’m having a problem with Path of Building (it hangs every time I launch it) but the POEPlanner link only has 108 passives spent. Is it possible to get that extended to 123 or after 108 is it kind of whatever?

    That’s probably cause PoB Doesn’t always auotmatically allocate Cluster jewels, check in the tree, on the left side if there’s some kind of “tree extension” you can allocate which are cluster jewels

  6. TbXie



    On 17/11/2020 at 1:13 AM, yvblake said

    Any thoughts on using a Pyre ring or two for leveling prior to the %life rings? Or would flat life or resist rings with life rolls be better?

    An 80% Burning Damage Pyre would get you 2% DPS instead of 500 Life. I wouldn’t personally suggest that for “leveling” if you mean post level 65. Before that, you can honestly just use whatever you want :) Pyre’s aren’t terrible there

  7. Posts

    What about enchants from Lab? Maybe I missed it in the guide.

    Edited by Xilraazz on November 20th, 2020

  8. TbXie



    On 20/11/2020 at 2:13 AM, Xilraazz said

    What about enchants from Lab? Maybe I missed it in the guide.

    Gloves are whatever they don’t do much.

    Regen is the best one for boots for sure

    Aiming for a Helmet enchant is hardly possible but Righteous Fire Damage would be what you want

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