Tornado Shot Deadeye Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers




  1. Gathering Winds
  2. Ricochet
  3. Endless Munitions
  4. Far Shot

Deal With the Bandits Reward

Either Help Alira or Kill All — either choice is fine and both are very similar. Alira is typically a better choice earlier in the league or if you are going full Magic Find, due to the additional base resistances. The Passive Points have more “potential”, however, this requires that you actually make powerful use of them. For the softcore version we recommend just choosing Alira until the end-game, where you may opt to switch to the Passive Points, particularly if utilizing cluster jewels.

Pantheon Powers

There are a variety of viable options based on your preferences, or what situations you wish to avoid dealing with.

Major Gods

  • Soul of Solaris remains one of the supreme choices for defense when properly upgraded, preventing crit chains against your character and reducing rogue-wave elemental damage.
  • Soul of Lunaris is an option for a little extra movement speed.

Minor Gods

  • Soul of Gruthkul is the best choice if you have not upgraded any of your Pantheon.
  • Soul of Shakari is recommended once you have upgraded it to provide Poison immunity.

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  • Skill trees updated; more Life added to Hardcore version, new pathing for Softcore.

  • Passive Skill Trees updated. Gem Links retouched and ready for Delirium.

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